Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey all pups, look what Girl Girl found on the internet today... apparently other than being the name of a cute, handsome, lovable & charming pup, 'Huskee' is also the brand name of a tractor!! I cannot see any resemblance at all. Do you?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Every pup and Girl Girl... I guess you may have already heard that our lil' buddy, Toffee, had been thrown into jail for *ahem* peeing and pooing on the big, big bed. He's been in jail since last week and I feel that already got his paw-nishment, so I am putting together a protest to demand for his immediate release!!

So pups and Girl Girl, please sign the 'petition' by leaving a message in my comment section.. (as well as a message to cheer lil' Toffee up) and I will collate everything before I submit it to the Judge (aka Toffee's daddy). Act now to save Toffee!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeeeehaaa... All ready to go to Asta's Cowboy Pawty with my loyal steed from Hammer... *gallop gallop*


A small group of us went over to Jay's place to celebrate his barkday on Sunday... It wa real fun and everyone had a great time!! Girl Girl and Moosie did not go, but they sent their reps., Sunny and Mousey Mouse-Mouse..

The barkday boy - Jay!!

Boo Boo (he was hiding under the coffee table.. WHY??)

Boo Boo standing on a stool trying to perform some stunts in exchange for some treats

Whiskey (who entertained and impressed us with his 'acrobatic skills')

Handsome Brandy

Sunny and Mousey Mouse-Mouse sharing a slice of the barkday cake

Yours truly in a very un-manly position... (WHY??)

Observing all the action....

Doggie food and goodie bags!!

Thank you Aunty J and Jay for all the yummy food and goodies!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have a visitor in my lil' home last night!! My big brudder introduced me to this new friend (who is a gift from Girl Girl). Huskee thought that since we are the same size, we should be able to get along well... (by the way, her name is Mousy Mouse-Mouse). She is a bit on the quiet side but I think it's because she is still feeling shy. I hope things will get better as she warms up to us.

Hi there... My name is Moosie.. Nice to meet you!

* sniff sniff * (a peck on the right, a peck on the left..)

Then it is the conventional bum bum sniff...

Can you speak up Mousy Mouse-Mouse? I can't hear you...

Monday, September 17, 2007

I received not one, but TWO pressies yesterday!! One is from my good friend Down Under - Hammer and his mom, and the other one from Simba is all the way from UK!!

From Hammer and his mom: -

They are so thoughtful to send something to The Maid too.. Notice the 2 packages?? Heehee.. the BIGGER one is for ME and the SMALLER one is for The Maid...

Now I have got my very own horsie...!! She is such a cutie, isn't she? (The problem is she is so cute that the hoomans have 'confiscated' her and kept her on a shelf that I cannot reach... they don't want me to opawrate on her..) *sulks*

This beautiful crystal is for The Maid...

From Simba:-
Simba sent me some doggie ice-cream!! I have never had ice-cream before (other than Frosty Paws.. do they count??), so I can't wait to try them out!

THANK YOU , my dear friends... I am such a blessed pup!!

Further to my post about Benjy last week, many of you suggested that mama should bring him (WHAT??!). Much as she’d LOVE to, it is quite impossible because she and papa are staying at a relative’s apartment while waiting for their own place to be ready by middle next year. The relative is not exactly an animal lover, so she does not mind an occasional visit from me over the weekends; she really does not fancy the idea of having a pup in the house permanently, especially if papa and mama have to go to work in the daytime. Also, Benjy had been toilet trained to pee pee/ poo poo outside so he needs someone to take him out during the day to pee/ poo.

** Update on Benjy **
Till now, the little guy’s fate is still unknown… Mama is actively asking around the people whom she knows will love dogs to see if they can take him in. At the same time she is trying to convince Aunty W that what she is doing is so, so wrong. It seems like Aunty W is quite eager to ‘get rid’ of Benjy… I just hope they won’t send him to SPCA because there is a high chance that they will put him down given his age if no one adopts him after some time.
I had a lazy weekend with 3 lazy hoomans (papa, mama and The Maid). All 4 of us spent a lot of time doing this...

At least they bothered to move their lazy bum bums to get a blankie to cover me when it started to rain... Guess I should count my blessings huh...

Oh and guess who is famous now?? Yup, it's my friend Reina the Dachshund!! She's so famous that she got a fashion magazine named after her!! Reina is such a pretty gal (Baby munchkins: please don't be jealous when you read this, in my eyes, you are the always the most beautiful..*blush blush*) and she must have a wonderful fashion sense, so maybe that's the reason why she's got a magazine named after her... I must remember to ask her for some fashion tips the next time we meet up!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

We are in a somber mood this Friday because Mama got a call from an old friend (Aunty W), who asked if she is able to adopt her dog or knew of anyone who could take in the dog. This made mom very sad because she knows the dog and was the one who gave him his name (Benjy). She had also taken care of Benjy for a period of time when he was a wee pup and he was in a way the very first dog in her life. Benjy is a Maltese X Shih-Tzu like me and he is 3 months older. (yes, I know we do look alike but I swear it is NOT ME!!)

Mama felt that Benjy had a pretty sad story and life… it’s not that he had been mistreated or anything, but mama felt that he had never enjoyed much ‘quality life’ in terms of the lack of attention and love, and she always felt that she had a part to play.

Had mama been successful in convincing Aunty W to let her adopt Benjy 8 years ago, mama and papa would not have gotten me. So for me, it’s a blessing in disguise, but for Benjy, it’s just the opposite. Imagine this – Now I am leading the life that could’ve been Benjy’s!! He could’ve been the one who has a blog, who gets to make so many new friends, who gets to eat home-cooked food, who gets to receive so many presents on his barkday, who gets spoiled-rotten, who gets all the attention from the family, who is the ‘Prince of the House’, who gets a new toy ever so often, who gets all the unconditional love, …. So in a way, mama had always felt guilty towards Benjy. She is not sure if he ever got any toys after he left her care.. or if he ever had a barkday celebration in his life...

Benjy is confined to a small garden outside the house most of the time. He does get his food and water, but very minimal attention and interaction with the family. (Hey, we deserve more than just that right?!!) Anyway, Aunty W got married and moved out of the family home. She now has another dog living with her and her family does not want to care for Benjy anymore. So the poor guy is now looking for a new home. Mom is pretty upset with Aunty W, but there's not much she can say because it's not that Benjy had been mistreated. We know that it will not be easy trying to find someone to take Benjy because he is not exactly a young pup anymore.. we only hope that Benjy can find a family who deserves his love and will love him in return for the rest of his life.

This also serves as a reminder to people out there who wants to buy a pet at the spur of the moment... a pet is a long term commitment! If you are not prepared to give it all the love and attention that it deserves, then do not bring it home!


Breed: Maltese X Shih-Tzu
Gender: Male
Barkday: May 1999
Character: Playful, loves food, sweet and loving nature

(pics. taken in 1999)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Heeeeeellooooo!! I am baaaaaaaaaack!! Mama and Papa went on a short break to Malaysia to celebrate a relative's barkday, so that's the reason why I went 'missing' the last couple of days. I missed all of you, even though it was only a few days and I will visit all your blogs soon.

Girl Girl's Eil is fast becoming my favouritest hooman in the entire world! Aunty Eil bought me cookies and a Muttloaf from US Doggie Bakery and they were lip-smacking delicious and totally pAWESOME!!

The hoomans will also be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival very soon and Aunty Eil gave us a box of mooncake
and a bottle of wine to celebrate the festival. (See... I told you she's the bestest!!)

Papa's relatives have a shop that makes and sells these mooncakes... below is a close-up shot of the mooncakes taken at the shop in Malaysia.

********** A MeSSaGe fRoM MOOSIE ***********

GUESS WHAAAAT!!! (Oops sorry, I was a little too excited!!) I received my very first package from Mr Postman! Normally when Mr Postman rings the doorbell, he usually has something for my big brudder... but hey, it's for me this time!!

Can you see my name on the box?? Can you see it, can you, can you??! The parcel is from Ume and she gave me a lovely welcome note as well as a big packet of treats and a 'TV'.

The words on the 'TV' box said that it was for Hamsters but I think they forgot to add that it is also for 'a very special breed of dogs - The HamsTerriers', cos I know that Girl Girl has one too.

Many Big, big HamsTerrier THANKS to Ume!! Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful!!

Here I am trying to figure out how to open the big packet of treats..

I need help here, Huskee!!

Squeaky Thanks from a Grateful MOOSIE

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I got something funny to share with all of you... as you all know, I have received many barkday pressies in the past 3 weeks or so and it'd obviously caught the attention of Mr Postman. Yesterday when he came around to deliver the package from Goofy, he finally asked Grandpapa the question I believed had been bothering him for a while.

(Scene re-enactment)

Venue: At the gate

Date: 5 Sep 2007

Time: 2.45pm (Singapore time)

Cast: Huskee Boy, Huskee Boy's Grandpapa and Mr Postman

Mr Postman
Ummm, sir, how are you related to 'Huskee Boy' and is 'Boy' his surname'?
Grandpapa: (Momentarily stunned and then recovered his composure and pointed at me) This is Huskee Boy. 'Huskee Boy' is his full name...
Mr Postman: (in a doubtful tone and with a 'I think you are nuts' look) Uh, ok ok....

I cannot believe I am still receiving pressies now!! I have to add that the hoomans are ABSOLUTELY green with envy... They were whispering that even if they added all their barkday presents together, I'd still win them paws down. Heehee...

From Sparky!! I have got 'PUPeroni' treats and toys!!

All these are from Reina!! I got jellies, bedroom slipper toy, a ball and even more treats!! Yummmy!

All these goodies are from my new friend Goofy! He even made me a card!! Goofy gave me 2 packets of bath salts and mom is determined to use it for my next bath, which is most likely to be THIS weekend (yikes!!)... But well, at least I have bath salts this time to get me through the ordeal.

THANK YOU Sparky, Reina and Goofy for all your lovely pressies.. I wuff all of them! **Big kisses**

*********** A MeSSaGe fRoM MOOSIE ***********

Hello everypup and Girl Girl,

It's me, MOOSIE!! I hope you have not forgotten me yet... I am having some problems with my blog (i.e. someone's eaten up the 'comments' section and now, no one can leave any comments for me). Huskee Boy can't figure out the problem too despite divine intervention from Girl Girl and Boo. *sigh*

For now, you can either leave me messages in my CBox or you can leave me a message on my big brudder's blog. Him being the nice, big brudder, had agreed to share his blog with me (please attention it to MOOSIE ok?)

With Luv n Squeaky-squeaks,


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

THANK YOU to the one and only Beautiful, Unmatched, Terrific, Tantalising, Original, Nice and very Special Bella!!

I couldn't wait for the photography session to be over so that I can play with the toys and lay my paws on the treats... Thank you so much Bella for remembering my barkday and for your thoughtfulness.. *muah* ** Psst Bella, the doggy is my favourite toy now..!!

Mom went to the pet shop the other day to get me some treats and some of the puppies had her spellbound. Mom said she saw Boo Boo's sister there!! This little pug is so adorable.. she kept chasing and trying to bite her own tail! She was running around in circles until she knocked into the glass panel... Look at her, isn't she the cutest thing??

Mom also saw a Yorkie pup, a Corgi pup, 3 Shih Tzu pups belonging to the same litter and a Samoyed. The Samoyed had been there for almost 3 months and had grown a lot since mom first saw him. I hope he can find his forever home very soon because I don't think a pet shop is the best environment to grow up in. And I also hope that all the other puppies go to good homes and people don't just buy them because they look cute now.

As more and more people are getting pets but I am not sure how much is being done here to educate responsible pet ownership. Mom and I have seen youngsters bringing their little puppies out to play with other dogs even before they had all their shots... this puts the pups at a risk of catching bugs from the other dogs and compromises their health...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Mom and The Maid met up with Chiyo's HM; Boy and Baby mom, Mas; Jay's J; Girl Girl's Eil and Boo Boo's Gal Gal for dinner last Fri. For more details and pictures, you can check them out on Girl Girl's blog. I got a belated barkday present from Aunty J, Jay and Co.

First I am a Rockstar...

Then I am a PRINCE...

THANK YOU so much Aunty J, Jay and Co.!!

Then on Saturday morning, Mom woke me up in the middle of my sweet slumber because she suddenly had the 'bright' idea to photograph me in my comfy pyjamas and eyeshades... and knowing her, she will not stop snapping away until she's got the shot that she wants. So a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do...

Hey... who turned off the lights??

Awwwwww... let me get back to sleep mom!!