Friday, August 29, 2008

Today is a sad sad sad sad day 'cos when I went over to T-man's blog, I was astounded to see the message from his mom that he's gone to the Rainbow Bridge. This is way too sudden and I am deeply sadden by this news. T-man's one of the first friends that Huskee made here on DWB and we love reading about his adventures with CC-man and his recent holiday with his family. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to T-man's mom. Hope you find the strength to get through this difficult period.

I really wonder why life deals us with such blows... Why must they always take away what we love most? Is life really so fragile??

Rest in Peace now, lil' Poodle... You will be deeply missed. Till we meet again.


Huskee & his very upset mom

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Huskee: Don't know how I am going to face my friends.. This is so not funny!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Today I am conducting a short lesson on gift-giving. What constitutes a 'good' present and what is a 'bad' present? In my own humble opinion, a 'good' present is something that the receiver will like and truly appreciates, whereas a 'bad' present is something that the receiver will do better without.

Example of a (very) GOOD present ---- from Maggie & Mitch

Thank you so much for the present, Maggie and Mitch!! You guys are the best!! I still can't get enough of the quacking duck and the humans can't stop laughing when they hear me playing with it!

I'd also like to say a big THANK YOU to everypup who came over to wish me Happy Barkday.. I have said it before and I am saying it again, you guys are absolutely the B.E.S.T!

Here's an example of a (terribly) BAD present --- from Papa and mama

I am still hoping that the shop has a 30 day no questions asked return policy... Mama's also up to her eyebrows with Hershey.. The girl's just a bundle of energy, plus the fact that she is teething now, both papa and mama have got 'battle scars' from those evil teefies. Hehehe.. Hopefully this will help to drive my point across!

Actually the humans have also been kinda worried about Hershey cos she's showing signs of having kennel cough and it has kept them up for the past couple 2 nights. As the vet is not open on weekends, they are only bringing her to the vet tonight. Hopefully the lil' skunk will get well soon.

Mama's developed a sore throat and cough over the last weekend.. I think it's because she's been overworking her laryx by yelling 'Nooooo... Hershey', 'Baaaaaaad Hershey', etc (or do you think she's caught the kennel cough from Hershey??). To her credit, Hershey's been a pretty smart pup. She's been paper-trained in less than 10 days since she arrived in our house and already knows some basic commands like 'Sit', 'Down', and when you say 'Paw', she'll offer you her paw for a 'paw shake'.

Ok back to me, just look at cute lil' innocent me below. I was such a pawfect pup who did not have any nipping problems even when I was teething (**embarassed laugh**... please ignore the crooked teefies though) and I was contented just cuddling up on mama's lap or lying by their feet when they were watching TV.

Huskee's mom: I can't believe my 'puppy' is 9 years old now. I have had the priviledge of sharing the past 8 years and 9 months of his life with him and I hope we will have more years together. He shares a loving bond and close relationship with everyone in my immediate family, and I'd like to think that Huskee is a happy and contented dog. He has the unconditional love of his papa, my sister (aka 'The Maid' - this nickname came about because she really does soooo many things for him and loves him just as much, if not even more, than I do) as well as my parents. To a certain extent, you can even say that we have 'spoiled' him rotten, but to anyone who say that to me, my reply will be 'My dog's not spoiled, I'm just well-trained'.

So to my 'puppy', --- Wishing you a Happiest Barkday and may we spend many more happy years together.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hershey's FIRST present

Rudolf and Goofy mailed me a hugggggge package last week but because Hershey's name was also on the parcel, evil mom made me let her open it since it's her very first mail/ present. Is this what older siblings have to put up with? Oh well, whatever... I'll just make sure she gives me what is rightfully mine.

I wanna share with you an interesting incident when Mom went to the post office to collect the parcel:

Post office Lady:
Wow, this package is addressed to 3 people, Shane, Huskee and Hershey, so which one is you? Also, I'll need your ID card.
Mom: Erm... I am Shane, the other 2 are my dogs.
******* awkward silence for 30 seconds ******
Post office Lady: Your dogs have mail??!
********* more awkward silence *********
Mom: Yup, this package is a present from their friends.
Post office Lady: *incredulous tone* Your dogs have friends who sends them presents??
Mom: ** shuts up and hands over ID card**

Hershey: At the count to 3, I'll rip it apart with my teefies...

Look! One for ME, me, me..., one for Big Bro and one for mama!!

Posing prettily with MY pressie from Rudolf and Goofy.. Thank you guys *wink*

Pics of Hershey 'enjoying' her new squeaky toy **squeak squeak squeak**

Thank you Aunty Drea...

While she is having fun sinking her razor sharp teefies into her new toy, I get some peace and quiet opening MY pressie. Sorry no pics of me and my pressie 'cos you know what, the lousy camera's battery DIED 'cos mom must have overworked it by taking way too many pics of that Skunkee!! ** SULKS **

I caught mom beaming very happily on Sunday morning and overheard her telling dad that she has her 'own' brand name after her in Korea. I wonder what it means... (1953??!! Wow weeee... I never knew my mom was born in 1953!!) She kept insisting that she was born in the 70's but after this piece of evidence, who'd believe her? Hiak hiak...

Thanks to Girl Girl's Eil for this wonderful pressie!! Mom is so touched that Eil bought it for her while she's on holiday (and visiting Mr Rain) in Korea. Now she can't wait to wear the cap.. THANKS Aunty Eil.. *muacks*

Monday, August 18, 2008

First and foremost, Happy Barkday to my Brother-in-law, Boy!! He's been the best big brother to my wife, Baby... Boy, here's wishing you good health and lots of yummy treats always!

No prizes for guessing correctly what Skunkee's 'real' name is... Some of the criteria for selecting her name:
  1. Must begin with 'H' (so that we have something similar... But correct me if I'm wrong, isn't 'Skunkee' more similar to 'Huskee'??)

  2. Must be 2 syllable

Mom came up with a list of 'edible' names for the Skunk, like Oreo, Muffin, Cookie (I think Mom must be hungry at that time, or else how else can you explain this??). My GR friend Tommy's mom suggested 'Cecilia', and we can call her 'Cecy' in short. One another name that mom really liked (not something edible this time) is 'Shadow' cos the skunk kept following her around the house like a shadow when she first arrived. While we were deciding on her name, dad kept calling her 'Princess' (*puke puke*) and they almost stuck with that. They sometimes still refer to her as 'princess' (*more puking*). Hey, wait a minute.. if she is 'Princess', I must be 'Prince' right?? How is it that they call her 'Princess' but never ever called me 'Prince'??!)

I still think Skunkee suits her best..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My first encounter with Skunk(ee)..

Since I my name is 'Huskee' and she is my sissy, we should have something in common right? So I have decided to bestow on her the name **drumroll** ----- Skunkee..... Huskee and Skunkee.. Nice right? (Huskee's mom: NO!! Her name is definitely not 'Skunkee'!!)

Below are the pics taken from our first meeting on neutral grounds, i.e. the playground downstairs. Skunkee was a bit too friendly for comfort... I prefer girls to be a little more *ahem* prim and demure.

Me feeling unsure about the hyperactive, jumpy black and white furball with razor sharp teefies..

Scary eyes... And did you see mom's 'light sabre'?? I tried to warn Skunkee to careful of it 'cos if she pees in the wrong place again, she'd get a taste of the 'light sabre'... (OK OK, that's just the reflective part from Skunkee's leash)

Handsome ol' me...

I received this gold card from my friends Hershey & Kaci as well as from Kirby!! Isn't it awesome?? The rules of this award are:

1. Only five people allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

I'd like to pass on the award to my friends Pedro, Mango, Lady Kaos, Moco and Mona.

Last but definitely not least, Jackson's opawration went well and hopefully he'd be able to go home to celebrate his barkday this Friday!! It'd be a double celebration!! Please continue to cross your paws and send him pawsitive vibes!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not sure if any of you guessed correctly... I really got a skunk from dad and mom for my birthday. (Huskee's mom *warning tone*: Huskee!! Please be nice!!) Oh ok ok.. she's not a skunk but she does LOOK like one right?

When mom brought me home that night, I got the biggest shock of my life to see that the present that I was so looking forward to initially... is actually a pup. Gee.. thanks people, like I really needed someone else to share my treats, toys and all the attention with. Mom told me that the skunk .. oops, I meant pup, is only 3.5 months old and I don't believe her because this pup is almost my size! And look what she did once we let her out of the cage... Her very first pee pee IN the house. Can't believe how she got away with peeing in the house! I mean, when SHE pees in the house, the humans take a picture of it... When I pee in the house, I get punished for it... WTF?!!!

Here are some pics of 'Little Miss Innocent'...

Huskee: Nooooooo.... Mom can you get a refund for this 'pressie'? PLEASE??!

Can you change it to a bag of treats or a squeaky toy??

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am one lucky pup!! Both Mango and Deefor gave me some great awards. tHaNk YoU, guys... you are the greatest!

I'd like to pass the award on to:

Moosie had a 'bath' the other day... I think she enjoys her bath more than me and she loves to dry herself with the little towel. (Can you see her little 'tail tail'?)

Here's a pic of me and Moosie... (She's telling me about her bath & beauty routine but I am trying my best to ignore her!!).

*** Impawtant Note ***

Mom also wants me to thank every pup and their humans on her behalf for the your lovely barkday wishes. *Hugs* She did manage to get through the day and she had a quiet dinner at home with papa.

Yesterday she took me aside and told me that there is a B.I.G surprise for me since my barkday is also just around the corner ** excited **. She is not telling me what it is until tomorrow (guess it'd be an early pressie!). I can't wait to rip open the box to uncover the 'treasures' within (more squeaky toys hopefully)!!

Mom did give me some hints on my pressie, the clues are:

  • It's black and white
  • It has razor sharp teefies ** startled look**
  • It DOES sqeak (once in a while)

I wonder what my pressie is... any idea anyone??!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Today is mama's birthday but unlike all the previous years where she used to celebrate this day with much fanfare, i.e. countless dinners with friends and the traditional barbeque with the whole family (Mom's birthday and her sister aka The Maid's birthday is just 4 days apart so they always have some sort of a joint-celebration since they were young). However, this year is going to be 'quiet' cos she does not want to 'celebrate'. This is because other than being mom's birthday, today also marks another occasion. It is the 49th day since mama and papa lost Lucas.

My parents are not exactly 'Buddhist' per se, but they both have grown up in Buddist environments/ families, so they are more 'inclined' that way. Anyway according to the Buddists, 'for 49 days after death the individual wanders between the land of the dead and that of the living; after this period the mechanism of karma decides in which body it will be reincarnated.' So if you believe in this belief, then today will be the day when Lucas will 'leave' us and move on to the next chapter of his life/ afterlife (??). You may ask why is mama sad since it's a good thing that Lucas is moving on to a better place, well, she is very sad cos the thought of not knowing if they'll ever be reunited again pains her so much.

The one thing that brought some relief was that Jay's mom told mama that today is symbolic because after today, both mama and Lucas will have a new begining. And hopefully, it'd give Lucas the much needed chance to reincarnate and 'come back' as their next baby... well, just hopefully... Anyway, mama is clinging on to this thought and she is trying to focus on it so that she can get through the rest of the day in one piece.

Huskee's mom: Sometimes, simply trying to look strong and act strong can be so, so, so tiring...