Monday, August 30, 2010

Further to our previous post regarding the doggie murderer, we have been checking the news for updates on the case. Unfortunately. nothing has been reported thus far, and we certainly hope that this is not another case that'd 'die a natural death' after some time.

We found out that someone had started a petition and have already done our part and signed our name


On a happier note, our mom finally had one of her 'wishes' fulfilled... She'd been wanting a decent photo of Hershey and I in the same photo. Ok we know it's not the best we can do cos I look like I am struggling to escape (in reality, I really was trying to wriggle out of mom's grasp) and the quality is grainy, but mom's not complaining.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our mom is SO mad now (it's the angry kind of mad, not the crazy type) because of what she's just read in today's newspapers. There was a photo of a dead Pomeranian lying in a pool of blood after it was reportedly flung onto the ground by a man. (You can read more about it here.) What kind of atrocity is this?? What sicken and upsetted mom more was that apparently there were a number of witnesses who saw the murder happening, but chose to do condone the act and nothing to stop perpetrator.

Perhaps they think that 'it's just a dog'; Perhaps they didn't want to be seen as nosey parkers; Perhaps they didn't want to get in trouble for interferring; Perhaps they just cannot be bothered cos it is not their dog... Perhaps if someone had done something, the poor dog may still be alive.

What could the dog have done to upset the man so much that he had to hurt (and kill) it?

How can those people who witnessed the crime and chose not to do anything go to sleep at night?

Our mom told us that Singapore has always prided herself as a 'developed country'. Sadly, this incident (plus the other recent reports on animal cruelty) proves that Singapore and Singaporeans have a long way more to go before we can truly call ourselves 'developed'.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh man, oh man.... it's not even my barkday yet and I have already received my very first present and card from Mango (and his brothers Ximui and Chubs)!!! Hershey: Hmmm.. why is Huskee calling himself 'old man'?? We all know he is old (soon to be 11 years to be exact) but does he have to announce it to the world?? Huskee: I said 'OH man, not OLD man!!'

I have no clue how Mango made this watercolor barkday card for me, it is gorgeous and I love the Singapore city skyline in the bckground!

And look at the loot that Mango and his brothers sent us!!! They were so generous to include a gift for everyone in the family!! Mom got a book ('Pet Letters to God'), a gorgeous scarf with doggies printed all over and a blouse that is a bit baggy around the middle... Mango's mama said that she has a vision our mom will need it in future. (Psst Mango, our mom says she can't wait for 'that' time to come...). Dad's got a Texan magnet and a message that says 'hope he will lead his pack to visit Texas someday'!!

Here is the busybody sniffing out MY package. I was not involved in the photo session that took place because I was (thankfully) at Grandma's Day Care.

Hershey: This package is Mine, Mine, Mine... All MINE!! I have got my paw on it!

Hershey: Am I the prettiest bloom you have seen or what??
Huskee: **gagging in progress**

Hershey: Hello Mr Pink Flamingo... wanna play with my teefies??

Hershey: Ummm.. Mom?!! Why is Mr Pink Flamingo sitting on me??

Thank you boys (and your wonderful mom too)!! We love love love all our pressies... **muackssss**.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today, our mom turns 2,517 years old. When we asked her a few weeks back what she'd like for her birthday present, she said 'Lucas and Chloe'. This was rather tough because Lucas and Chloe are in heaven. Hershey and I put our heads together to try and come up with the next best alternative, and here's what we got for mom (with some help from dad of course.. we had to use the numbers on his little plastic card).

We thought mom will love the gift and be real happy when she sees it, but she cried instead (???). However she claims that those are not tears of sadness, but tears of joy because she is very glad that Lucas and Chloe are part of her birthday celebrations.

Since today is her day, I have made up my mind that I'll (try) and be a good boy. Hershey did better than me this time... she gave mom a 'present' first thing in the morning by almost barfing on the bed. Good thing mom was alerted enough and scooped her off the bed before any of the projectile hit the sheets. Don't think mom would like to spend her special day changing the recently changed sheets and doing laundry!!