Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hershey almost gave us all (especially mom) a big scare on one morning a couple of weeks back. Mom fed her breakfast like on any other day and she ate her food with gusto because mom added in some of Hershey's favourite boiled carrots. After that Hershey started behaving oddly, sticking very close to mom and kept up looking up at her. Mom thought that it was rather strange and she knew something was amiss when Hershey rejected her favourite chicken jerky treats. She merely gave them a few sniffs and continued to mope.

In less than 10 minutes after finishing her breakfast, Hershey threw it all back up. She was so weak that she just laid down listlessly next to her vomit. Mom checked her gums and saw that they were deathly pale. That's when she knew something was seriously wrong with her. She even had to carry her into the bathroom with her as she took a quick shower before taking her to the vet because Hershey simply refused to budge from her spot.

When they arrived at the vet, Hershey's color seem to have returned and she was somewhat back to her usual prissy self. For the first time ever, mom didn't tell her off when Hershey growled at another dog (a cute, large English Bulldog was trying to sniff her). The vet checked Hershey's gums and while they were still slightly pale, it was a big improvement from earlier. We spent some anxious moments waiting for the blood test results to be out and fortunately her blood test turned out fine, though we still have no inkling what caused the earlier episode. Since it is the first time this has happened, we were told to monitor her for the next fortnight and to bring her in immediately if it recurs. If it happens again, they'll do an ECG to ensure that her heart function is normal.

After she returned home, she was still a wee bit lethargic, but by that evening, the Miss 'She-Devil on Four Paws' that we know (and fear) was back.

The pics taken in the afternoon when she was still 'off'

Thankfully whatever that plagued her hasn't returned and she's been her usual annoying, hyper, gluttony self though mom is still keeping a close eye on her.