Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our happiness was short-lived... it lasted something like 3 days before Hershey's evil teefies strike again!! Yes, you read it correctly.. the evil teefies strike AGAIN. Here's the scoop... dad was becoming confident that 'his princess' **insert gagging sound here** is behaving herself and is proving to be very good girl **insert more gagging sound**. So he managed to convince mom to let Hershey loose in the house when they went to work in the day. (Mom's convinced that he voodoo'ed her into agreeing to it).

Dad then set up some fancy webcam so that he and mom can watch Hershey online when they are in the office. On Monday, all was fine. She behaved herself and they were so proud of her. Then, here comes the interesting part on Tue.

As you can see from the 2 photos above, there is this white 'twig-like' decorative pieces that we hang in the house. Yesterday when mom was doing a spot-check on Hershey, she saw 'somepup' happily dashing around the house (this was all captured by the camera) with a BIG piece of the 'twig' in her mouth... and when Hershey got bored with running around, she started to CHEW on it. See the evidence below.

(Mom: I was watching the destruction 'live' and I felt so helpless and frustrated 'cos I cannot do anything about it!!)

Since there is nothing that mom can do to stop the destruction, mom promptly called dad and asked him one question, which was: 'So, do you want me to kill you or kill her?'.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello pals!! I am back!! I am not sure if anyone missed me at all, but one thing is for sure, I certainly missed all of you! Oh and please pardon my dishevelled look... I think I am due for my grooming soon but because mom's been so busy lately, it's been postponed for a while. I am not really looking forward to it, but with my long fur, some people seem to think I am a girl!! **Grrrrrrrrr...**

Mom and BY aka The Maid clipped my nails on Saturday and in the process, I got 2 big slices of ham (they used the ham to distract me when mom was busy clipping away). They thought that I didn't know, but hey, what do they know. I knew their ploy of course but I just chose to play along as I was enjoying my baked ham.

Mom is still very busy with work... she's somehow developed a nasty rash ALL OVER her face last week when she was in Manila. It is itching like crazy and now, her used-to-be fairly smooth complexion looks more like sandpaper now!! It's totally freaking her out (and us too 'cos she screeches everytime she looks into the mirror).

One piece of good news to share... Hershey did not destroy anything during the 2 weeks that mom was away. (That is unless dad kept it a secret from mom AGAIN... Hahahaha...) Truthfully, the black and white one is settling down somewhat. She doesn't try to herd us anymore (maybe she's given up??) and she's been keeping her evil teefies to herself mostly. She's also stopped nipping at people's heels (I heard that it's a border collie trait and they do it to herd the sheep... wait a minute, you mean she thinks we are all sheep in her eyes?!!). She will also obey the basic commands most of the time. Mom's even taught her some tricks!

May peace and tranquility settle upon this household once again!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When I woke up this morning, I was told that last night, sweet Girl Girl had left us to join Angel Fu Fu at the Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell, Girl Girl... We will miss you.

*** P.S: Mom's been really busy with meetings (I think she means eating and shopping cos that's what Hong Kong is famous for), so we haven't been visiting your blogs. Bear with us... we will come by shortly. Meanwhile, please know that Hershey and I are missing all of you! ***

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mom's been coming home late recently and she said it's because she has got loads of work to complete before her meetings the next 2 weeks. She will be going away for 2 back-to back business trips over the next 2 weeks, hence she may not have time to help me blog. **sigh** However, we will try to visit as many of our friend's blogs whenever we can so that we know what you are up to! (I hope you won't forget us after 2 weeks...)

Dad will be joining mom on one of her trips, so while they are away, Dad's parents will be staying over to take care of Hershey (while I will be with my mom's parents). Mom is so apprehensive/ worried/ bothered/ concerned about leaving the little trouble-maker at home that she's lost sleep thinking about it the past 2 nights. Haahaa... I wonder what part of the house/ furniture will be destroyed while they are away. LOL!!!
More impawtantly, Baby's mom, aka my Mom-in-law, will be celebrating her birthday this weekend. I'd like to wish my gorgeous, charming and kind MIL a Happy Birthday in advance... I hope your birthday is the pawfect start to a whole new year of happy days!! ** muacks**

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The evil teefies strike again!! This time, the 'victim' is dad's Paul Frank t-shirt. Some of you might be wondering how on earth did Hershey chew the holes in the t-shirt while dad was still wearing it, right? Well, Hershey was pretending to be a sweet little girl and cuddling contentedly in dad's arms when he was watching TV. Little did my (very blur) dad know that while he was cradling her in his arms, she was busy nibbling on the sleeve of his t-shirt! So after 5 min of so-called 'cuddling', this is the end result.

Monday, November 3, 2008

BY, also known as 'The Maid' for all the things she did/ do/ will be doing for me, aka Mom's younger sister, aka the one who is totally devoted to me went shopping the other day and came across this artist drawing caricatures of people. So she thought it'd be fun if he might be able to do a caricature of me. So she tried and viola! He then proceeded to draw from photo of me that BY keeps in her purse.

Mom has always wanted to have a painting of me, and now that she and papa had moved into the new place, the walls do seem kind of bare. The good news is cutie-pie Asta whispered to me during the Halloween Pawty that she heard that my mom and her mom had been exchanging emails recently... I hope this is what I think it is!! I am sure most of you have seen Asta's mom's work and know how good they are!! The not so good news is that since we now have another 'someone' (shooting dager stares at Hershey) in the house, the painting will be of the 2 of us instead of just me. Oh well, I think I'll have to live with that.