Thursday, June 16, 2011

The weather had been soooooooo scorchingly hot and horribly humid lately that the humans decided I definitely need to have my very thick and poofy fur cut before my skin allergies come back to haunt all of us. As it is, I am already starting to get hot spots on my body and the humans all agree that it is a nightmare trying to apply medication for me.

Here we are at the groomers... This little friendly Schnauzer came out to greet us at the reception area when we arrived. He is such a cute and friendly pup.

Below is a picture of me on the grooming table waiting for my turn to be 'tortured'. I had to wait a little while for my turn because there were many doggies there being groomed as well... I guess the hot weather is the reason behind. The groomer recommended a very short, cropped cut for me mainly because of my skin allergies, and she said I'd be much happier with my shorter do cos it'd be much cooler and comfortable for me. It'd also make the application of medication much easier and more effective since more of it would go directly on my skin instead of on my fur.

And 4 long hours later, I can finally go home... My poofy fur is all gone, ears have been cleaned, nails have been trimmed and paws have been soaked (in medicated solution). I look really naked now, but must admit it feels a whole lot cooler. I love lying on the floor in my grandparents' house because the cool marble tiles feels great on my naked tummy.

Mom noticed a strange 'phenomenon', after every grooming session, on top of snoozing for hours on end once I reach home, I also end up being super grumpy for the following few days. The strangest part is that I will stick to Grandma like her little shadow and follow her all around the house... basically, I won't let her out of my sight and will only go to sleep if Grandma is within my sight. Grandma finds it so sweet, but then this makes doing housework a real challenge for her... oh and Grandma and I are so close now that my mom is so jealous that I'd rather be with Grandma than be with her!!

(Marathon snoozing post-grooming... I am using the dreaded e-collar to prevent me from licking/ biting my hot spots.)