Thursday, September 28, 2006

1 More Day!!

Only one more day!! Tomorrow is the BIG day that everyone in the family has been waiting for.. and activities in the house have reached a new high. Since this morning, I have successfully tripped grandmama once and mama twice. I also slept on the dress that grandmama ironed (I think The Maid planned to wear it for the dinner tomorrow) and managed to crease it.. *hiak hiak*.. . Well I can't help it, I have just got to be where all the action is!!
In a couple of hours I will be going over to my godma and god-brother, Scuba's place. Ma told me that I'll need to be there for 2 nights and I have to obey Auntie S and not bully her. I have never been away from my family for so long, so I am a little nervous. Mama made some patties for me to bring along to share with Scuba and any of his friends who happen to be around. My fav. toys are also packed and ready to go!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting Excited!!

Pa and Ma's big day is just 4 days away and the activities in the house have reached a new levels.. (I can't wait cos according to Fee, I will be 'legit' in just a couple of days..)...

The family will be going to Malaysia for the dinner on Fri night (cos my Pa is from Malaysia) and I will have to stay over at my god-brother's place with Auntie Sam since god-ma will also be in Malaysia for the dinner. I am excited cos I'll be meeting my god-brother Scuba.. !! Anyway, the dinner in Singapore is on 01 Oct at Four Seasons and I hope they'll bring me along (I heard that this hotel allows you to bring in your pet) *crosses paws*. * Note to Papa and Mama: I promise to behave myself and not bark at the little kids...

Anyway, over the weekend, my friend Jay celebrated his 15th birthday too. The Maid brough back a goodie bag for me with LOTS of lovely things. Mama loved the party hat.. I think she wanted to keep it for herself but the size didn't fit her.. whew.. I hope Jay and his guests enjoyed themselves at the party of Sat and that they enjoyed the cake!!

Here I am licking my lips after eating the yummy things from Jay's goodie bag..
.. and here with my present from Jay.. (yeah.. it's his birthday and I have a present.. haa..)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ahhhh.... Tagged again!!

My oh my... I have been tagged again.. (Luckily this time round I don't have to list some embarrassing things about myself..).

Ok, the rule this time is to list 5 things that make a true doggie friend..

1) Must be willing to share the blame (for messing up the place, 'killing' a toy, farting, etc)
2) Must be willing to share toys/ treats...
3) Must be there to protect me from being bullied (my little 'Bullie' brother, Scuba, will be able to do this job very well!!)
4) Always getting mama to make enough meat patties to go around for my friends..
5) Must be generous with licks and kisses

I tag Scuba, Rafv, Joey, Herbie and T-Man.. All the best guys!
12 Days to go..

In less than 2 weeks, Papa and Mama will be tying the knot after more than 8 years together (ok ok, so what if I was 'born' out of wedlock??!). Anyway, the house has been a hive of activities lately. Many visitors coming and going and everyone is preparing for the big day. Grandmama and The Maid have been busy sprucing up the house... cleaning the fans, lights, etc. We even have new plants & new curtains!!
Amidst all the activities, I overheard them saying that something big is happening this later this week too.. Typically a week or two before the big day, the groom's parents will bring the dowry over to the bride's place. (Hope that they'll bring some good foodfor me as well...)

Anyway, with all these activities happening, I'd better stay out of everybody's way. I found the best place to watch all the activities and yet not get into the way of the broom and mop!! I managed to find a spot on the chair in the dining room.. this way, I can 'supervise' all the chores and not get my paws dirty!!

Ooooi... are you sure the

floor is clean enough??!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

13 Days to go...

Everyone is so busy buying new clothes, shoes, bags (personally I think it is just their excuse to get into a shopping frenzy). Auntie KH, Auntie Esther & Auntie Fiona have been coming by to 'model' their purchases.. Grandmama bought 2 new dresses and The Maid bought 3!! Even Grandpapa has got new clothes and tie..

Well, Grandmama is busy putting up things with 'Double Happiness' stickers all round the house.... In the Chinese culture, this Double Happiness symbol is a very important symbol as it represents a certain outlook and philosophy on life. It is used to represent the idea that man and woman are meant to go through life together and every person (and pooch??) has a soul mate in this world.

Mama bought this sticker and I like it a lot.. it shows a couple in traditional Chinese wedding costume.. and I like it cos I think it looks cute with the blushing groom kissing the bride!

With all the things happening around the household, it brings me back to one thing... I need a girlfriend!!

Female Maltese, oh Female Maltese, Wherefore art thou?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Friend

After the sombre post yesterday, I am back to my usual, happy-go-lucky self... (well, not that I think I will be granted eternal life, but what I'll do is to treasure each day with my family!!)
Anyway, mama told me about a friend that I never knew about.... When she was still in Australia, she had a friend (Auntie A) who had a female Cocker Spaniel called Chestnut aka Nut Nut.. I never got to meet Nut Nut because Auntie A brought her back to Singapore by the time mama got me. Mama spoke with Auntie A last night and there are plans to let us meet up!! Here's the pic. of my new friend..

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Me and My Mama

Ok, on a more serious note, I just read my 'little' brother, Scuba's blog and found out about the deaths of his 2 friends, Morris and Rocky. Mama was very sad and it bothered her a lot (especially since I am quite 'senior' at the ripe old age of 7).
Mama and I have this special 'alone time' where it is just the 2 of us (yes, not even papa is included)... and it's been established ever since I was a teeny, weeny pup. During this time, she'd always hold me close to her and whisper in my ear.. Through the years, the things that we have shared during the 'alone time' has evolved..
When I was little, she'd tell me to grow up strong and healthy, tell me how much joy (and headaches) I have brought into her life, etc. Now that I am older, she'd tell me how much she hopes for me to live a long and healthy life, and that she hopes I am a happy & contented doggy.
The one thing that has not changed through the 7 years is she always ends this 'alone time' by telling me how much she loves me and how special I am to her. She told me that I am 'extra special' 'cos I was given to her by papa during their courting days and I am her very first doggy.. so in her heart I will always have a special place.

Me and my mama

Friday, September 8, 2006

Someone call SPCA please..

Further to my earlier post on the fridge, mama and The Maid said that they wanted to take a pic. of it before they dispose it off. And guess what.. I was not spared either..

Well, I can't 'suffer' alone so I brought my toy with me (it's my birthday present from Jack & Joey)

Anyway, we got a new fridge now and fortunately like what my friends told me, it is BIGGER & BETTER!! More imporatantly, my supply of meat patties, chicken gizzards and pork liver is back! Yipeeee....

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Bye Bye Fridge...

Horror of all horrors.. the fridge broke down on Saturday!! Gosh.. I was so stressed.. you know what implications it'd have?? It means that mama will not be able to make any meat patties for me since they need to be refrigerated!! NO FOOD!!

Everyone was upset, shocked and depressed by the sudden 'demise' of the fridge after it's 'long service' with the family... (yah, it's not only me ok..)
1) Grandpapa was depressed cos all his Cornetto ice-cream melted
2a) The Maid was told by Grandmama to finish up the TWO cartons of fresh milk in the fridge since they wouldn't be able to last without refrigeration (she mamaged to finish only one-and-a-half carton by midday) - obviously after drinking so much milk, she felt very queasy.. *hiak*.. that's for not sharing with me!!
2b) No ice water!! - The Maid lives on ice water... especially when the weather is hot!
3) Grandmama was the most 'severely' affected.. she had to clean out the entire fridge, plus the remnants of the Cornettos. Then she had to go shopping for a new refrigerator.. this spoilt the plans that she'd made on Sat. (originally she was suppossed to go shopping fwith Auntie Esther for mama and papa's wedding items).

** Dear Fridge... Thank you for serving us 24/7 for so many years without any complaints and offdays. Please R.I.P.. (and we are already missing you) **