Monday, May 30, 2011

Last week, Dad wanted to cheer mom up and decided to surprise her with a pretty, pink bouquet of flowers. Dad was still at work when the bouquet arrived, so mom tried to take a photo of the flowers and send a 'thank you' note along with it to dad.

Hershey was surprisingly crazily excited when the delivery man delivered it (her behaviour is usually rather 'normal' when it is the postman). From the looks of the photos, it seems like Hershey thinks that the bouquet is for her!!

Mom, the flowers are for me, right?

Hmmm.. they sure smell nice. Wonder if they taste as good?

Am I, oops... I mean, aren't the flowers pretty??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hershey celebrated her 3rd birthday, which happened to fall on Easter Sunday. Mom and dad invited one of Hershey's friend to join the small celebration which they held for her. The last time Hershey met Bongo the Beagle was when she was only a wee pup. Bongo's mom is an interior designer who designed the house that we are lnow iving in, and our hoomans got on so well that they remained as friends long after the house was done.

Anyway, mom was rather disappointed that Hershey didn't get along with Bongo as well as she did during the previous meeting. The last time they met, those two played so well together and they took turns chasing each other for almost 2 hours straight. This time round, Hershey wasn't very interested in playing with him at all.. most of the time she just pretended he wasn't there and she actually she even snapped at Bongo when he sniffed her bum (Hershey's got an issue with male dogs sniffing here 'there'... her defense mechanism will set in and she will plonk her bum to the ground and snap at the offending perpetrator. It had already happened a few times with another male Samoyed who lives in our complex, so mom is always on the alert if there are male dogs around). Hershey is ok if Bongo sniffs at any other part of her body... anywhere except 'there'. Dad joked that he'd get her a chastity belt for her next birthday.

The Birthday Girl

Hershey and her (only) guest, Bongo

The Birthday Girl and her birthday cake...

Looking pleased after she devoured the cake