Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hershey had a a play date over at Scuba's place last Saturday while the humans went for a 'Wine and Cheese' session. Here are some of the pictures mom took using her phone. Mom actually took a lot more photos, but as there was just too much doggie action going on and majority of the photos ended up very blurry or with only part of the dog/s in it...

The 'Host' - Scuba

Slowly warming up

Good friends

Hershey and Helios

'Headless' Hershey and Helios... LOL!!

And this is the Wine and Cheese that the humans enjoyed while the doggies played. Poor Scuba had to be locked away because he attempted to steal the cheese!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hershey's putting new meaning to 'Crossing Paws'... She's had this paw crossing habit ever since she was a pup, and mom and dad were pretty amused by it whenever she does that because it makes her seem more 'lady-like' than the tomboy she really is!! Moreover, I never did this ever before, so it was definitely something new and unsual.

In case you have noticed, she usually crosses her right paw on top of the left one!! (Does this mean she is a right-pawed doggie??)

I guess Hershey is crossing her paws because she is hoping for the speedy recovery of Snickers, who isn't doing exactly well now. Hopefully she will get well soon knowing that the power of the paws is behind her from all over the world!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Aunty G recently made her annual bulk purchase from Petedge for Jack and Joey and she kindly asked mom if there's anything that she'd like to buy for us so that she can add it on to her order. THANK YOU for not forgetting us, Aunty G!! **kisses**

Mom recently threw away Hershey's favourite toy, a purple Gecko from Zanies, because although it was still intact, the smell was horrific. Mom claims that she can smell it before she sees it.. LOL!! To make up for throwing it away, Mom bought it in all 4 available colors for Hershey... They look pretty cute all lined up below.

Hershey was really happy with her new friend and immediately started her favourite game of tug...

Here's what mom got for me.... The little lambie is so cute she almost wanted to keep it for herself. What would a human do with a dog toy??!

I noticed that mom had some more toys inside the big red bag that she brought home and she hid them in the storeroom claiming that they are meant for Christmas. So is Christmas coming yet???

Friday, November 13, 2009

I have something funny to share with you (although my mom may not find it very amusing since it's at her expense)!! Mom hadn't been sleeping very well lately and this morning was the same. She woke up at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep. As she was lying there and letting her thoughts wander, she stumbled upon what she thought was a 'great' idea.
She was suddenly very inspired to make a bed for Hershey when she saw her lying on the bare parquet floor and felt sorry for her. Hershey's been banished from the big bed because it is shedding season again and mom hates to have fur all over the bed/ quilt (more accurately, I think she hates having fur everywhere and anywhere...LOL).

Hershey had been sharing the bed with us and has her own favourite spot. No one assigned her there... she picked that spot herself cos that's exactly where the air-conditioner is blowing!! However, she's not exactly my petite size, so sharing the bed with her means mom always have to contort herself or position herself like a shrimp in order to accommodate Hershey at the foot of the bed. Hence, mom decided that letting her have her own bed is the best solution for all parties concerned.

Fully convinced by no one else other than herself, mom jumped out of bed at an unearthly hour and went to the storeroom to rummage for a piece of shiny pink cloth that she knew she had stashed away in a box. Found the cloth, ironed it (there were 3 years worth of creases), measured it, cut it to the right size and she sat down to work in earnest at 6am.

She started by trimming off the edges and the funny, dangly bits and started to sew. We don't have a sewing machine at home cos mom had never expected that she'd ever need to sew anything except the occasional loose button or hem. So it was down to manual stitching and there was quite a bit to sew cos Hershey's not exactly a midget and mom wanted her to have a comfy bed (mom: so that she'd leave mine alone!!). We lost count of the number of 'ouches' (it was actually a HBO word, but you know, we are a family blog...) we heard each time mom got pricked by the needle but she was still gung-ho about it.

Just as she was begining to feel quite proud of her masterpiece, disaster struck. That stupid cloth, which is made from 'I-don't-know-what stupid material' (mom's own words) F.R.A.Y.S big time!! Her masterpiece was literally disintegrating in her hands and all her hard work was unraveling right before our eyes.

At 8.30am, I solemly declare that her project had FAILED **stifling laughter**.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With the support of you, my dearest friends, we share the honour of the Awesom Blog Award, October 2009 with Max, our new friend from South Africa! Yes, it was a tie!! It is such a honour to win the award, and better yet to share it with a friend... I will display the badge with pride on my banner... **puffs up chest**

THANK YOU to everypup who voted for us.. **muacks muacks muacks...**

Look, I was so so ecstatic about the win I even chewed up a brand new magazine before the humans had the chance to read it!! (The worst thing is I got caught red handed while I was trying to escape... can you see that blurry figure at the top left corner? Do you think it can pass off as Hershey??).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My nutty little sister has been behaving strange lately. She's suddenly become very 'needy'... Initially, mom thought that it was so sweet, but she's kinda getting sick of Hershey's 'neediness' now because it affecting her work!! Our mom had been working from home for the past 2 months, and she usually sits on the bed with her laptop on her lap (DUH!! It is not called a 'LAP'top for nothing..).
Recently, Hershey has the habit of sneaking up to mom and resting her head on the laptop, thereby making it impossible for mom to type! As a result, the sneaky one ends up getting extra ear scratches and tummy rubs...

Other than that, Hershey had also been interrupting mom's sleep by lying on top of her every morning. Mom is not a morning person, and moverover, she hadn't really been sleeping well for the past 2 weeks because she kept waking up in the wee hours and can't go back to sleep, so she's not the least amused by Hershey's latest antics!
This picture was taken yesterday morning... this is the (scary) sight that greets mom every morning when she opens her eyes... **shudder**