Thursday, May 28, 2009

We were introdued to this pawfectly cute (and intact) Shark stuffie that the hoomans got from IKEA. Dad loves the meatballs from IKEA, so they do go there for a meatball feast once in a while. I wasn't too keen on Mr Blue Shark cos it was a tad too big for my liking... so I gallantly let Hershey have him all to herself.

Posing nicely with the newcomer after the initial 'introductions' were made

Wheeee....Let the fun begin!

Umm.. uh-oh.. R.I.P Mr. Blue Shark..

Mom bought another toy for Hershey because it looked like a 'hardy' toy.. hopefully it'd outlive all the other toys that Hershey's had before (namely, Mr. Blue Shark). And guess what's the toy called? It's a 'BOINGO BALL'... it reminded us so much of Tanner cos of his recent 'BOING BOING's (Pssst... Tanner, did they pay you coyright to use your trademark 'BOING' on the ball?? If they do, the royalties may be able to pay for the damage that you and Scooter did to that garage..).

Happy weekend to all!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Guess where dad is taking Hershey?!! (nope, unfortunately, they/we are not sending her off to a new home --- yet!). Well, 2 weekends ago, I was sent for grooming cos the humans thought that I looked 'untidy' and my fur was getting too long and curly. Last weekend, it was some pup's turn (mom finally had enough of having to vacumn the whole house every 3 seconds because of all the fur some pup has been shedding. (See pics below.. the 2 pics were taken about 15min after dad vacumned the house. It's either he's done a really sloppy job or she is shedding like there's no tomorrow.)

While they were in the car on their way to the groomers, Hershey did the most unimaginable and unforgivable thing. The silly girl decided to poop right in the middle of the backseat and the humans were horrified. Mom's screams and dad's panicked shouts came right out of a horror flick.. they had to stop and clean the car (and the dog too cos she stepped on the poop!!) for a good 15min and air it for a while afterwards cos it smelt... well, like poop. Too bad mom didn't remember to whip out the camera and take some pics of the 'Crime Scene' cos she claims that it'd disgust my readers so much none of you will ever visit my blog again.. so we can't risk that!

Here she is waiting for her turn at the 'torture chambers'... Mom warned the groomer that Hershey is shedding A LOT, and the groomer gave a laugh and replied 'Well, I'm sure it can't be that bad?'. Mom bit her lip and in her heart, she was thinking 'just you wait and see'. When we collected her after 2 hours, the first thing the groomer said to dad was (incredulous tone) 'Wow, she is really shedding a lot!! Her undercoat is so thick!' Mom (silently to herself with satisfied smirk on her face): 'Seeeee... I told you so!!'

We received a bright green package from the mailman last week and the mailman said that it came all the way from GooberStan! When we returned home, mom finally allowed us to open the package.

Hershey sniffing it out..

Hershey: Mmmm.. I think I like the air from GooberStan!

Our very generous friends, Stanley and Stella, sent us 2 cool bandanas (I was made to wear one of them like a headscarf in the pic below... the humans sure have a weird sense of humour...) and heaps of fun toys!! It was a hard, but Staneley (and my mom) wanted me to share some of them with Hershey.

I absolutely loved everything that Stanley sent us, my ultimate paws down favourite was a magnet with his handsome face on it. Mom decieded to place it on our fridge (this is a very important place in our household, so it's only suitable that we put Stanley's handsome face there.

Thank You Stanley and Stella (and your girl) for the pressies!! **smooches from Hershey**

Friday, May 22, 2009

Here I am doing what I do best... Mom's been a lazy bum lately and is snoozing a lot. Being the filial son that I am, I kept her company by snuggling as close to her (and my monkey) as I possibly can. (I can't say that mom appreciated my effort though, 'cos she keeps complaining that it is very warm and I should maybe like sleep a little further away from her)...

Hershey, the Energizer Bunny wasn't interested in sleeping at all, so what was she doing?

Anyone wants to play with me??!

Monday, May 18, 2009

We are truly honoured to receive this International Bloggers Community award from our friends over at the Dog Wood Pack!! As part of the requirements of this award, we have to pass it on to 7 of our internatonal bloggie friends.

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Questions and Answers:

1. The person who tagged you? ---- Dog Woods Pack

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3.Date you were tagged? ---- May 16th, 2009

4. Persons you tag?

Here are some previous pics of me on one of my walkies before I had my furcut. Now I am quite glad that my fur is so much shorter.. not only is it cooler in the terrible hot and humid weather, it is also much more manageable and the humans don't have to spend so much time combing me, thus leaving me with time to do more impawtant things... like sleeping, playing, roaching, begging for table scraps, etc.

I guess because of the weather, Hershey's been blowing her coat recently and her fur is ALL OVER the house. And I really mean ALL OVER... on the curtains, in all the corners of the house, on the table tops, under the sofa, on the display shelves (yes, for this season, Border Collie fur is on display), in our food, in our water, on our bedroom slippers, on the quilt cover, list goes on... (now mom wishes that she did more research on the Border Collie breed before she brought Hershey home. LOL!!) The humans have been combing her non-stop and there is still a lot of fur on that body of hers!! The good thing is for us mixed breed dogs, we hardly ever shed, so mom never had this problem with me. **whew**

Putting on an 'innocent' face..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's Hershey being caught in dad's deadly grip... The reason? Dad was watching a soccer match - his favourite team (Man United) was playing, and Hershey was being a real nuisance by jumping and barking at the screen non-stop... (we don't know the reason either... could it be the ball? Or was she barking her support for Cristiano Ronaldo??) . Anyway, dad got real annoyed with her and just held her in his arms for a good 15minutes so that she could calm down. Apparently it seemed to work! I think he needs to do it more'd give us some much needed peace around here.

Hershey: Helppp... anyone?? Someone??!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just in case you can't recognise me in my new 'girly' haircut, yes, it's me alright...
Black black nose - Check
Crooked teefies - Check

** Pssst.. of you think that my haircut is bad, just wait till I get a pic of mom, aka Dora the Explorer's new do... LOL!!

Well, I hope all mommies had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday!! We all know that mommies (ok and daddies too) do a lot for us and shower us with their unconditional love and care.

It was a day that brought back a lot of memories for our mommy because last Mother's Day, she celebrated it with little Angel Lucas growing inside her belly and she was actually looking forward to this year's Mother's Day when she'd be holding him in her arms. Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned and she celebrated this Mother's Day without any baby in her arms (though she had a little angel looking down at her from Heaven).

Yesterday, she was at a supermarket buying the ingredients to make food for Hershey and I, and at the cashier checkout area, there were some people giving out carnations, I guess they were meant for 'mothers'. Anyway someone handed mom a carnation and she hesitated to take it because technically speaking, she isn't a 'mother'. But after a slight pause, she took the flower because she was thinking that even though she didn't have a physical baby that other people can see/ touch/ play with, she knows that she is a mom because deep in her heart she knows she has a little angel baby.

Next month marks the first anniversary of the day we lost Angel Lucas... It's not that we have ever forgotten him throughout the past 1 year, rather, we have kept him in deep within our hearts, and as we near the anniversary, all the pain, heartache, anger and sense of loss is flooding back. **warning: I foresee that next month my blog entries are going to be quite depressing, so stay away if you don't want your day to be ruined... though I promise I will try to cheer mom up!**

Ok, on another (happier) note, we received this via email from a friend.. it's really funny and true!!

  1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE."If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning." - Our grandmama used to say this a lot when mom and her younger sister were fighting when they were young... Heehee...

  2. My mother taught me RELIGION."You better pray that will come out of the carpet/ bedsheets/ clothes." - Again, Grandmama said this a lot after mom got paint/ crayon on her school uniform during Art class

  3. My mother taught me LOGIC."Because I said so, that's why." - Ok so who hasn't heard of this one??!

  4. My mother taught me about STAMINA."You'll sit there until all that spinach (etc) is gone." - This one sounds really familiar to me... Me being a super fussy eater, will stare at my food and that's what mom will say! **shudders**

  5. My mother taught me about WEATHER."This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it." - To this day, Grandmama is still saying this to mom even though they are not staying together anymore... I guess some things never change!

  6. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION."Stop acting like your father!" - This one I can totally relate to... I think my mom calls the behaviour 'selective hearing'.

  7. My mother taught me about ENVY."There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

  8. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION."Just wait until we get home." - Oops... this should sound familiar to Hershey!! LOL!!

  9. My mother taught me about RECEIVING."You are going to get it when you get home!"

  10. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE."If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to stay that way."

  11. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT."If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

  12. And my favorite:My mother taught me about JUSTICE."One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you." - Or retribution??!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The weather has been so hot and humid the past few weeks and the heat is driving us nuts. Mom took pity on us in our permanent 'fur coat' and decided to make some Frosty Paws to cool us down.

We had to make do with whatever ingredients that we can find in the fridge and good thing is that we always stock up on plain yoghurt!! (Hershey has to take yoghurt with her meals everyday because the vet said that the acidophilus in the yoghurt will helo her 'sploding butt problem). Mom has made Frosty Paws for me a couple of times previously but this is the first time Hershey has tasted it.

Mmmmmmm.......... this is good stuff!!

More please...?!!

Note to mom: I think we need bigger ice cube trays...


Hershey received yet another present for her barkday. It's from my dear sweet wife, Baby, and her brother, Boy. They have not blogged for quite a while because their mom has been very busy with her job. We are so touched that they remembered Hershey's barkday.. THANKS!! **muacks**

They got her a nice furry purse for when she goes out on a date (however, dad says she will always be his little girl and will never let her out of his sight.. muahahaha...) and a paw print shaped pet light so that she won't get lost when we take her out at night (sheesh... there goes my plan to 'lose' her when we go for our night walkies!!).

Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally Hershey has got it into her little head that her barkday celebrations are officially o.v.e.r... and once again, normality and peace reigns in the household. We are all kind of glad that barkdays only comes once a year, especially so for Hershey. We have an unwritten 'rule' in the house that whoever who is celebrating his/ her barkday (both human and dog), should be treated like a VIP for 3 whole days, i.e. the day before the actual barkday, the actual day itself and the day after. So for Hershey's barkday, it was the same... we all treated her like a pampered princess and no one can scold her no matter what she did or how naughty she was. Sheesh... I am so glad it's over and it'd be another year before it's 'torture time'.

And since it wasn't my barkday, I didn't get the royal/ pampered pooch treatment. Instead, I had to go to the groomers!! Ack!! Here are a series of photos that mom took with her iPhone cos she forgot to charge the camera (AGAIN)...

On the way to the Torture Chambers..

Don't I look cute in all my fluffiness??

Inside the Torture Chambers.. Almost done!! (They have a 'viewing gallery' where owners can keep tabs on their doggies..)

The grooming place is part of a pet shop, so I got to pick a few toys and treats to make up for the trauma that I went through before we headed for home...

Finally... we are on our way home

Close up of my new look... Mom says I look like a girl (WTF?!!) and that my ears remind her of 2 ponytails...

Oh before I go, my mom wants to say THANKS to all of you who have commented that she is 'pretty' **insert gagging sound** in the previous post.. She is so very flattered and her head swelled to triple of it's usual size. It took all of our strength (dad's, Hershey's and mine) to hold her down and keep her from floating too high from the ground.. you know she isn't the lightest person around, so if she falls, she'd land pretty hard and I don't want her to land on me!! Anyway, she's been losing A LOT of hair recently.. as in heaps of it and it is freaking her out. So one day she decided to be a smarty-pants and went alsomade an appointment with the groomer to cut her hair... originally it used to be way past her shoulders, halfway down her back.

Now we have a cartoon character at home because with her new haircut, she looks eerily like Dora the Explorer (see pic below)... She says that she's staying at home for the next 3 months until it grows out.. LOL!!