Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When I woke up this morning, mom told me that today is a very super special day because on this very day 12 years ago, a little pup was born in a farm somewhere in Victoria, Australia. This little pup subsequently left his birth mother and litter-mates when he was only 8 weeks old to join his human mom and dad. The pup quickly became the love of his human mom's life right from the start. When he was slightly over one year old, he bravely took a long and lonely 7 hour flight from Melbourne to Singapore after his human mom completed her studies and had to return home.

Fast forward 12 years... that little dog is no longer the active, playful puppy anymore. His eyes are clouded by the onset of cataract, he is resting and napping a lot more, he prefers to cuddle on a human lap over his favourite childhood game of 'bitey hands', his hearing is not the same like before... The one thing that hasn't changed is that he is still the love of his human mom's life, plus a whole entourage of other family member who shower him with love, affection, toys and treats and spoil him utterly rotten.

Yes!! I am that 'pup' and I turn 12 years old today. Many things have happened in my life and my human parent's lives in these 12 years... good ones, not so good ones and terrible ones too. But I know there is this one thing that hasn't changed. Whenever mom and I have 'alone time' where it's just the two of us, she never fails to whisper in my ear how much she loves me and how much I mean to her. This is something special between us which she had been doing ever since that very first night she brought me home 12 years ago.

(Mom: Happy 12th Birthday to my precious sweet grouchy little Huskee Boy. I love you soooo very much.. your grouchiness, crooked teefies, itchy scratchy skin, fussy appetite and all. I am thankful for the day you were born, and the day you picked us to be your family.)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mom ordered this cappucino set via The Aminal Rescue Site about 2 weeks ago and it finally arrived!! Our mom goes absolutely craaaazy over anything with pawprints so although she does not drink coffee at all, she told Dad that she simply had to get this cappucino set. Ummm... ok... whatever.

In addition to the cappucino set, Mom also bought a whole lot of other stuff (shhh.. don't let dad know). One of them is the paw print ice cube tray that she's been looking for a while.. plus paw print stirrers, paw print memo pads, paw print muffin trays, paw print etc etc... Mom's excuse is that the more stuff she buys, the more she is contributing to giving food to animals in shelters.Ok, can't fault her for that... at least this time her shopping is for a good cause.

Another package arrived shortly after and this time it is for us!! Thanks Dad... It is a supply of our favourite Gecko (so far it is the ONLY toy that is Hershey-proof but mom usually had to dispose them when they start smelling reaaaaally bad, or when you smell it even before you see it).

Ok time to go and make friends with the Geckos!!