Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Pawty over at Scuba's

Good food, good fun and most importantly, good friends!

Godma's pretty Christmas decoration...

Scuba and Tommy striking a pose

'Mr and Mrs Gingerbreadman' - made by Aunty S.

More of Aunty S's delicious cookies... Mmmmmm..

Tommy being 'victimised'

Even Pepper tht cat was not spared...

Caption - Scuba: 'Woah....Is that you, Pepper??'

The most important part of all - FOOD! There was apple pie, more cookies, log cake and an assortment of cheese and dips!

More food - Salad, turkey, pork kunckle, lamb, roast beef, Godma's famous mashed potato, sausages and smoked salmon.

Scuba's Christmas tree has some unique decorations... see if you can spot them!

Helios and Angel Herbie

Scuba and me

Joey and Jack

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I was forced to pose with all the pressies that I received from MY Baby Munchkins, Boy, Boo, Boo Boo & Bond, Girl Girl, etc.. THANK YOU so much! Not that I minded posing with my pressies, but I am really starting to dislike those antlers A LOT. They seem to be appearing way too often lately...

This is worse than the antlers.. it's a whole Christmas tree... I am just glad mama didn't manage to capture the whole d@*# thing in the photo. Do you get subjected to such humiliation by your own mama??

Posing with the lovely fur-trim coat from Aunty J, Jay & Co. I love it.. I wore it to the Ice Skating Pawty organised by Butchy and Snickers and it really helped to keep me warm.

Mama and The Maid went to do some last minute Christmas shopping along Orchard Road last Fri and everywhere was so crowded! Some photos of the Christmas lighting along Orchard Road to share with you -

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Hope your holidays are decorated with the laughter
of loved ones, the warmth of good cheer and
every joy of the season..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Preparing for Christmas....
Mama bought a few of these Gingerbread man and Christmas doggie stuffies to give away as pressies to some of my friends cos she finds them very cute. Guess what we HAVE to do before those stuffies are given away?? Yup... if you guessed 'photo-taking session', then you are spot on!

I hope it's just me, but I think I look like a nursing mom in this photo below... It doesn't bode well for my macho image... hopefully Baby sees this as the caring and 'fatherly' side of me! Who knows we'll have some mini-Huskee/ mini-Babys in the near future!

At the end of the arduous session, mama rewarded me by letting me keep ONE Gingerbread man and ONE Christmas doggie.. Gee, mom.. only these for all my hard work? It's not easy being a model you know? I hear that Naomi Campbell gets paid more than 2 stuff toys for doing the same type of work! I need an agent....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She finally said 'Yes'!! I can't be any happier than this... woohooo!!!.... Thanks to our friends for their wishes...

So now we have a wedding to plan for... Baby wants to have a wedding planner to organise everything for us and ensure that every little detail is catered to. Guess who we have appointed as our Wedding Planner??!! It's Girl Girl!! Hehehee...I am sure she'll do a fantastic job in putting the event together cos she had already proposed several great ideas which we'll be using.

Then of course there is the guest list (actually there is no list cos every pup and hamsterrier is invited!!), the venue, the date, the gown, wedding favours, etc... And our lovely friends have already offered help in so many ways.. we can get the gown and suit from Butchy and Snickers' talented mom; Ruby had offered us the use of Aire Ruby to fly our guests in; Boo has offered to be the chauffer and my Bestman; Chiyo, Girl Girl and Moosie will be the Bridesmaids, Dopey will be the usher....

Gosh, I am so dizzy with excitement that I had to go for a walk to calm my nerves...

The smiling groom-to-be

Ummm... mmm... Being in love is great!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh boy, do I look tired or what...??! I just came back from Butchy and Snicker's Ice Skating Pawty and I had a fantastic time!! Thanks Butchy and Snickers for organising such a wonderful pawty!

I think I need to go and soak my tired paws in some warm water, followed by a snooze...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

*ahem*... All pups and Girl Girl.... I have a VERY important task to do and I need all the courage and support that I can get because in the event if I fail, my heart will be broken into a million, gazillion peices. Well, last week, I gave a Baby Munchkins a 'Diamond Ring' stuffie from Zanies and I hoped feverishly that she would get my very blatant 'hint'.

The good thing is - She did get my hint... and the not so good thing is (no, she did not turn me down... thank doG!!) - She wants me to propose 'officially'.. i.e. flowers, ring, etc .. (I think this is something that most, if not all, girls are so particular about.. *sheeesh*... and I think I'd better do it cos I have seen the grief that papa had to endure because mama felt that his proposal was not romantic enough... *hahhahaha*..poor dad!). Mama told me that girls like their rings to have as many carrots as possible (mom: carats!! It's C.A.R.A.T.S!!).. Pawsonally I feel that wearing carrots on your paw seem very strange.. and kind of heavy if you ask me. Moreover, we are pups, not rabbits, so I'm sure a nice slice of roast beef will be do better than carrots anytime (mom: *speechless*).

To prove my sincerity and love, here's a poem dedicated to my sweetpea honey-buns..

Prisoner of Love

I am a prisoner,
But I don’t mind.
The happiest jail-pup,
You can ever find.
Love is my keeper,
Passion is my crime
Since I got smitten,
I have been serving time.
Need no parole,
Nor trial by jury,
Could try to escape,
But I’m in no hurry.

So Baby, will you marry me?? .. *blush*...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Wonderful surprise in the mail!!

I have received some Christmas cards from my friends... Comet and Blu, Opy and Charlie, Simba and T-man!! All the cards are really beautiful!! Actually I did not expect to receive any cards this year as I did not participate in the DWB Christmas Card Exchange cos mama had initially planned to go away in December. Hence she was worried that we may not have time to work on the cards. (Fortunately, mama managed to put the cards and we have already mailed them off last week!!) Believe me, this is a real achievement for her and I gave her 2 pats on the back for all her hard work and effort. (Naturally I chipped in too.. I helped to make sure that the addresses are correct and that each envelope is sealed with a big, loving kiss from me!

Initially I was pretty disappointed that I won't be receiving any cards this year but hey, my friends have not forgotten about me!! THANK YOU... *muah*

Look! I even got a pressie from Simba! It's so kind of him...

Mama, papa and The Maid came home really late last Friday night from their gathering/ housewarming at Boy and Baby's new house. Boy and Baby are the pawfect host/ hostess and the hoomans had a great time chatting with Boo's parents who had driven all the way from Kuala Lumpur!

Boy is getting ready for dinner...

The gathering only ended close to midnight and both the host and hostess were all tired out.

A very tired Boy

and Baby trying hard to keep her eyes open!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mama took this picture in a shopping mall... This tree is about 3 storey high ad I just love the lights and the decorations. There is another tree which is even bigger and more beautiful in another shopping mall. Mama forgot to take a photo of that tree because she was too pre-ocupied with her Christmas shopping list.

* sorry about the poor quality as this photo was taken with a phone camera..

Mama is very excited because Boo's daddy and mommy will be driving all the way from Malaysia to visit all of us!! There will be this big gathering cum housewarming pawty tomorrow along with Boo Boo, Chiyo, Girl Girl, Jay and Boy & Baby's hoomans at Boy and Baby's new house!! I heard that there'll be loads of food! (I hope mama remembers to pack some back for Moosie and I.)

Mama had spent the last weekend wrapping pressies for all the hoomans, pups and hamsterrier (Actually, I had been 'supervising' her throughout and noticed that she spent even more time unwrapping and re-wrapping a lot of them because she either forgot what she had orginally wrapped and then had to unwrap to check that it is correct OR she forgot to put in something!! Does this happen to any of your hoomans too or is my mama just a weirdo??). Even my usually nonchalant papa was flabbergasted at how long it took for her to finish wrapping!! *hee hee..* We have loaded 3 bags of pressies into the car boot to ensure that no one's pressie is missed out tomorrow!

Taking a well-deserved rest after all the hard work of supervising mama...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Over the weekend, I drafted my Christmas 'wishlist' to Santa Paws. Since I am 8 years old this year, I think I can have 8 wishes (*snigger*) right?

Thanks in advance, Santa!