Monday, March 30, 2009

Our dear friend from the U.S (Kaos, her siblings Sasha and Gunnar & their lovely mom) sent us a package. Here's a peak at what they sent us.. there is big bag of treats for me (ok and Hershey too), gifts for our mom (a pin and a bangle) and a card from Kaos' mom to our mom. Our mom's eyes turned teary after she read the card because she was so touched by what Kao's mom wrote.

Thank you dear friends for the lovely presents and your thoughtfulness!! **giant hugs for all of you**

After we made mom open the bag of treats for us, they brought Hershey to the dog park to meet her friends.

'Father and Daughter'...

C'mon mom... hurry up will you?!

Mom!! Do you have to do this to me??!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anyone wants to play with me? - by Hershey

Huskee: Busy sleeping and pretending to ignore the mad pup
Mom: Busy watching 'Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?'
Dad: Busy playing with his PlayStation 3
Hershey: Busy trying to get mom to play with her

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something awesome arrived for me in the post on Friday... can you guess who it is from?

It is from Mango and the package contains a yummy packet of pumpkin treats (which I am muching on as I am writing this) as well as a beaaaaaaaautifuuuuuuuuul medal for my Reader's Choice Award at the recently held Mango Minster 2009!

Look at the medal... isn't it lovely??

For once, I didn't mind doing a bit of modelling for mom since I was so proud of my medal. Do I look good with my medal? Hershey wanted to borrow it from me but there's no way I will lend it to her because I don't know what she may do to it with her razor teefies. I did share my pumpkin treats with her though...
Thank you for the great prizes Mango!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crime Scene #9

This is the ninth instalment of Hershey's infamous 'Crime Scenes'. Mom and I caught Hershey with the small pillow that mom uses to cover her face when she sleeps (it's weird I know) and Hershey was, shall we say, showing the pillow some 'lovin'.

Acting all innocent...

Hershey in action!!

Caught red-handed!
(Can you see the wet saliva stains at the corner of the pillow?)

Mom almost had a heart attack when she saw what Hershey did and told dad that it's time he talked to his 'princess' (**Huskee making gagging sound**) about the ummmm.. birds and bees. It's also about time mom called the vet to make an appointment for some pup to be spayed...

I think it's high time too cos Hershey will be turing ONE in about a month's time on 24April. I can't wait because after that, mom says Hershey will no longer be a 'pup' and won't be able to get away with so many things like now!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

How did everyone's weekend go? Mine was just so-so... Hershey and I both had our nails cut by mom because she could hear the clicking of our nails on the tiled floor, and that's usually the indication that our nails need to be clipped. This is really one of my pet hate... I don't mind them playing with my paws, but clipping my nails is just a 'no-no'. The only good thing that came out of it is I got to eat 2 extra big pieces of smoked ham while they were cutting my nails (to TRY and distract me, I guess) whereas Hershey got N.O.T.H.I N.G!! (Mom: It's because Huskee gets quite stressed out and struggles a lot when I cut his nails, so to 'bribe' him to calm down, we use ham. On the contrary, clipping Hershey's nails is a breeze, she just stays still till it's done so no bribing necessary! LOL!!) This is a pic of me after the 'session'... I basically felt sorry for myself and moped around for the rest of the day.

Oh I have a little favour to ask... My friend Kaos's mom is feeling a bit low because she lost her job last week and could do with some cheering up. Can you please stop by her bloggie and give her mom a hug please?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After mom and dad's 'strange encounter' with the music coming from the lift 2 weeks ago, Mom started again to wonder about 'Guardian Angels' (as in whether they really existed). She started doubting that she even had a guardian angel who was supposed to be looking out for her ever since she lost Lucas, as she felt that whoever/ wherever the 'guardian angel' was, he/ she wasn't looking out for her when she really needed him/ her most.

A week after the the strange encounter, she chanced upon this book at a bookshop titled 'An Angel on My Shoulder', which is a book written by some psychic and the book claimed to contain true life accounts from some people's encounter with their guardian angels. Curiosity made her buy the book and while it isn't one of the most interesting/ captivating books she's read, the book contained some interesting points... and one particular chapter which caught her attention was about how you will know if your guardian angel is around you.

Well according to that book, you should ask your guardian angel to let you know that he/ she is around you by giving you a sign. Apparently, some 'typical' angel signals are: a white feather, rainbows, repetitive numbers (like 11, 33, 44), music, smells, clouds, etc (and you need to have an open mind and be alert of the things around you on that day). Mom was cynical but she followed the instructions of the book since she doesn't have anything to lose. I think she did it more to prove her point that she does not have a guardian angel.

The end result?!! Here it is:

At the end of the day when mom was about to give up hope (she actually forgot about it totally as she had a busy day at work), this is what she saw while she was watering our withering (withered is more like it!!) plants outside... It's a pretty rainbow!! Pity that the photo doesn't do it much justice because it was really colourful and beautiful. It so happens that on that particular day, mom went home from work earlier than usual as she was feeling usually tired, cos on most days, she will only reach home around 7.30pm-8pm when the sky's already dark. Coincidence?? Sign from the guardian angel?!!

** Mom here: I must clarify that I have never been overly superstitious or been remotely interested in the 'supernatural', actually on the contrary, I have been rather cynical of such things/ occurences. I'm not sure if this is merely a coincidence (but honestly, I can't even recall the last time I saw a rainbow), so doesn't this incident make you wonder maybe, just maybe, there are really guardian angels out there?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seriously... I really think Hershey has a thing for tennis (or Roger Federer). All of us were lying peacefully in bed and channel surfing (the human's favourite activity most of the weekends) and once we got to the sports channel which was showing a tennis match, Hershey suddenly perked up and got very excited. She started pacing on the bed in front of the TV and started making excited noises... (it sounded like the cross between the cooing sound that doves make and whining).

Here are some pics to prove my point... (and I think my sister is mad). She was actually 'watching' intently for a good 5 minutes or so and mom had to change the channel to stop her from being so excited.

Hershey (perking up): Oh wow... Tennis match!!

Let's see if I can spot Federer...

This isn't him...

and nope... this isn't him either

Ok, guess he isn't playing in this match.. **disappointed sigh**

Now mom is really curious because I have never shown any interest on what is showing on TV (and that's cos I am N.O.R.M.A.L woman!!)
I'd be concerned if I were mom cos we've got a nutty Border Collie living under the same roof!!... So we need some advice please. Is it common for dogs to exhibit this kind of behaviour?? (I reckon we should be making an appointment with a shrink soon).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sadly, we came back from the weekend to the news that Bogart's daddy had passed away. Despite the outpouring of love, support and prayers, it wasn't enough to keep him with those who loved him most.

Death is not something that I can fully get my paws on and I don't understand it one bit. But I do know that the one thing which can surpass death is love, because love can keep our dearly departed ones alive in our hearts for ever and ever.

Mom also says it's a reality check for her to treasure all the people (and furries) around her, and not to take anyone for granted. She admits that she does take people (mostly dad) and things around her for granted without really realising it.

I think it's about time we all learn to love and live each day fully as if it were the last. Ok, for the 'love' part, I shall start showing my LOVE to the ice-cream man down the street, and maybe the postman... ummm... maybe not. And to live each day to the fullest, mom, can you give me ALL the treats you have hidden in the drawer and ALL the new toys you have hidden in your cupboard? (yes, I know they are there...)