Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Someone was doing something behind my back.. no.. no... it's not Baby.. she will never do anything like this to me. That 'someone' is mom.. look at the evidence I found in her camera. So who's that lil' guy, mom? Time to come clean and 'fess up.

I overheard part of her conversation with dad... I distinctly heard the words 'puppy' and 'shih tzu', and the word 'cute' was mentioned like a million times.

Someone's got a lot of explaining to do.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hello all pups and Girl Girl,

Now that
my bride has come home safely after her 'little saga' a week ago, the wedding is back on track and the new date is 14 March.

You can come as any fairy-tale character but those who prefer to come 'au naturale' will also be warmly welcomed!! It's your presence that we are looking forward to!! Please
RSVP at we want to ensure that there is enough food and treats for everyone!!

Aire-Ruby will be taking care of all the trans-paw-tation logistics, so don't forget to make your reservations early!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have been sleeping so much better ever since Baby came home... (other than the fact that the flash KEPT going off right in my face for a good 5 minutes because 'someone' wanted to take photos. (P.S: I am wearing my favourite pyjamas from Toby!!)

Zzzz.... in Snooze-land

What's up, mom??!

Oh who cares.. I'm going back to sleep...

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Baby's home!!

Do pop over to her blog and let her know how much you have missed her! My poor munchkins must have been so traumatised by this whole incident and will need loads of love and kind words right now.

All of a sudden, I feel that the world is a better place... although I still have some nasty things to say about the people who found and kept Baby all these while. However, I will leave that for another day 'cos today, nothing is gonna spoil my beautiful mood..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is supposed to be my wedding day with Baby... It was supposed to be a joyous day to celebrate our union and new life together. We both were excitedly counting down to 14 Feb since it is a day which all lovers celebrate and which would also be our wedding day. But... but... as fate would have it, Baby is now missing and her fate is still unknown.

Mama believes that someone has got Baby and is keeping her despite knowing that Baby belongs to someone and that her family is searching high and low for her.
Baby is a well-loved and well cared for pup so she definitely does not look like a stray . I just can't believe how selfish some hoomans can be... how can they take something that does not belong to them? Don't they know that Baby's family is worried sick? Don't they know that her friends are so worried?

Baby's mom is doing all she can and had put up posters in the vicinity and with vets in Singapore. Mama and the hoomans of Boo Boo, Girl Girl and Jay intend to distribute the flyers to all the houses in the nearby blocks this Sat to ensure that there is maximum coverage. I am praying hard that we find Baby soon. It just breaks my heart everytime I think of what Baby is going through now. I am sure she can't wait to go back to her family... and at this moment, I can only hope that whoever is keeping her is treating her well and giving her food and water.

This is really my worst nighmare and it is making my head spin... I hope I wake up from this nightmare soon.

Valentine's Day Tag
I have been tagged by Dolly and Zoopy to share my 5 wishes for this Valentine's Day and then pass it along to 5 of my friends. At this point of time, I guess I only have ONE very simple wish... that is for Baby to come home safely. Nothing else really matters anymore... I'd like to pass this tag to Boo Boo, Stanley, Rufy and Goofy and Asta to continue with this tag.

** Special Message to my Baby munckins **

Wherever you may be now, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you. Please come home soon.. it's just not the same without you around.

Lots of Wuff,
Huskee Boy

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The most devastating thing happened 2 nights ago... Mom got an sms from my future-mom-in-law saying that by beautiful wife-to-be, Baby, has slipped out of the house unnoticed at around 6pm Singapore time on 10 February and hasn't been home since!!

While this isn't the first time that Baby has sneaked out for a walk on her own, it's the first time that she's out for so long. In the past, she'd find her own way home after a couple of hours. Hence we believe that she's at someone's home. Hopefully whoever who is keeping her now will see the posters that Baby's family have put up around their estate and return her home to her family (and me!!).

If anyone has seen this pretty face, please contact me immediately at

My sweet Baby Munchkins, please come home soon... we are all worried sick about you.

Meanwhile, I'm sad to advise that my wedding with Baby on 14 February will be postponed till my bride is found... please pray for her safe return.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


If you are coming to our wedding pawty, please don't forget to send your pictures to

The theme of the pawty is 'Once upon a time' and you can come dressed in any fairy-tale character.... HOWEVER if you decide not to dress up, it is totally fine 'cos it is your presence that we want most!

Last weekend we had a pawty at home.. ok ok, it's not really a pawty per se.. It was actually our 'Reunion Dinner'. Usually most people have their reunion dinners on the eve of the Chinese New Year but we are doing it early because mama and papa will need to have their reunion dinner with papa's side of the family on the 'actual day'. I know it sounds rather strange, but I'm not complaining so long as I can get to have a feast so many times!

The hoomans had 'hotpot' for that night and there were loads of food.. not forgetting the 'yu-sheng' too. Can you spot where it is on the table?

After the tossing of the 'yu-sheng', mama gave me some of the salmon (I was waiting patiently under the table). Grandpapa wanted me to be part of the 'reunion' (I don't understand what 'reunion' he is talking about cos I am there with them like ALL THE TIME).

He gave me a few slices of abalone and although mama said that it's 'very expensive', I didn't like the funny taste and chewy texture, so I spat it all out, much to mama's dismay!! Heheee... (mom: *heartache* it's such a waste of good food..!!)

Here's our wish for all our friends who are celebrating the Chinese New Year:

(please pardon my 'just-out-of bed' look.. I saw it on some Calvin Klein model and wanted to try it myself.. I think it's not too bad, what do you think? Hopefully Baby likes my new 'do.)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Barkday Galore!!

Birthday Boys #1

Today is a very special day 'cos it is the barkday of my good friend Hammer and his brother Beau
. I wish the both of you a very happy and healthy year ahead.. It must of course be filled with loads of squeaky toys, treats and LOVE!

Birthday Boy #2

Tucker also shares the same barkday as Hammer and Beau...Here I am all decked out in my finest to wish him a pAWESOME BARKDAY!!

Birthday Boy #3

It's Gaucho's barkday this weekend and Verdi is organising a secret bash for him that's going to last 3 whole days!! I am all dressed up and rearing to go and wish Gaucho Happy Barkday!!