Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hershey & I took part in a contest organised by the 3 Musketeers. We are supposed to guess the number of oranges there are below. We guessed 29 ('cos that our papa's age) and lo and behold... we actually guessed it correctly!

The 3 Musketeers, i.e. Lady, Zena & little Cody sent us a big and heavy package that's filled with goodies of all kinds!! It's supposed to be our prize for guessing correctly as well as an early Christmas pressie! Isn't it so totally exciting that we have already received our very first Christmas present this year? (And it's definitely Hershey's first Christmas pressie too since this will be her first Christmas..)

I wasn't at home at the time the postman came with the package (I was over at my grandparents' place), so I graciously allowed Hershey to open it. You know how puppies are... they get so excited over everything... (ok and I have to confess that I don't want to have the camera flashing in front of my face for 10min just so that mom can take some pics... Now I have the best of both worlds with this arrangement., meaning that I get to enjoy the goodies that my fabulous friends have sent me and I do not have to endure the photography session!!

Here's my pesky little sister trying out different poses/ looks for mom... I think she's getting pretty good at it.

She's sniffing at all the goodies... The beautiful pink collar is Hershey's (the 3 Musketeers have got great taste cos Hershey is actually using the harness and lead in the same color and design!!). I got a matching red collar (red is my fav. color cos mom says that it stands out well against my fur)... And on top of that, we have got heaps of treats and toys. Hershey begged me to let her have the blue Giggler ball. I was glad to let her have it so that she can give her teeth a thorough workout without damaging the house/ furniture any further... The red bone shaped squeaky toy is MINE because well, it squeaks. In the house, we have an unspoken rule that anything that squeaks (other than Moosie), belongs to me.

Hershey and I love the presents... a ginormous THANK YOU to Lady, Zena and little Cody!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mom's been pretty moody lately and had been having weird mood swings. Just in case anyone's wondering, she's not 'over it' yet and she can get teary just watching an advertisement on TV (yeah... I know it's lame)... She was never like this before and she used to scoff at her best friend who always cries whenever she watched/ read anything touching. Now, simple little things can bring on mom’s tears... sometimes when she is in the shopping centre, she feels a pang of envy when she sees parents pushing their baby in a stroller, or when she sees a cute jumper/ bib/ cap for little boys but she can't buy it ‘cos there's no one to buy it for.

To make things worse, the Singapore government is trying to encourage young couples to have more babies 'cos we have an aging population problem here, so now there are heaps of television programs during primetime that are all about babies.. i.e. Infant care, a drama serial that revolves around a guy taking care of his niece (something like the movie '3 men and a baby'), competitions on who has the cutest baby boy/ baby girl, the list goes on... (Yeah.. just rub more salt on the wound, would you??)

We are not sure if it's due to the new medication that she was prescribed with or if it's because her 'supposedly' due date (around 9 Dec), if she hadn't had the miscarriage, is drawing nearer. She has watched the belly of her colleague get bigger (her colleague's baby boy is due about 2 weeks before Lucas) and mom finds it really hard to listen to the colleague talking to other people about her baby's nursery, the baby shower, etc without feeling that lump in her throat.

Mom is considering if she should take leave on the first 2 weeks in December and probably retreat to some deep, dark hole so that she can wallow in self-pity and hide from rest of the world. (Gee.. I better start digging that hole for her soon if we need to complete it by Dec)...

Oh, and I miss my baby brother too...

Thank you for all your support, friends.... I persevered on with my HUNGER STRIKE but meanie mom was adamant about not bringing me to Baby's house on Sunday. Oh well, no point making my tummy suffer, so I made the wise choice to end the hunger strike with some nice braised porky thing that grandmama was making for dinner. It was lip-smacking yummy-licious... so it kinda made up for it.

When Baby found out that I wasn't going over, she became moody and hid behind the coffee table. I hope she was thinking about me. I spent the evening playing with the toy that Baby gave me for Valentine's Day this year... I hope she know that I was thinking about her the whole time.

2 sad lovers separated by an evil mom

Boy was a good host that night and spent a lot of time on the sofa mingling with the guests..

And here's Rudolf & Goofy!! (they are both waiting for food patiently next to the dining table waiting!!)

After the dinner, the women were in the kitchen washing up, chatting and gossiping. Guess what was my papa doing.... He was drawing with the cutie pie, Nadya! The 2 of them were pretty engrossed in their drawing, which looks kinda 'abstract'. Mom said Nadya is so cute and kept wanting to add a 'worm' to everything they drew. Like 'Can I add a worm to the apple?', 'Can I add a worm to the orange?', 'Can I add a worm to the strawberry?', 'Can I add a worm to the elephant?', 'Can I add a worm to the ant?'... Heeheee.. isn't she adorable?

Friday, October 24, 2008

The weather been pretty nasty the past few evenings... it's been raining towards the late afternoon and continues into the night. I hate it 'cos I can't go for my walkies!! I think I'll just mope around and hope that we have better weather this weekend. Monday is a public holiday here and the humans don't have to go to work!!

Heard that mom has a dinner date with Baby's mom, aka my mom-in-law, on Sunday for steamboat/ hotpot... Don't think she's bringing me along 'cos she claims that she will not be able to eat in peace if I go. What's she talking about, does anyone know?!! I totally understand if she doesn't bring Hershey... but but... she doesn't want to bring me to my wife's house for dinner?? Moreover, I am always so well-behaved **ahem**... this is so unfair and I am so going to protest about it! I have decided to go on a hunger strike until she changes her mind! Yes, you've heard me right.... H.U.N.G.E.R S.T.R.I.K.E!!

Pup/ cats/ hammies, if you support me, let me hear your woof/ meow/ sqeuaks!!

I didn't have breakfast this morning and it's 5pm now... I think I am going to faint...
I need some food... (ribs will be nice.. and it'd be very much appreciated if you can throw in some bacon and sausages too, please?? Pretty please?)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mom felt sorry for Hershey because when they lock her up in her 'jail', she has to sleep on the cold, hard metal grilles. They have to confine her when there is no one at home because at this stage, they still do not trust her. So they got her a little bed the other day... Look at her trying to act cute and trying to make me jealous 'cos they did not buy me a bed. I think Hershey forgot that I share the big big bed with the humans!!

I am pleased to announce that the bed is now torn and tattered and soaked in pee! Yes, it lasted a loooooooong time... 3 whole days to be exact before the evil teefies set in and it sploded. Then to add in the final blow, Hershey peed on it... mom forgot to take pictures. I think she was busy trying to throw away everything in the cage cos it stinks... and she was trying to get it into the trash bag without getting any pee on herself or on the floor.

Mom's really proud of herself for making the right decision to buy a cheap bed first to see how long it'd survive the 'Attack of the Teefies'. If she'd bought an expensive one, she'd have kicked herself (and probably Hershey too)...

Poor Hershey, it's back to the cold, hard grilles for her!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby gave me the letter 'R' and I have to come up with a list of 10 things that I love that starts with 'R'... Here's my list:

  1. Running
  2. Rubber duckie
  3. Ride in HuskeeMOBILE
  4. Relaxing with dad
  5. Red roses (for Baby)
  6. Rainbows
  7. Rawhide
  8. Resting
  9. Rockmelons
  10. Ronald MacDonald (it's not him exactly.. more like the fries!!)

If anyone wants to play, drop me a note and I will give you an alphabet! (Don't worry, I won't assign any 'X', 'Q' or 'Z'.. Hehehee)...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yaaaahooooooo... The weekend is almost here!! I have got so many things that I plan to do this weekend...

1) Play with a new toy

2) Stuff my face with food (mom promised to cook something special for me)

3) Go for my walkie

4) Snooze away

4) Last but not least, stay away from the below subject

See you guys next week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mom regrets the day that she started with the series of 'Crime Scene' posts for Hershey because it seems like it has started a chain effect and now, there seem to be no end to the mischief and damage that the young one gets into. (Everytime mom thinks to herself that 'this will be the last Crime Scene post', Hershey will do something to prove her wrong...)!!

This is Hershey's latest 'creation'.... mom found her quietly laying down at the corner of the room one day and she felt that something was amiss because Hershey looked guilty. (Mom's know best!!) She walked closer and then saw that Hershey had been gnawing at the parquet finish at the corner of the room!! My eardrums are still healing from the loud shriek mom made when she saw what Hershey did. Until today, mom still can't look at 'that spot' without glaring at Hershey and getting the urge to grind all her teefies.

The 'good' news is that mom's found some funny bits on the floor lately and upon closer inspection, it's 2 of Hershey's evil teefies!! It's good cos it means that they can't do anymore harm right? Mom managed to find some of mine when I lost my puppy teefies, so she's happy that she's got some of Hershey's too). We are hoping that once Hershey is over her teething phase, she'll stop her destructive nonsense and leave our fingers/ toes and the furniture in peace.

'Oh grandma, what sharp teefies you have got!'

Mom said that at the rate Hershey is destroying things, there will soon be a sign outside our door with the words 'Border Collie for Adoption.. FREE to a Good Home.. or rather, FREE to ANY Home'.

Looks like I don't have to send Hershey to Siberia anymore...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kaos tagged me to play the 7X7 tag... Basically what you have to do is to give 7 answers to the 7 questions. I got to admit while it took a bit of time to go through the list of questions, it was in fact quite fun!

My answers are in Green while Hershey's answers are in Orange.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

  1. Make mom strike the lottery so that she can quit her %$#!*&% job and stay at home with me all the time
  2. Make heaps of Huskee Juniors and Baby Juniors with my wife, Baby (can you just imagine the product of our love? Everyone say ‘Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’)
  3. Ship Hershey off to Siberia (with no return address of course)
  4. Have a Durian Feast.. Durian puff, durian pudding, durian pie, durian Frosty Paws, durian cake, durian ice-cream, durian everything!!
  5. Sleep on the bed with mom and dad
  6. Sit on the couch and watch television with mom and dad
  7. Make my way back from Siberia IF Huskee succeeds in #3 (see above)

7 Things I Do Now

  1. Have cuddle time with the humans everyday
  2. Chew on my paws when I think no one is looking
  3. Bark at the slightest noise that comes from outside the house
  4. Hide in the bathroom when there is lightning and/ or thunder
  5. Nip at everyone’s heels
  6. Try to herd the humans
  7. Play with my squeaky toy in the middle of the night

7 Things I Can't Do

  1. Shake Paw
  2. Bark on command
  3. Stop barking at anyone who rings the doorbell
  4. Stop peeing inside the house when I am left alone at home
  5. Be off leash… (mom says that I cannot be trusted… yet)
  6. Sleep on the big big bed
  7. Go on the couch

7 Things That Attract Me to The Opposite Sex

  1. Sexy ‘coconut tree’ top knot
  2. Look good in a polka dot dress
  3. Have a lovely smile
  4. If her name is 'Baby'
  5. Must be able to play bitey-face with me on our dates
  6. Muscular bum bum
  7. Must be resourceful and care about me enough to bring me back from Siberia if Huskee succeeds (see point #3 of 7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die)

7 Things I say Most Often

  1. Wanna rub my belly?
  2. Wanna scratch my ear?
  3. Hey you, who’s that outside the door… put your hands up and lean against the wall… (which is translated to ‘woof woof... woof woof woof… woof’ in human language
  4. Leave me alone, Hershey!
  5. Wanna play with me, Huskee?
  6. Anyone wants to play ‘Fetch’?
  7. Oops… I killed a toy

7 Celebrities That I Admire
  1. Seal – I am referring to the musician, not the marine mammal: Mom watched an interview of him and his drop-dead gorgeous wife (Heidi Klum) on OPRAH and she is impressed by the love he has for Heidi and their kids. And despite their wealth, they stay grounded as a close knit family. Mom says the world needs more guys like him! **Ahem.. I think I am a good specimen, no?**
  2. George Clooney (mom insisted that I put his name in)
  3. Britney Spears for her amazing psychic ability to predict her own future with the song ‘Oops I did it again’ even before she got into trouble
  4. Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmations for the love they have for their 15 pups… and rescuing all the others from the evil clutches of Cruella de Vil even though the rest are not theirs
  5. Rex – The grumpy male Border Collie in Babe, who eventually helped Babe to win the competition
  6. Fly – The female Border Collie in Babe, who took such good care of Babe even though he isn’t one of her own Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmations for the love they have for their 15 pups… and rescuing all the others from the evil clutches of Cruella de Vil even though the rest are not theirs
  7. Tramp (**swoon**... too bad he is already taken!!) from 'Lady and the tramp for his heroic efforts in rescuing Lady from a pack of vicious street dogs and winning the fair maiden’s heart

We'd like to tag:





3 Musketeers

Mango the Maltese


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I went for a walk and it was a super duper hot hot day... Mom had a very hard time trying to take a 'decent' (Wait a minute... what does she mean by that?! I thought ALL my photos are decent??) photo of me with me looking AT the camera. But will I let her succeed? Nooooo waaay.... it's a trick that I have mastered and there is no way I am letting it go to waste.

Look over there mom... It's a butterfly!!

Oh and let's see what we have got here... it's a little birdie...

Hmmm.. Is that Baby walking towards me??

Ok got to go pups.. I got a HOT date (literally!!) with Baby. I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend!! See you next week!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Poor Hershey... she just can't seem to stop getting herself in trouble... She tried to dig a hole and bury her bone... all these while she is still INSIDE the house!! So this is what happened to the brand new parquet flooring in mom's bedroom that she likes (Correction: it should be 'liked'... past tense now...) so much. These are just some random shots... to be exact, the entire uncovered part of the bedroom is covered in scratches, and some of them are pretty deep. (I think the only unaffected part left is the part that is under the bed.. Heehee...)

And then before she can 'redeem herself', guess who stole tissue paper and shredded it, leaving behind a trail of destruction?

Friday, October 3, 2008

We had a visitor the other evening.... He reminded mom of Angel T-man? (Pawsonally, I think T-man is much better looking!!) Just in case any of you are worried about my status in this household in the event that this is yet ANOTHER 'present' for me from my so-very-thoughtful mom, please put all your fear to rest.

Mom took us out for our evening walk and this little dude appeared from under some bushes. He started playing bitey-face with Hershey (Correction: Hershey was doing the biting most of the time and the poor guy was just trying to get away from the evil teefies). Oh man, I did feel sorry for him but on the other hand, he seemed to be enjoying it and kept going back for more. Mom was looking around for his owner but after 30mins, there wasn't any sign of the dude's owner and all he had on him was a blue bandana without any identification tag. We had to leave because mom's arm was getting yanked out of it's socket by Hershey...

However, we just couldn't leave him there all alone cos he reminded us too much of T-man... also, we definitely do not want him to get dog-napped!! Off we went to the guard house and left the guards on duty a message that if they see anyone looking for a black poodle, please call mom. On one hand, we knew it was the right thing to do, but on the other hand, mom was worried that the dude's been abandoned or what if no one comes for him?? Sending him to SPCA would mean certain death for him cos unfortunately, the SPCA here only rehomes younger dogs. Gee.. she's gonna have hell a lot of explaining to do when dad comes home that night from his business trip.

The dude came home with us and he and Hershey almost tore the house apart. Mom then decided that they both should 'chill out' APART since they have been going at it non-stop for an hour. (I tell you this Hershey is one hell of an Energizer bunny!!), so she put him in Hershey's cage and put Hershey in the yard. Just imagine the peacefulness that followed...

Fortunately after spending an hour or so in our house, the little dude's owner called!! She came over and collected him and we found out that his name is 'Poppy'. Silly mom forgot to ask how old he is... but Poppy's owner promised that we can go over for a play date anytime. Apparently this isn't the first time Poppy had sneaked out from the house by chewing up the fence!! His exasperated owner told mom that Poppy had 'killed' 3 fences in the short time since they moved in. I reckon she's got a little Houdini in her hands!!

Presenting: Houdini Poppy!!

I'm glad this story has a happy ending..

1) I am not stuck with another sibling (which I don't really need, trust me, one is already one too many!)

2) Mom doesn't have to have a hard time explaining to dad that he's now got three dogs

3) Poppy is reunited with his family

4) We have made a new friend and can go over to Poppy's place for a play date anytime we want

Hmmmm.. do you think it's possible that Poppy was sent by Angel T-man to visit me?

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok, here's the scoop for Hershey's second 'crime'. She's not supposed to get on the sofa and the bed, but well, not only did she get on the sofa, she even pooped on it! (Yes.. mom is very grateful that hHershey's poop is the firm/ dry kind rather than the runny kind!! Eeeks...).

Anyway, guess what mom saw when she came out of the shower one night... a mischevious face was peeking out at her from under the quilt.

(Hershey chanting)

You can't see me, you can't see me, you can't see me...

Oops.. I guess you can see me huh?

(Pathetic look) Please can I sleep with you tonight? I am staying put!! (dig claws into bed)

*Sigh*... I really have to get off...

And as for me... I can get on the sofa AND the bed anytime I want... Look Hersh, I AM ON THE BED!! LOL...