Friday, November 30, 2007

Maggie the English American Cocker Spaniel pup tagged me to share 8 random facts about myself:

Rules: List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them ). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1) I love durians (and I mean L.O.V.E)
2) I do not like it when strangers try to stroke me
3) I enjoy licking/ biting/ chewing my paws
4) I do not like lightning and/ or thunder
5) I like getting tummy rubs
6) I do not like to be left alone at home
7) I love squeaky toys
8) I just learnt how to do the 'Bang' trick (*dripping with sarcasm* THANKS Papa...)

Now I tag Boo's brother, Dopey, Toby the Puggle, Toffee, Seadra and Zoe, Scrappy and Pebbles and Lacy Lulu to share with us 8 facts about themselves!
Happy weekend ahead!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The mango tree at papa's home in Malaysia is FINALLY bearing fruits!! There are 3 mango trees in papa's home, but the strange thing is that only one of the trees has been bearing fruits... the other two just have not been bearing fruits for years. Strange huh... does any pup know the reason??
Mama likes mangoes, so she is looking forward to them getting ripe so that she can eat them! I hope she will bring some back for me...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Some of you may still remember one of my ealier posts about Benjy right? We found out about it last week but mom didn't know how to break the news to everyone. Aunty W's family had sent BOTH Benjy and Coffee (the miniature poodle) to SPCA! My hoomans still find it difficult to believe that they sent 2 perfectly healthy dogs to SPCA without even trying to re-home them *speechless*...

The reason why Benjy and Coffee are in this predicament is because their neighbours had complained a few times that they bark in the middle of the night (both of them are confined to the back yard all the time), and they can't be let into the house at night because they are not toilet-trained (Aunty W's house had been renovated so they don't allow Benjy and Coffee into the house anymore in case they have 'accidents').

Mom thinks that they also lack interaction with the family. While they get food and water, they are sadly lacking love and attention from the family... or toys and activities to keep them occupied... no walkies for them either... and I serious doubt if they remember when they got their last tummy rub from anyone ... The problem of them barking in the middle of the night could be due to all these factors and also all the pent-up energy and boredom.

Their fate is now uncertain because the SPAC here will normally try to re-home animals that are younger.. and Benjy and Coffee are no spring chickens (8 years old and 7 years old respectively), and them not being toilet-trained could be a big 'disadvantage' to prospective owners.

It's no fault of theirs that Aunty W chose to buy and bring them home;
It's no fault of theirs that their hoomans did not toilet-train them when they were pups;
It's no fault of theirs that Aunty W got herself a cute, new pup;
It's no fault of theirs that their hoomans decided that they have no time to care for and play with them;
It's no fault of theirs that they have now been sent away and their fates now hang by a thread...

So WHOSE fault is it??

A very upset and annoyed Huskee Boy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some of you asked for photos of Girl Girl and Moosie.. Here's the aerial shot of them in their respective homes having a chat across the 'fence'... Can you see them??

I am patrolling around Girl Girl's home to make sure that it is safe for her...

Hmmm... I think Girl Girl was trying to chew her way through the bars to get over to Moosie's house..

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mama must have missed me so much during the time that they were away in Hong Kong, that's why she couuldn't stop hugging and kissing me when she came back.. (as you can see from the 2nd photo, I was trying to squirm out of her *killer* grasp as she was holding me too tightly and I couldn't breath!!)

Here's what they got for me as 'compensation' for leaving me behind... In addition to the toys, I also got some dog cookies but silly mom forgot to take photos (surprise, surprise...)!!

Oh and last but not least, guess who is staying over for the week??!

Girl Girl and Moosie are fast becoming firm friends and have been chatting with each other from their respective 'houses' (they are placed side by side). The hoomans didn't want to put them together because with Moosie being a whole lot bigger than Girl Girl, she might give her too much 'attention' and 'lovin'.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I leave you with this grumpy-faced photo of myself for I will not be posting next week. Mama and papa are going for a short vacation (again) to Hong Kong and this time, grandpapa and grandmama will be joining them. The Maid will be staying behind to take care of me (Thank doG!!) as she's been to Hong Kong about 3 months ago. The house is going to be so empty and quiet... And I am going to miss all the delicious (read: hooman) food that grandpapa likes to slip to me un-noticed during mealtimes. I think I might starve during this period...

Oh yes, here's something happier to look forward to though - Girl Girl's family will be going to Korea to visit Mr Rain next week and Girl Girl will be coming over to stay with us for a week!! I am so excited that I can hardly wait.. This is the first time Moosie and I have a friend staying over with us... I am sure Girl Girl and Moosie will get along fabulously and they can talk about all the girlie stuff all night long!!

The only downside is that Mama wanted me to tidy up the house to prepare for Girl Girl's arrival.. I have 3 full baskets of toys, so to make sure that all the toys are neatly kept away by the time Girl Girl arrives, I think I will have to spend this weekend spring-cleaning. Moosie's also been told to tidy up her cage too, so this will be a busy weekend for us.

So my friends,I will 'see' you in a week's time. Until then, don't forget this cute face!! (I am not trying to be dramatic, but I am so gonna miss all of you so much!!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I caught 'someone' peeping at me through the bushes when I was leaving some 'pee mail' for my friends in the neighbourhood. If that cat is male, does it make him a 'Peeping Tom'??! He/ she didn't look very friendly so I decided not to risk it by going over and say 'hi'.. . so much for trying to be a 'friendly neighbour'.

Friday, November 2, 2007

********** A MeSSaGe fRoM MOOSIE ***********

My big brother Huskee Boy told me that handsome Scrappy and his cute as a button sister, Pebbles, were asking for photos of me... THANK YOU Scrappy and Pebbles for thinking of me!!

Well, I have been trying to hide from the spotlight (or rather, the flashlights of the camera) a bit because apparently the color of my fur seems to be changing... It changed from a black/ dark grey color to a dark chocolatey-brown... The hoomans started to notice the subtle change 2 weeks back and it became more apparent lately.

Last night, Huskee Boy told me that I am like a 'Chameleon'... I have no idea what a 'Chameleon' is but nonetheless, it's got me very worried because I have always thought that I belong to a breed of pups called 'HamsTerriers', just like Girl Giril, but now, I am a 'Chameleon'??! Although Huskee assured me that he'd always love me whatever the color of my fur is, I am still worried.. What if I turn orange?? Or even green?? doG forbid!!

The photo on top is an old photo and the other one is a recent one... can you spot any difference?? And can any pup tell me what a 'Chameleon' is? I hope it's just another pup breed...

Worried Squeaks from MOOSIE