Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Papa received a forwarded email from a friend yesterday and shared it with mama and I. It touched us deeply so I wanted to share it with everyone. The subject of the email is 'Do you have the same loyalty to your friends?'

The incident happened along a busy road in some part of China... A dog was seen in the middle of busy street caring for its friend, which had been hit by a car. Using its paw, the dog tried to wake its already-dead friend, and it stayed beside his friend even though it was in danger of being hit by the oncoming traffic.

* Sidenote: Why were all those people so busy with taking pictures when they should have been helping the dogs to safety??!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Here's my Halloween costume... A friend of The Maid sent it from Japan!! I love to EAT pumpkins but I'm not too sure whether I like being DRESSED like one!! And I think I failed in trying to look scaawie though.. the hoomans tried very hard to get a shot of me that is not smiling at the camera but hey, it's not like I'd cooperate!! Heehee...

Mr Pumpkin Head??

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue post and I must apologise to Boo. It's really mama's fault because she saved this picture in her new mobile phone but then had no clue how she should get it downloaded to the computer. So after a long delay (and with papa's help), we finally got the photos saved in the computer!!

Look at this big box... it came from dearest Boo in Malaysia!! I struggled to keep still for the obligatory photo taking session cos I couldn't wait to see what Boo sent me and I can't wait to rip it apart to reveal the goodies inside!! Boo's such a sweetheart.... he also sent Moosie some treats and a giant ball that she can roam around in so that she wouldn't get lost in the house.

Look at Moosie having a go at her treats.... she was already gnawing away at the package before mama can finish taking the pictures!! Anyone else who had seen her would have thought that we haven't been feeding her for a long time!!

I heard from mama that Boo's mom and Pizza-Face daddy might be coming to visit us in Singapore later part of this year!! I am so so excited to see her and I hope they will bring Boo and Dopey along! I bet Chiyo will love to meet her lover boy Cansanova in pawson and also meet with the in-laws...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mom was out shopping for birthday pressies for her niece and nephew the other day and was looking at the Barbie doll collection that the shop had. Guess who she saw Barbie holding? *trying hard to stifle a snigger*... It was a mini-Boo Boo look-a-like with a crown on his head and a bit of PINK lace and ribbon around the neck!! (Is that really you, Boo Boo??)

close up of the Princessy looking Boo Boo..

The 'original' Boo Boo

In hindsight, Boo Boo (and all my other puggy friends) should be so proud 'cos of all the breeds out there, Barbie chose a pug as her pet!! Any pup/ hamsterrier knows how/ where I can audition to be the next pet for Barbie??

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Beautiful Bright Lights of Shanghai...

... and very bad traffic....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So many things happen this week while I was in jail... Maggie #2 is back from her super duper long vacation... Boy and Baby are busy with packing for the big move... Boo's been busy helping his mama and papa with their wedding this Sat... CONGRATULATIONS to Uncle 'Pizza-face' and Aunty S!!! 祝你们: 永结同心, 永浴爱河...

Anyway, thanks for all your support... I have been released for 'good behaviour' after my 'pee pee on the bed' saga. Some of you were surprised that I was made to 'sit' for 30min... actually this had been my form of 'punishment' since young so I am pretty used to it (of course I do 'cheat' a little bit by pretending to stretch myself in between (I think) when no one is watching...) There was even once when they made me 'sit' (I think that was another pee pee incident too) and then totally forgot about me until one hour later!! Poor me... somoeone call the SPCA quick....

Papa and mama went to the Singapore Zoo with some relatives over the weekend and took some pictures.I think the animals at the Singapore Zoo lead a much better life and I am considering to move over. Currently my application is being processed, wish me luck!

Proboscis Monkey - I cannot decide whether to say he is 'cute' or ugly'...

Do you think some of these kois are from Butchy and Snickers' pond??

Otters - Looks so cute (but really smelly!)

Tigers... eeks.. RUN for your lives!!

Ok, next to them, I could be George Clooney... Hee...

Shhhh... don't wake him up...

Look! Kangaroos!!! My mates from Down Under!!

Baboons - Can you see their funny looking bum bums?? Umm, ok that big guy didn't seem very happy with all the people staring at his bum... (then again, who would??)

Orang Utan - (GG, this photo was taken with Eil in mind!!)
For many Singaporeans, the Singapore Zoo is synonymous with Ah Meng, the Sumatran orang utan. In 1971, Ah Meng was confiscated from a family which had illegally kept her as a pet. Subsequently, she found her home in the Singapore Zoo. Ah Meng is 47 this year and being the icon that she is, she even got her very own statue!!

Zebras happily munching on their breakfast...

Ewwww.. snakes!!

It's Friday so here's wishing all pups and GG a HAPPY WEEKEND!! (mama is travelling AGAIN for the whole of next week so you'll most likely not get to hear from me till the week after - UNLESS I find a way to use papa's computer without him knowing...). Byeeeeeeeeeee....

Monday, October 8, 2007

Oops, I did it again...I think I am in serious trouble, just like the singer of that song... And it is just so ironic that after my attempt to get Toffee released from prison 2 weeks ago, I have landed in prison myself. The crime? I pee-peed on the bed... Yes, I know, it is a serious offence.

The hoomans unanimously felt that I did it because I am a sore loser... You see, at that time papa and I were playing a game of 'Hide & Seek'... (he hid while I seeked). All I can say was he hid really well and I still could not find him after 5min.. so I got very agitated... 10min later, I still couldn't sniff him out, so I got even more agitated... and then I started to think - How can I make papa come out from where he is hiding in the fastest possible way? Yup... I will pee on the bed! (At that time I thought it was a brilliant idea, I really did!!) Huskee's mama: I THOUGHT all dogs should have a very keen sense of smell and he should have easily found his papa considering the fact that the house is not very big... but no... he did not sniff him out after 10minutes! Obviously I THOUGHT wrongly OR that he had a stuffy nose that day maybe?? Ok.. wishful thinking on my part... Not sure we will play this game again with him next time.. maybe only on the day that I intend to change my sheets...

The result? I was punished and made to do the 'sit' command for close to 30min (this in addition to a steady stream of 'baaaaaaaaaad boy' and 'baaaaaaaaaad Huskee') while mama had to wash the bedsheet and the mattress protector on a RAINY Sunday afternoon. (I can assure you that she was not amused with either me or papa..)

OK I am very sorry... can you forgive me??

Friday, October 5, 2007

*sigh*......... it's a sad, sad day... Herbie had left us for the Rainbow Bridge and it really is a terrible feeling when a friend leaves you, regardless of whether it was 'expected' or sudden. While we are all aware about Herbie's recent health problems, I always had the feeling he'd get better and revert back to his usual sweet-natured & 'gluttony' self. All of a sudden the lyrics 'no time is a good time for goodbye' keeps repeating itself in my head... And the feeling is a lot worse (and really sux) when the dog is someone that you know and met in real life, someone that you have stroked and cuddled, someone that you have given treats to, someone that you have played with.... I can still picture the look on Herbie's face as he tried to beg for food when he was well. It is not a face that many can resist!!

While reading Scuba's beautiful tribute to Herbie, I just realised that without Herbie and his M, I would never have started a blog for Huskee. This is because Herbie and his M were the ones who introduced blogging to Scuba's mom, who in turn introduced me the world of blogging and to the unique family of DWB. So THANK YOU Herbie and S.

To Herbie's family: The best place to bury a dog is in the heart of it's master... Cherish all the memories of sweet Herbie.

Huskee's mama...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

After a gloomy start of the week, I am feeling much better and happier today because Baby Munchkins loves my blog (and me) so much that she gave me this award:

Now I'd like to pass this award on to Luckie & Bella!

Baby Munchkins tagged me to list 5 things that I love about DWB (but I actually came up with 6 because I there are just so many things to love about DBW!!):

1) I love DWB because of all the friends that I made, both near and far!! The ‘nearest’ will have to be Girl Girl who lives just few blocks away and the ‘furthest’ will be all my friends from overseas…Scotland, Canada, America, UK, Australia, Malaysia, ….

2) I love DWB because it is one big family where everyone is there for one another, be it during the ‘good’ times when there are new additions to the family, or when a pup graduated from a class or during ‘bad’ times when a pup is ill or when a pup had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
And just look at how much everyone supports Hammer’s mom in her relentless search for Beau… I am sure with all the paw-sitive vibes and energy, Beau will be reunited with his family real soon.

3) I would not have been able to go to so many pawties without DWB!! Simba’s 007 pawty, Asta’s recent barkday pawty, Butcy’s upcoming barkday pawty, Jay’s re-birth pawty, the Singapore’s National Day pawty… and the list keeps going on!

4) I love DWB because it brightens up my otherwise dreary day… it gives me something to look forward to everyday by reading about your adventures and what you have been up to!!

5) I love DWB because without DWB, I would not have gotten to try out those yummy Frosty Paws (and mine are durian flavoured!!)

6) Last but definitely not least, I love DWB because it is here that I got to meet and fall head over paws in love with Baby Munchkins!!

The fact is that without DWB, I would not have made SO many friends from all parts of the world… would not have received SO many pressies for my barkday… would not have received SO many Christmas cards last year and last but not least, would not have been able to make the hoomans SO green with envy!! (Wow... do you think this is a no.7??)

I tag Girl Girl, Boo (& Dopey) and Toffee to continue with the tag.

Mama is going on a short business trip to Vietnam tomorrow so I may not get the chance to blog. I hope she can take some pics. while she is there so that we can share it with you.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Yup.. I went out for a long walk on my 'own' to straighten out some thoughts that's been going through my mind for a while... I thought about my relationship with Baby as well as my love 'rival' Boo Boo... I also thought about the holiday that papa, mama, grandpapa & grandmama are going on next month leaving ME behind with The Maid. *sigh*...

Sorry about this gloomy post right at the start of a week... on a brighter note, Aunty W has decided to keep Benjy with her for the time being as they have not found anyone who can take him in. So at least for now, Benjy is 'safe'...