Monday, July 30, 2007

I still cannot bring myself to believe the fact that sweet Oscar has left us so suddenly. When I heard about the sad news from Girl Girl, I was thinking, 'No, no, no... it couldn't be 'that' Oscar' 'cos he's so young and I just watched the video of him playing so happily in the yard with his dad only last week...

Unfortunately, it was the very same Oscar.. The Oscar who's never failed to leave a comment in any of my blog entries... The Oscar who's done so well in all his puppy classes... The Oscar whose blog I visit everyday to read about his adventures... We are missnig you so much.

My heart goes out to Katy and Martin... you are in our thoughts.
Farewell, dear OSCAR... Till we meet again

Friday, July 27, 2007

Here's where I went during my walk today... The Maid told me that this path will lead me to Girl Girl!! But well, mom said that it is not polite to visit other people empty-handed and since I did not have anything to give to her today, I decided to visit her some other day with a bottle of wine and a cheesecake.

* slurp slrp slurp*

*Look of Satisfaction *

Happy weekend to everypup and Girl Girl!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I don't normally beg for food but I just decided to do it when dad was having a late dinner last night. But hey, he did not even share one measly morsel with me.. Hmmmph! This was what he was having...

So I guess dad was having a Seafood dinner whereas for me, it's just See-food...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Thank you very much to Sir Chance-lot and his very talented mommy for making the below for me. I only wish my mom's as talented so that I can reciprocate their kindness.

On Saturday night, The Maid and mom joined forces and under their captivity and torture, they managed to trim my nails because someone *glares at The Maid* complained to mom that my nails are too long. Then mom got carried away and decided to trim my hair too cos she thinks it'd be better for my skin. I have been getting pimples on my body and the medicine from the vet does not seem to be helping at all. Anyway, I am scratching here, scratching there, scratching everywhere... sigh... Following the vet's advice, I am totally off chicken now to see if it's the cause of my skin problem. I have never had this problem before, so the hoomans are equally perplexed. I also did a blood test to check if I have any diabetes, kidney, heart, etc. problems... and the results are good, so really no idea what's the cause of my skin condition. If any pup out there has got any advice, please share them with me ok?

Friday, July 20, 2007

This week cannot get any better than this (although I had to pay a visit to the vet yesterday for a review of my itchy-scratchy problem)!! Snickers nominated me for the 'Rockin' Dog Blogger' award and this is right after nominating me for 'Rockin' Guy Blogger' award earlier this week... This is too cool and I am one happy guy. THANK YOU again Butchy and Snickers... you have been a pAWESOME friend!!

The 5 friends that I nominate are Birthday Dude - Toby, Joe Stains (and Tanner of course), Boo Casanova, Perfect Tosca and Fei.

Tomorrow (20Jul) is Snicker's 5th Birthday and the day after is Toby's 2nd Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Weekend to all pups and Girl Girl!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My good friends Butchy and Boo have awarded me the Rockin' Guy Blogger award!!

THANK YOU so much.. You guys are the best-test!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hello everyone! I am back after a short hiatus. Today is a very special day 'cos it is my daddy's birthday... Happy Birthday Papa!! I want to tell you that love you oh-so-much... *muah*

Anyway, the reason why I 'disappeared' the last 2 days was because dad and mom made a very last minute decision to drive up to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday morning so that dad can celebrate his birthday in advance with his friends and some cousins there. I heard from mom that dad went pub crawling with his friends on Saturday night and he must've drank/ eaten something dirty 'cos he ended up with food poisoning on Sun!! So much for a birthday celebration huh... They were supposed to come back on Monday but dad was so sick they had to stay another day till dad was feeling better.

Anyway, today is the actual day and he is feeling much better already so perhaps they can go out for dinner.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sweet lil' Toffee tagged me to show my smile...

When I was celebrating my birthday last year.

When they take me out for my walkie...

When playing with my friends...

When I am posing for the camera...

Ok, now tag Boo Boo , Tosca and Maggie to show us their winsome smiles and pearly whites!
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Maid took part in some online lucky draw held by a pet food company and won a (of all things) BATHROBE. I think the organisers need to re-evaluate their prizes cos I have a feeling they don't understand us one bit... I mean, who likes baths????!!! Definitely not me... (although I must say that the bathrobe is pretty comfy and soft). I hope you all understand that I am not trying to be ungrateful, it's just that I would liked to have gotten some treats or squeaky toys instead.. *grin*

Boo had a durian feast at 2 days ago and last night something exciting happened... Dad's brother (Uncle Dennis) brought over 2 H.U.G.E sacks of the fruit!! I think durians are in season now. Grandmama counted over 40 of those thorny devils in the 2 sacks. Durians, quoting Boo, is the 'most smelly fruit in the world' and people either love it or hate it, there's definitely no grey area. In the family, EVERYONE loves it except The Maid and she totally loaths it and sufffers everytime we eat durian at home. At one stage, she looked like she was turning green from the lack of oxygen! For those of you who have not had the chance to smell it before, it is very pungent and the smell lingers even long after the fruit is in your stomach, so I'll leave it up to your imagination on the overpowering smell of 40 durians. We invited people over and had a durian feast of our own... mom was too busy eating and feeding me that she forgot to take pictures (thank goodness for that!!).

Monday, July 9, 2007

I got this Zanies toy from Luckie Girl over the weekend and had a fun time paly with Mr Bluey Bear... THANK YOU Luckie and Luckie's mommy!! Mom was hesitate to let me play with it cos Mr Bluey Bear had a very adorable expression and mom actually wanted to keep it for herself... (hmmm, I never knew that she liked chewing on toys too... Ok, if she's good, I might share some of my toys with her next time... wonder if she likes raw hide too...) Fortunately I don't really 'kill' my toys (unless they are squeaky rubber ones) so Mr Bluey Bear is still in mint condition (other than ummm... some of my saliva and frayed corners).

The Maid took me for a walk again this morning and we walked quite far this time... This time, we walked past dad and mom's new apartment which is still under construction. The new place is about a 15min walk from grandpapa and grandmama's place and we can cut through a nice park. Heard that we can only move in sometime in Mar/ April next year... oh boy, there's still a long way to go and I cannot wait to move in with them!!

I also saw a school opposite... I wonder if they will be sending me there for classes too.. Ok probably not.. mom says that's a Japanese High School.. oh wait.. if I take Japanese lessons, perhaps I can make my way to Japan to visit Fei and Eve??!

There's some competition going on to dress Simba up and make him BOO-tiful... Not sure where the idea came from but I am gonna take part nevertheless in case I win something!! So here's Simba wearing the scarf from the latest 2007 collection from PAWDA.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Maid brought me to a playground near where we live. It was a typical hot, humid and sunny day and the payground was deserted as most of the kids were at school. It's great cos I had the entire playground all to myself...

Yooohooo.. can you see me??

Did someone call my name??

Guess who we saw hidden under the bench...


And then she had to spoil the otherwise paw-fect day by giving me a bath.. WHY??!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I got tagged by Fei to do an entry on the 2-legged folks at home whom I call ‘Family’. After a futile attempt to ask my dad some questions (please see conversation below), I decided to depend on my mom instead and in exchange, I promised her not to dish out too much 'dirt'.

Huskee Boy (HB): Dad, do you have a minute? I need to have a father and son chat with you please…
Dad (D): Mmmmm…

HB: Hello Dad??! I said I want to have a father and son chat with you.. like NOW...
D: (grunts some inaudible reply)

HB: Daaad!!! I said I am growing another head and 3 more tails!!
D: Mmmmm…. (and more inaudible mumblings)

HB: Grrrr…..

* Note from HB to Mom – Now I really understand your frustrations…

So here's what I managed to find out from our mother and son talk: -

Dad is a senior software engineer working in the IT/ banking industry and he enjoys most PlayStation games especially the tennis and car racing ones, washing the HuskeeMOBILE, stepping on my tail/ paw, kicking me off the bed in the middle of the night, channel surfing when mom’s watching her favorite show (mom made me write this)…

Mom is a regional business manager who works in a travel management company that deals with corporate clients. In her spare time, she likes to go shopping, do some reading, more shopping, making costume jewellery, shopping and more shopping (dad made me write this)...

My Paw-rents when they were holidaying in Hong Kong last Dec

My paw-rents met sometime in Feb 1998 when they were both living in the same hostel in Melbourne when they were there for their studies (they were next door neighbors). They started dating not long after that and tied the knot last year on 29 Sep. Dad got me as a gift for mom on 21Oct 1999 and at that time, she was terrified of anything furry and four-legged (yah, she didn’t know what she was missing then!!)

The Maid, which is my other favorite hooman, is actually mom’s younger sister, but I call her The Maid because she does everything for me and adores the ground that my 4 little paws touches. (She’s also the only person who thinks that my farts are not smelly… C’mon, tell me where can you get someone like that??) She recently graduated from Uni. and is in the midst of looking for a job. Until she finds the job, she is spending a lot of time with me now... *happy grin*

Last but not least, there’s grandpapa and grandmama with whom I live with on weekdays (I have separation anxiety, remember?) when mom and dad are working for treat and toy money. Grandpapa retired many years back so he gets to spend the most time with me when everyone is out. I love to sleep on his tummy during our afternoon naps! Grandmama is the one who brushes my fur and coaxes me to eat my medicine when I had my itchy-scratchy problem a few weeks back.

So that's about all the dirt that I can share with you about my Family without risking being disowned by them.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Look what I have got from Chiyo and her HM!! Beautiful Chiyo sent me copies of Mom's favourit-est gossip mags. and a box of yummy treats! (I think it's the Japanese version of the 'Love letter' cookies that the hoomans eat during Chinese New Year). Mom spent a few solid hours poring over those magazines on Sun., can't believe how hard it can get to distract her when she is engrossed in the latest Hollywood gossips.. *sheesh*.. But at least during those few hours, dad and I spent some 'father and son' bonding time.
The Maid also bought the ingredients for Frosty Paws! I have seen how much my friends have enjoyed their Frosty Paws and cannot wait to try it myself. So finally, after a few weeks of waiting patiently, I can get a taste of the famed Frosty Paws!! What you do not see in the photo is that she also added some fresh durian into the mix so I have Durian-flavoured Frosty Paws!! (I lurrrve durians by the way... I know it is an acquired taste but I tell ya.. it's reeeaaaaally tasty!)

*burp*.. it's too delicious...