Monday, April 30, 2007

Mom was reading a magazine on the bed and I kept sitting on the magazine to get her attention.. sheesh.. what can be more interesting that cute lil' me? Who can resist those mesmerizing eyes?? That adorable black nose.. that inviting pink tongue...
Ok fine... my mom was able to resist all the above and apparently found whatever that was in the magazine more interesting. It obviously was 'gossip' magazine but mom prefers to call it 'entertainment news'.. *snigger*... My mom loves reading the Australian Woman's Day and New Idea. This was something she picked up during her stay Down Under and she continued buying the magazines even when she is back in Singapore. So, do any of your hoomans like to read 'Entertainment News' too??
I think the only way I can get her full attention is to poop on the magazine.. now that would be entertainment news...!! *evil laugh*...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am proud to announce that Rubber Duckie No. VIII has lost its beak and tail.. (just like Rubber Duckie No. I to Rubber Duckie No. VII).. As you all know, I do lurrrrveee my toys so much!
Getting comfy and catching a nap after my 'workout'...
Papa was sick this weekend and spent a lot of time resting. Being the filial son that I am, I kept him company and gave him loads of kisses. He was feeling better by Sunday night and I think it was due to all the kisses that I gave him.
Mom's going to Shanghai tomorrow and won't be back till the weekend so I might not get a chance to use the computer... Hopefully Scuba and I will be able to join in the DWB Wine, Cheese and Chat Pawty this weekend if his mom (aka MY godma) and my mum (aka HIS godma) can make it back in time from their Shanghai trip. Imagine all the cheese I can eat... yuummmm... and all the pretty girls I can meet...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We went for a picnic at Pierce Reservoir on Sunday and although the ground was a little wet from the rain the day before, I had a fanstatic time trying to make myself as dirty as possible! Altogether there were 10 dogs and 13 hoomans.. (and 66 wet and muddy feet) and a lot of food!!
The weather on Sunday morning was great.. a gentle breeze, warm sunshine and slightly muddy grass!! Best of all I got to meet my godma, my godbrother Scuba and all my friends -- Tommy, Herbie, Helios, Joey, Jack (my 'admirer'), Rafv, Chewie and Lolo. Go check out Joey's blog for my encounter with Jack.. according to Jack's HC, he's got a soft spot for small, furry dogs and I think meet his urmmm.. 'requirements' although my 'boy bits' are still very much intact the last time I sniffed. But Jack was a true gentleman and was real polite throughout.
Overall it was a awesome morning.. of course mum wouldn't miss out on any photo opportunity (although Herbie's M was the Official Paw-tographer of the day, my mum couldn't resist taking some shots for my blog)..
This is the camera-woman's assistant (aka my papa) setting me up for the shot.

"What Dad?? Ohhh, ok.. You want me to look straight? Ok, ok whatever..."

"Ok, now you have got the shot you want.. can I go and play??"

I reallly like the little yellow flowers that are sprouting up all around.. I tried my best not to step on any of them so that the pretty little things don't get crushed... I was real pleased abt my muddy paws but they didn't stay muddy for long cos the hoomans bathed me once we reached home.. sigh... It sure was good while it lasted!! Hope we can do it again soon...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Last Friday I was left at home all alone despite my 'separation anxiety' condition.. (sheesh.. no one seem to be taking what I say seriously at all!!)... Grandpapa and Grandmama went to attend The Maid's graduation ceremony.. (yes, can you believe it, my very own paw-sonal maid now has a degree in management.. am I honoured or what..??!). I was told that although they'd love to take me with them to celebrate this special milestone in her life, they cannot bring me along cos no pets are allowed.. but hey, I am not 'pet', I am 'family'! Unfortunately, not every human thinks this way so poor lil' me had to stay at home.

The family then went to a nice restaurant for dinner to celebrate the occasion and they didn't get home till 10pm! Since I was not present at the ceremony in the day and there was no way they would leave me out of this important day, I had to pose for some photos with them... naturally I had some solo shots too..

Hmmm.. wonder what I graduated in.. How to Kill a Squeaky Toy in 30 seconds??

(pssst.. did you guys notice something?? The 'stand' for the flowers is actually my E-collar..Hehehe.. Apparently we have found another use for it!!)

After all the photo-taking, I was dog-tired (no pun intended).. Here's a photo of me in slumberland.. I was counting down to the picnic on Sunday morning at Pierce Reservoir with my friends, my godma and my godbrother Scuba.. It's been a while since I met Scuba and godma so I was really looking forward to it. I will post the photos from the picnic shortly.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sorry I haven't updated my blog much this week. I have been really preoccupied and have many things that I need to think about. So, much of this week was spent lying around crossing and uncrossing my paws and contemplating life at the same time... There are so many things on my mind.. I am one busy fella.

You'll understand what I mean if you scroll down...

Monday, April 9, 2007

I hope every doggy and their hoomans had a nice Easter weekend.. I spent 3 nights staying with my mom and dad cos they don't have to go to work!! For those of you who do not know, I stay with my grandpapa, grandmama and 'The Maid' aka Mom's sister during weekdays when mom and dad go to go to work 'cos I do not like to be left alone at home. Normally I only get to spend the weekends with mom and dad.. but I don't mind that much 'cos grandpapa and grandmama spoils me rotten and they let me get away with anything, even murder (I mean 'murdering' my toys of course)!! The hoomans claim that I am 'spoiled' but I prefer to call it 'separation anxiety'... (doesn't it sound nicer with the medical term??!)

Mom, dad and The Maid also took the opportunity to do some shopping and they came back with bags and bags of stuff.

(I went for a haircut, so my fur looks short in this pic. I think it emphasizes my big, black nose..*sigh*)

These sandals seem to be made of the same material as my Cuz!! Maybe when the hoomans are not looking I can give these sandals some 'attention' --- the only problem is that they don't squeak..

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Spot the similarity in the 2 photos.. (sorry, no prize for the correct answer)

(apologies for the quality of this photo..)

Ok, for those of you who guessed that it is my Big, Black Nose, you are correct (*Side note to Boo, I am sure you have guessed correctly right?)

Well my mom thinks that my nose is getting bigger and blacker (if that's even possible)... she's even got photos to prove her point.. So is this like the Pinnochio story or what? I have not told any lies (mum: that's lie #1) so why would what happened to Pinnochio happen to me?? .. It wasn't me who barked at the mailman (mum: lie #2), I did not chew the limbs off the rubber dinosaur or the beak off rubber ducky (mum: that's #3 and #4 and still counting...), I am not the one who pulled out all the stuffings of my toys.. (mum: #5..), I didn't pee all over the house when I am left at home alone (mum: #6... *yawn*), the worms chewed the leaves off grandma's plants (mum: #7....).. Hello, is anyone still reading??

Monday, April 2, 2007

I cannot believe that the weekend is over so quickly and the hoomans have gone back to work. I got to stay with mum and dad for the entire weekend and they only brought me back to grandpapa's place just before they went to work this morning... so I got to spend 2 full days of quality time with them!!

* Boo, here's the doggy bedsheet that I was telling you about... It is mum's favourite cos it has cute little paw prints and cartoon doggies all over it and it is also the same color as me!! (yes, I know it looks quite childish..)

Anyway, I was playing pounce with my dad on the bed when mum took this pic. and my tail is blurry because I was wagging it so hard!!

I can't wait for the weekend to come!! (Oh right, and Fri is a public holiday in here as it is Good Friday so the hoomans have a long weekend..Yipeee...)