Monday, May 28, 2007

Look at what The Maid got in Hong Kong!! She got a cap with ME on it!! It was drawn by a street artist and he customised it with my name too! I think he did a pretty good job and captured my expression quite well.. I am so pleased with it (although theoratically, it does not belong to me).

This was the photo that the person based his drawing on..

Right View: Tiny little paw prints
Left View: My name..

Treats for me!!

Felix the Cat Squeaky Toys

She also took this picture from a pet shop and was quite upset about the living conditions of these hamsters.. there are way too many hamsters in each of those little buckets..and there is no sawdust, food or water too!! Also, since they are not separated by gender, those hammies could mate like mad and have heaps of hammie babies!! Anyway, I hope they all go to good homes soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh my... I have been tagged again.. this time by Billy Boo and I have to share 7 things about me. Ok here it goes:-

1) When you say 'Huskee, cross the road!', I will grab and hump your arm (To achieve this, you will have to be sitting down on the ground or I have to be on a higher place. The bed or side tables are of the right height for this activity) --- Yup.. my funny dad instead of teaching me 'Bang' or 'Shake paws', he decided to teach me something different. Mom was not amused when she found out though..
2) I have a godma, a god-brother (Scuba the Mini-Bull Terrier) and a little hamster sister (Girl Girl )
3) I think I suffer from 'Separation Anxiety'
4) I will pee all over INSIDE the house when I am left alone at home.. I call this Sweet Revenge!
5) I am a very Fussy Eater.. I can turn my nose up at any kind of food.. it could range from ice-cream to yoghurt to fruits... (depending on my mood at that moment).
6) I lurrrrrrve Squeaky Toys!!
7) I lurrrrrrve playing 'Pounce' and 'Wrestling' with my dad

Last but not least, I am totally spoiled rotten (Mom made me put this down against all my protests so this does not count!!

I tag Scuba, Herbie and Jack and Joey!

Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been tagged by Maggie #2 to show myself in a weird or funny situation.. so here it is.. I reckon my hoomans are quite sick where their grey matter is because they like to put me in/ on appliances.. The first pic was taken when I was a wee pup (Hmmm.. that'd give you a clue on how perverse their sense of humour is.. I mean how can they even think of doing thiis to cute little me?? What if I fall off?

This second one was of me inside the fridge when they were cleaning it out... Well, most of the times, I like the fridge because it is where all the yummy food disappears into.. I didn't quite understand how come it was so empty when this photo was taken.

Actually there was another photo of my in a washing machine.. Unfortunately (or fortunately!!), mom couildn't find that photo anywhere.
Ok, now I tag Oscar, Bella and Billy!
Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend everyone..

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Here's a quick update on Booster.. after so many days, he is still in a very good condition. Not that I am not loving him enough, the unsual thing that the hoomans noticed is that I have been extraordinarily gentle with him (unlike how I treat my other toys!!). Look at the proof below! He still looks like brand new!!

Being the nice boy that I am, I have 'permitted' The Maid to go on a short holiday to Hong Kong.. so now I am enjoying all the attention from grandmama and grandpapa (not to forget the fact that I am getting all the 'forbidden food' that The Maid normally stops them from feeding me whenever she is around!). Today is the 2nd day she's away and I have to admit I kind of missed her already. I waited and waited (and waited..) by the door for her to come back last night and had to be coaxed to go back into the bedroom by 2 very sleepy hoomans.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I have got yet another new toy and look at how cool it is.. It actually wants me to bite it (yes, I am literate)!! Gee.. how many toys have you got that actually wants you to bite it??!

Anyway I was sick yesterday.. I had a queasy stomach and mom caught me eating the leaves from grandmama's plants. Usually when I start eating plants, it is not a good sign 'cos it meant that I was going to puke soon, and true enough, I puked.. on the sofa no less... I felt really guilty for messing up the sofa... Grandmama cleaned up the mess and she felt so sorry for me that she didn't even grumble about the mess... *whew*.. Mom thinks that it could be indigestion or something and they are putting me under 'observation' so in case they notice anything amiss, off to the vet I go!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have been very moody for the past couple of days... The hoomans gave me a new toy in the hope that it'll cheer me up (this has always been a fail proof way). I guess I am quite predictable huh...

I have named this toy doggie Boo-ster, after my good friend Boo. Up till now, Boo-ster is still in tip-top condition and I have not decapitated him (yet)!! I have been giving him loads of attention and TLC...

I'd also like to take this opportunity to officially announce that I am the big brother of Girl Girl, the sister of my friend Fu Fu. Any doggies caught ogling at her 'girlie bits' will have to answer to me (yes, I am referring to you Boo Boo!!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

During my week long absence, I have been tagged by Baby and Boo to to show my tummy, so here I am in my most seductive pose...

Note: I will not tag any other doggies because I believe by now most of you have already been tagged!!

On a more somber note, I'd like to bid a final farewell to my good friend Fu Fu, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday. Our friendship had expanded beyond the cyber world and started a great friendship between both families... this is something that my mom, The Maid and I will always treasure.


Message to Fu Fu (I am certain they have internet over at the Rainbow Bridge..):

I am already missing you sweet friend Fu Fu.. I hope that you have all the sunflower seeds that you can ever ask for. Thank you for being my friend.. it's been a real pleasure knowing you and I want you to know that you will be missed dearly and you'll always have a special place in all our hearts

Your Baby #1 and Baby #2 wants me to convey to you the message that you are the best boyfriend they could ever ask for and they will miss you very much.
Rest in peace my dear friend...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Mom and dad are going to be travelling again... This Wednesday they will be going to attend their friend's wedding in Kelantan, Malaysia. Mom's pretty excited and apprehensive at the same time about the trip because it is her first time going to Kelantan and also because she's heard quite a lot about how it is one of the most 'conservative' states in Malaysia. (So I guess all her shorts and singlets are staying at home this time this time..) After that, they will be staying over in Kuala Lumpur (the home of Boo Casanova) for a few nights before heading home. Hopefully mom will be able to control her shopping urges for long enough to take some photos back to show me (I am not putting much hope abt it though)

Naturally I get left behind (again) and miss out on all the action... They'd better come back with something for me..

Any takers??

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Guess which lucky boy received presents from 2 gorgeous gals? ME, ME, Me, me..!! I even got the photo to prove it.. I got a present each from Baby and Chiyo...

And just when I thought my life couldn't get any better, there was yet another present for me... Mr Mailman came to visit yesterday and he brought with him a package from my Boo Casanova!! Yes, a special package for me from Mr Casanova himself!! !! How exciting.. I couldn't stop sniffing the package ('cos it had Boo's scent combined with something that smells delicious.. Finally the hoomans opened it for me. My dear Boo sent me loads of yummy cookies!! Six packets in all as well as a squeaky ball which I adore..

Thanks to all my friends.. I love you all *muah muah*



*embarassed smile* .. Gosh!! The Maid made a mistake and mis-informed me.. I will give her stern lecture later and possibly deduct her wages this month for the boo boo (no pun intended) that she made.. Tsk tsk...The pink package is actually from Boo Boo.. THANK YOU Boo Boo!! (It's so nice of you to give me a pressie even though we are both vying for Baby's heart..) *muah*

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mom went to Shanghai for work last week and she took some photos of the beautiful night scene of the city which I thought I'd share with my all friends.

Mom told me that you can actually reserve the place in the last photo for a nice romantic dinner with your loved one.. It is very private and the view is fantastic as it overlooks the famous Shanghai Bund. If Shanghai wasn't so far away, it'd be so paw-fect for my Baby and I to have a date there...

Anyway, I was so glad I was able to chat at the DWB Pawty with so many of my friends and even managed to flirt a little with Maggie #2... *blush*.. It was really fun and I enjoyed myself so much that mom even had to threaten to take away my lunch if I did not move my paws away from the keyboard... (That woman can be real evil sometimes.. I mean, how often do I get to chat with my friends from all around the world??! *grumbles*)