Thursday, March 29, 2007

Need I say more??
When the hoomans are bored, I suffer cos they think of all the weird things to do TO me.. So what do you guys think of my 'hair band'? It has the 70's looks, doesn't it? This week is Singapore Fashion Festival and well, I'm just doing my bit here...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Yipeee...I've got a Present!!!

The mailman came by AGAIN and he 'escaped' before I had the chance to tell him how I really feel abt him (does any one out there not know that I do not like the mailman??!). The Maid told me that the package came all the way from Australia, from my friend Hammer and his mum!! There was even a card attentioned to moi!

Thank you Hammer, Rose, Hobson and your Mum for the lovely card and gifts! Beau's mum also shared with us a reading that she got from a psychic regarding Beau's disappearance and it brought tears to our eyes.. It really broke my heart to know that Beau's possibily been waiting everyday for the past 3 over years for his mum pick him up to go home. My mummy said that it'd absolutely shatter her heart if I suddenly go missing one day, and I am sure all my blogging friends and their hoomans will share the same sentiments.
My mum said that not many people understands her when she tells them that 'Huskee is not just my dog/ pet, he is my family..' She also refers to me as her 'son' (which I really am in every sense of that word..). Normally they will have this incredulous look on their face (just short of saying 'I think you are nuts'). So while Beau's mum had received support from many people in her tireless search for Beau, she had also faced some nasty folks who do not seem to understand why she is making such a big deal out of a missing dog.
I have the 'Finding Beau' website added to my side panel.. Please also visit Hammer (Beau's brother's blog) to give them some support! Hopefully, I'd one day (in the very near future) be able to change it from 'Finding Beau' to 'Beau is Found'!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Visit to the Vet (arrrgghhhhhhhhh.........) & an Embarassing Incident

The mailman came last week with a letter attentioned to 'Huskee'.... Boy was I exicited at the thought that one of my friends had sent me a letter!! ... alas.. my happiness was shortlived. That was actually a reminder from the vet that I am due to go for my annual check-up and vaccinations! (*Drats*.. did I tell anyone that I really hate the mailman??)

They made an appointment to bring me in this week and no amount of sad looks, pleading and pouting could get me out of it.

Puhhh-leeese Mommy, can I NOT go??

Fortunately the visit to the vet wasn't as bad as I'd imagined it to be but something REAL embarassing happened. I normally do my poo poo business 2x a day, once in the morning and once at night. However on that morning we were rushing off to the vet so I kinda 'forgot' to do my business... Once we were inside the consultation room, they put me on the table and all of a sudden, I had the sudden urge and decided to do my business there... Yes, ON the table in front of the pretty lady vet (talk about bad timing).. The hoomans were so amused and kept laughing while they were looking at me (hey, give the guy some privacy man!). I was TOTALLY, TOTALLY embarassed (but hey, a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do right?!)... *sheesh*

Anyway, since I am considered a 'matured' dog, the vet assured us that my heart is strong (of cos it is strong.. how else could I manage so much lovin'??) and everything else seems fine. The hooman asked the vet abt my paw-chewing problem since this time round, it seemed to be more 'intense'. The nice lady vet advised them to remove all meat from my diet if possible and get me on a fish only diet to see if it'd help. ** Yayyyy!! Ok, lady vet, I am sorry for poo-ing on your table.. **

So for the past few days, I have been having Salmon and/ or Dory fish with carrots and tomatoes (I really hope that the 'Dory' that I am eating isn't the same as Nemo's good friend, Dory.. I wouldn't want to eat up Nemo's friend, or her family members for that matter, you know..)..




Other than that nice piece of advice, the vet also sent me back with some other vitamins to protect/ build up my immunity.. I don't like taking them, but well, I suppose it's for my own good..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mum's latest hobby

My mum's taken up a new hobby and been busy with it in the last 2 weeks. I only found out lately that Fu Fu and Baby's mum are also into the same hobby.. ie. making jewellery !! Anyway I have promised Baby that I'd share with her some of the pieces that mum made (please, please don't laugh.. she is only at the 'beginner's stage' and can only do the real easy stuff.)
Mum got drawn into this because Dad's sister, Auntie Jean, is a real pro at it.. She actually conducts classes to teach people how to make these jewellery, so mum's picked up a thing or two from her. Mum also found out that this is becoming a very expensive hobby as the stones, crystals and beads can cost a lot! (Uh oh... I hope this does not mean that she has to cut down on my treats and toys budget!)

This is made by Auntie Jean for mum and dad's wedding in Sep last year.

I hope this hobby will be here to stay for at least a while because mum can be like a whirlwind sometimes and goes through 'phases' as she has little patience. I do remember a time when she was into cross stitch (but if my memory didn't fail me, she did not even complete ONE piece.. grandmama had to complete it for her..).. *snigger*..

** Baby, I will try to take some pics. of the earrings she made and show them to you. Let me know if you like any of them and I will sneak it out for you (but then again, I think the ones made by your mum is waaaay nicer.. ooopps, don't tell mum I said that! **

Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby Huskee (Part 3) - Final Installment *sob*

This is the final installment of my baby pics. cos Mum said it brings back too many memories looking at the pics. and they make her sad... She's sad cos she is reminded of how good those times were and now that I am 7 yrs old, she is worried abt how long we can be together.

Mum read this from Fei's blog and it was so apt and touched her so much she's decided to share it with those who haven't seen it (Eve, I hope you don't mind!!)): “I only need my dog to be healthy and happy; I don’t need him to be perfect or beautiful or so well-behaved. I like him being moody and have his own personality. I like him as he is. I only need him to be healthy and happy. I like him as he is. ” (mum: I found this so meaningful and it describes exactly how I feel towards Huskee..)

Ooppsss.. Got to go. I've got an appointment with the vet for my annual check-up and vaccinations (Ewww...I hate those needles!).. anyway, hope that everything turns out well.. *crosses paws**

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Talented Friend - Fu Fu

The Maid came home the other day singing praises of Fu Fu and she was admiring something she was holding in her hand. Naturally I had to check-out what she was holding (being the busybody that I am!!) and found out that she had received a gift from my friend Fu Fu!! (Not only is Fu Fu my very good friend, he is also my future 'brother-in-law' cos he is dating both my hamster sisters.)
Here's Fu Fu's masterpiece... It must have taken him a lot of time and effort to string all those beads together with his tiny paws. No wonder the hoomans were so impressed with him! He's further cemented his position in my family as the future son-in-law.. Welcome to the family Fu Fu!!

** On a side note, does anyone think I'd look good with one anklet on each of my paws or is that a 'girlie' thing? **

Monday, March 12, 2007

Baby Huskee (Part 2)

Thanks to all my friends for their kind and lovely comments about my puppy pics.. Mum said that all those praises would make my head swell and she'd have to pop it with a pin *Ouch*...that sure sounds painful!!

Bringing out all those pics made mum (and I) reminisce about the earlier days of our 'relationship' and about the times we spent in Australia.. Gone were the days when I was still a cute 2kg pup, and gone were those days when mum was still slim and when dad had a lot more hair.. (Ooops.. I shouldn't have said thaht, should I?? I think I might get in serious trouble for making that statement.. those over-sensitive hoomans!)

Mum and dad were embarassed to show how they looked like 7 years ago, hence I 'chopped' off their heads..

This is mum's fav shot of me.. she's got a big one in the living room next to her weddng pics..

These were taken in one of the parks in North Melbourne (I can't remember the name now)

Mum's putting together the pics for the 3rd (and final) instalment of my puppy pics. (she said that everyone will get sick of me if I don't stop.. Hey, what's she talking about! How can anyone get sick of that cute puppy-face?? Huh huh huh??..)

Mum is now 'recuperating' because of her highly stressful weekend.. they went to visit dad's daddy and mummy and stayed with them on the weekend. Dad's nephew was there too and he was kept everyone on their toes with his boundless energy. He and I have a love-hate relationship.. My barks frighten him and his screams scare the living daylights out of me, so we pretty much leave each other alone!

DO NOT be deceived by his 'innocent look..

Spending the weekend with him had pretty much sapped all their energy and Mum's decided that if all children are as active and mischevious as he is, she'd rather get a puppy!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Baby Huskee (Part 1)

After much pleading and whining, mum finally help me upload my puppy pics... These are just some of them, taken mainly during the first couple of weeks after I went 'home' with them... (we are still working on the rest).
I went home with them when I was 2 months and 1 day old. Mum was initially very fascinated by the amount of time that I slept sleeping.. subsequently she got so worried she had to check with the vet (now, how dumb is that?? Hello mum, I was a puppy then, remember??!)

Age: 2months and 1 day

This is the day that I went home with mum and dad. Zonked out after all the excitment.. (Mum loves this pic., especially my ears...)

Age: 2months and 3 days

'Sleeping Beauty' in the making

Age: 2 months and 1 week


Age: 3 months and 2 weeks

Ok I will go and search for the other pics. of my cute and handsome self and shall share them with you later.. Adios! Everybody have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Today marks the start of JOEY-PALOOZA .. He is one lucky guy.. I only get ONE day for my birthday but Joey's fall over a span of FOUR days from 3Mar-6Mar!! (Hey, this is unfair.. I want to have a 4-day long birthday too!!)

Monday, March 5, 2007


Yeah yeah.. got forced into wearing yet another silly outfit. (Why can't they get clothes like the ones that I got from my friends Fu Fu and Jay for Christmas?? At least those have STYLE!!). Since I can't run away, I can only be as un-cooperative as I can by trying to look away (but hey, the woman took so many shots, I kind of raised the white flag at the end so as to get it over with..)
The weekend was pretty boring.. nothing much to do except to lounge around as it was raining a bit. Didn't get to go out as the hoomans were pretty busy too. The Maid went to the Career Fair (what??! She already has a full-time career looking after me right? What is she thinking of??) Mum and Dad went on their last minute Chinese New Year visiting (those 2 always leave things right up to the last minute..) and Grandpapa and Grandmama played mahjong with some relatives who came over.
Now how boring is that? Hmmm... the weather is making me feel so sluggish..
(Mum found some of my puppy pics the other day while she was doing her spring cleaning and she promised to post them soon.. I'm keeping my paws crossed for that one!)