Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our dearest friends from near and far!!

We have been terribly remiss in our (lack of) blogging activities and we point our perfectly manicured paws at the culprit below:

Huh?! Who? Me??!

Yup, that's him. Our little human brother, fondly known as Little Bun, had created chaos in our previously peaceful life. Mom is up at weird times at night feeding him (I don't recall being fed so many times when I was a pup.. NOT FAIR!!). Little Bun also disrupts all our sleep with his cries... and now he takes up the space between dad and mom on the big bed. That space used to belong to US.

However, all these little inconveniences are worth it cos Little Bun had brought so much joy to our parents. We haven't seen them smile for a long time ever since they lost Angel Lucas in 2008. Finally our home is filled with a baby's cries and happy gurgles. The spare room that was meant to be a baby nursery is finally serving its purpose. With Little Bun's arrival, our 'house' is now a 'home'... Mom doesn't have the time (and energy) to keep our home spick and span like it was before, but we couldn't be happier with the mess.

Little Bun is now two-and-a-half months old and he looks very different from the time when mom first brought him home. We hope that in no time, he'd be able to play with us (and drop us food).

This photo was taken during Little Bun's very first trip out (to a shopping mall, no less.. that's what happens when your mom is a shopaholic) when he was slightly over one month old.

The below photos were taken during Christmas this year. 2011 Christmas is especially meaningful to our family cos we finally have a new little member.. one whom we have been waiting for!