Monday, September 17, 2012

Between returning back to a full time job, looking after a soon to be 11 month old and having a crazy as ever 4 and a half year old border collie who still thinks she is a puppy, mom is busy up to her eyebrows. (That is her excuse for not updating our blog). 

That said, all  is good in our little household. Things are finally on track after being 'derailed' for 3 years. The house is in a mess and looks more like a tornado hit nursery rather than something that an interior designer designed.. Hershey is still shedding like there's no tomorrow and trying to trip everyone by walking between their legs... and me? I am still as grumpy as ever BUT I admit that I am beginning to like my little hooman brother a lot more. He's more interactive now and had started taking solid food and boy it's like a buffet for me during his meal times. I ain't complaining! 

Hope that all of you are well, my dear friends.. I miss and love all of you so much!! **muacks**