Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Dad & I (by Hershey)

My dad and I have a set of matching orange jerseys that we both wore to show our support for the Dutch team in their match with Denmark earlier this week. (For the record, our mom thinks we both have gone off the deep end..)

Wanna play??

Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Cup is just a couple more hours away and we have to ensure that we have everything we need before the first match between South Africa and Mexico...

Beer: Check!

Tidbits: Check!!

Jersey: Check!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our parents went to Hong Kong for a short vacation last Thursday and came back last night. Mom's sister went over to stay and look after Miss Hershey while I had the devoted attention and undying love of my 2 greatest fans, aka my grandparents.

They bought us some gifts from Hong Kong... I have 2 brand new squeaky toys, whom I have named Goldie (the Goldfish) and Monique (the Monkey). I can't wait to destuff them and destroy their squeakers!!

Mom says that no soft toy will last more than 30 seconds with Hershey, so she bought her something that is more 'indestructible'. It's a frog called 'Darwin' (so says the packaging) that's from the same family as Hershey's favourite Cuz toys.

And the highlight is this football jershey that Dad insisted he wanted to get for Hershey. The World Cup is just a few more days away, and our dad is getting all excited and hyped up. As you can probably tell, he is rooting for the Dutch to win (although we think the chances of this happening is minimal). I guess poor Hershey will have to play dress up during all the matches where The Netherlands are playing!