Friday, November 8, 2013

Cannot believe it's been more than a YEAR since our last post!! This is totally unacceptable, and we missed all our friends terribly. We wish that our mom gets her act together and stop neglecting our blog...  

A lot has happened since our last post.. as in A LOT. So much that I don't quite know where to begin.. To start off, I turned 14 in August and Hershey turned 5 in April. We had mini celebrations at home as usual. The key thing is, all is well with us pups.

The other big news is Hershey and I welcomed another human brother into our fold in March this year (the count now is Pups-2, Little Boys-2. We are on even ground so we tell the parents, NO MORE little humans!!) This is also the main reason why mom has neglected our blog. She doesn't have much time left between juggling the boys, going to work and housework these days. 

Introducing our new little brother.. 

And this one is all grown up.. He turned 2 last month and is now officially in the 'Terrible Twos' phase. He is great at sharing his food with us, so we get along really well! Oh yes, and we reciprocate by sharing our water... Mom caught him drinking from our water bowl a number of times! Heheheh...