Monday, September 27, 2010

Poor Hershey has been having the runs the whole weekend. Mom's lost count of the number of times Hershey's had to go to the bathroom, and poor dad didn't sleep at all on Saturday night as he was taking care of her (and ensuring that he opens the door for her to go to the bathroom).

They made her fast for one whole day and mom boiled some chicken porridge for her in the evening cos they felt very guilty when they see her begging for food at the dining table. Poor Hershey has been feeling rather sorry for herself, though I think it's more about the lack of food than the 'sploding butt...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom went away for a business trip and came bag with pressies for all of us. Hershey's got a new lemon-looking ball has flashing lights when it is moved as well as the rubber duckie tug toy. I have got 2 plush squeakies.. a blue dolpin and a blue elephant!! Mom gave Hershey the rubber duckie first and lo and behold, Miss Evil Teefies destroyed the poor duckie in under 24 hours. Dad didn't fare too badly either cos mom got him a bunch of clothing cos she feels that his wardrobe needs updating.

Destroying a toy is hard work... I need a snooze.