Monday, October 30, 2006

Operation Day

Grandpapa underwent an operation today to 'repair' the damaes from his fall. Not really sure what was done but I heard something about metal plates and screws.. ewww... sure sounds painful to me. The entire weekend was boring as the family spent lots of time at the hospital accompanying Grandpapa.. just wish they could bring me with them. Although I am not a certified therapy dog, I am sure Grandpapa would love to see me. Scuba told me (through tele-paw-ty) he heard from his mum who visited Grandpapa on Sat that he told her he missed me!! Ma is planning to find some way to smuggle me in.. the only problem is they are worried I might bark out of sheer excitement when I see Grandpapa!!
Also, I overheard pa and ma talking about getting a new car.. YIPEE!! I have been so jealous of Sunshade's SunshadeMobile, so I hope pa and ma will convert the new car into a 'HuskeeMobile'!! I've overheard him talking to Uncle Steven and Uncle Caster (aka Rafv's daddy) trying to collect feedback on different brands... Ma prefers a Japanese car as they are more affordable (her hidden motive is if they get a cheaper car, she can still have money for shopping. I know she's been eyeing a Coach bag) but pa wants a continental car... so now it's "Battle of the Sexes" at home. Check this space for the results!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


There was some drama at home today... and I DO NOT LIKE IT one single bit!!
Grandpapa went out early this morning and he tripped and fell.. apparently it was pretty serious and he had to be hospitalised. Grandpapa injured something called 'femur' (wherever that is) and it broke in 3 places, so the doctor said he'd need to be operated on sometime next week as they are running some tests.. Actually this is the 2nd time Grandpapa fell and needed an operation. The first time was in March last year and he stayed in the hospital for so long.. I really missed him during that time. I hope this time he'd be able to come home quickly but mama said it'd probably be another week or two before he can come home... *sob*
There's been too much dramas in my life lately.. i.e. the detestable grooming session (yes I look hideous now but I survivied it), my friend Coco's 'Jaws' close brush with death and now Grandpapa's fall.
Hmmm.. everyone at home had been looking so gloomy today, maybe I shall make some 'sacrifice' and share a pic of myself with my new 'fur-do' to cheer everyone up... if you are my friend, you better not laugh!! I can't wait for my fur to grow out... but well, I think I am considered lucky cos I only need to go to the groomers once every 3-4months.. my poor friend Toby has to go every 5 weeks!!(The lobster in the picture was from papa to make up for the 'stress and trauma' that I went through..) The other good thing that came out of this (other than the treats and toys that mama bought) is that I look super skinny now, so hopefully ma will give me more food.. *hiak hiak*..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Arrghhh... Time for my Grooming Session

I overheard The Maid making an appointment with the groomer this Saturday!! Oh no... I hate grooming sessions (for vanity reasons) and I think I look better with my long coat.. (personally I think I look dreadful and I feel very 'naked' after my grooming sessions)...

Here are the pics that Ma took after my previous grooming session - Proof of what I mean:

Ma's reason for sending me off to the groomer is because she is concerned that my coat being fairly long now would make me uncomfortable in our hot and humid climate. For anyone who is interested, Singapore's temperature averages around 30°C/ 87°F all year round (Yes, spring, summer, autumn and winter is the SAME)... I kind of miss the four distinct seasons in Melbourne. Autumn is me and Ma's favourite season. After her lectures or on days that she need not go to uni., Ma used to take me out to Carlton park to play or we'd go for long walks to the post office when it's nice and cool. We'd see possums and squirrels, falling/ fallen autum leaves, swans in the big pond.. Ok I am digressing. Was feeling somewhat nostalgic for my birth place and where I grew up cos I had many happy memories there...
Back to the topic, Ma also conveniently forgot to mention the other reason for wanting to send me for grooming, i.e. they'd not have to spend so much time combing out the tangles and bathing me would be a breeze for the next 3 months!! Lazy bums...
Well, the only positive thing out of this is normally Ma will buy me lots of treats and new toys to 'make up' for it.. so at then end of the day I end up with bags of goodies!!
It'd take at least 2-3 months for the fur to grow out and for me to look 'normal' again... Hmmm, maybe I will not post any more photos of myself for the time being until life is back to normal...lest I get laughed at...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Presents for Me... (and it's not even my Birthday!!)

A big THANK YOU to Jay's mum (Auntie J) and Fu Fu's mum (Auntie Eil)!! Either I have been a good boy or I must have done something really nice 'cos I received presents over the weekend!!
The Maid also received a present from them... it was a very handsome looking stuffed toy. The 2 aunties got it for her because they think it looks like moi! Other than my fur being slightly darker, I think it really looks like me.. and I have decided to call him Buddee (as in 'buddy' but I wanted it to be somewhat similar to my name, hence it ends with 'ee' rather 'y').
I also went over to visit Godma and Scubs. on Sunday... more importantly, the person whom I wanted to see most was Auntie Sam.. (Sorry Godma, Sorry Scubs!!)..
Here I am with 'my' Auntie Sam..

Friday, October 13, 2006

'Flower Boy'??

I have not had the chance to use the computer 'cos ma had been hogging it.. I finally got a chance to update my blog today.

I have got a picture here to share with my friends to show what I have to put up with at home... Well, Mum made some wristbands for her bridesmaids and she decided that they'd look good on me too.. *grimace*.. Will someone please remind her that I AM A BOY! Flowers are for girls!! (When she was trying to take this picture, I refused to look at the camera so as to show my 'disapproval'.. Obviously, she didn't get it....)
Oh yes, and let me introduce the 2 new 'friends' that I got to know after pa and ma's wedding ceremony.. introducing (drum-roll please..)... Mr Barry Bear and Mrs Berry Bear. So far they have been 'protected' from me... Sooner or later I promise you, when they are not careful, I will lay my paws on them and shower them with my 'love' (i.e. get the stuffings out of them)... *hiak hiak hiak*...

Friday, October 6, 2006

I Adore Auntie Sam..

To think that I was initially worried about going over to stay at Scuba's place... after 2 nights I was reluctant to go home because I have fallen in love with Auntie Sam. We literally had a '2 nights stand'.. (I got to sleep with her on both nights.. *bliss*..) Now I can't wait to go to Scuba's house..
Today is the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, something that the Chinese call Mid Autumn Festival. There'll be a full moon tonight and the round shape symbolizes family reunion. Therefore it is a day for family members to get together and enjoy the full moon - an auspicious token of abundance, harmony and luck. Round "moon cakes", made of fruit, ice cream, yogurt, pork, mushrooms, green tea, flowers, jelly etc., are a traditional food eaten during the festival. They also enjoy pomelos on this day; the Chinese word for pomelo, sounds the same as another Chinese word to beseech the moon god for protection. I love this fruit (although it does not seem to digest properly..)
Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!