Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The silly girl is playing a game of tug with mom... Look at the concentration on her face!!

Hershey: Pull... and I pulllllllllllllllllllllll.......

... and I pull somemore.. hey mom, give it to me now, won't you?

Hey, who turned the lights off? Where are you mom??!

Ok, this is much better.. Peek-a Boo!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hershey and I competed in the Mango Minster 2009 and would you believe it, we each won something!! This morning I received this in my email... what a wonderful way to start the week.

The competition ribbon below was designed by Chef, for all doggies who participated in the event. We will display this ribbon proudly on our banner.

This is what I (Huskee) won at this prestigious event... I won the Reader's Choice Award for Toy Group, and I got to share this honour with my good friend, Bae Bae. I reckon this is one of the few rare occasions whereby a cross breed ever won anything at these kind of competitions... I can only thank Mango for allowing dog breeds that are not recognised by AKC to participate in his competition, plus all my friends who voted for me!! **big hugs**)

Hershey will not be left out of anything fun, so she participated in the Herding Group segment and was the Second Runner-up!! (I gotto admit I am proud of my not-so-little little sister.) Thanks to the judge of this category, Judge Kylie for letting her win! Hershey is totally stoked. This is the 2nd award she's won so far in her young life, the first being the prestigious Stain Award that she got for pooping on mom's white leather couch.

Congrats to all the winners and contestants, and I am looking forward to Mango Minster 2010!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is my 300th post!!

I can't believe I have come this far (ok ok... I know some of my friends are already way past their 500th post), but it really is an 'achievement' for me because my mom is someone who has a relatively short attention span and there is rarely anything that she can continue to do for long. She loses interest as quickly as she gains it. Well, maybe other than her job (no choice 'cos we need the money for my food, treats, toys, etc). We have lost count of the number of cross-stitch projects she embarked on... The one that I can still clearly remember is the one she wanted to do for dad on the first anniversary of them dating. Until now (some 10 years later), it is remains half done, and I don't think mom has any intention to complete it.

Miraculously, we have managed to keep this up for coming 4 years now (it will be my 4th year Blogging Anniversay in late May)!! During this time, there were periods of time where we wanted to stop blogging for various reasons, but each time we visited our friend's blog, it motivated us to continue on. We have come to enjoy the whole blogging process. It's fun to be able to share our adventures with our friends and it's even more fun to read about their adventures even though we are miles apart. More importantly, at a low point of our life, we have been the receipients of the love, support and warmth that DWB is known for, so in turn, we want to give our love and support to those in their times of need.

We have walked a long road, but the road ahead of us is even longer, and I am glad I have friends like you to share my journey with.


I'd also like to take the opportunity to spread the word for donations to the Victoria Bushfire through RSPCA. Although both Hershey and I live in Singapore now, we were borned in Victoria... mom also said that I have some Kangaroo blood running through my doggie veins because I jump around so much, and Hershey has some Tasmanian Devil blood running through hers. Australia, Victoria in paticular, have always been close to our hearts... hence we would really like to do our part for the poor animals who have been affected by the fire.

We have already made our donation (see, that's why our mom needs to keep her job!!), any money you can spare will make a difference.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We discovererd that Hershey likes tennis, although I am not sure whether it's the GAME that she likes or the PLAYER/ S. I tried asking her but her lips are sealed, so she is not telling.

Dad was watching the Australia Open on TV few weeks back and Hershey started behaving very strangely. First she started off staring at the screen (refer to pic #1), then she began leaping continuously AT THE screen. I was observing her and I think her target (or victim?) was poor Roger Federer. She kept her gaze on the screen for long periods of time without looking away, and this was what caught our dad's attention ('cos she is usually such an energizer bunny).

Pic #1
Hershey: Woof... who is that cutie?!

Pic #2
Hershey: Hey!! Where did my Roger Federer go?? Who is this man?!

Pic #3
Hershey: Hi Handsome... you have a cute bum bum **blushing furiously**

Pic #4
Hershey: Quickly mom... take a pic of me and my Prince Charming!!

Pic #5
Hershey: Another one please mom.. Look at those broad shoulders **swoon**

Although Roger Federer lost the match to Nadal, he won himself an ardent fan that day. (Wait till he finds out his latest die-hard fan is a 10month old Border Collie... I wonder what his reaction will be..)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our mom and dad had a strange encounter when they were coming home on Monday night after work. The car park of our apartment is located in the basement level and both of them were waiting for the lift to bring them up to the apartment when they heard some music coming from inside the life. The music got louder as the lift reached the basement, and they didn’t think anything of it as they thought there could be someone in the lift playing with his/ her mobile phone (or something).

When the lift doors opened, the music got louder but there was no one in the lift!! Mom said heard the song loud and clear and said that it was a children’s song which she used to sing in kindergarten a loooooong time ago but she cannot recall the name of the song or even the lyrics… she only remembered the tune. She and dad then assumed that the condominium people had decided to install a sound system in the lift (as this is the first time they heard it since moving in more than 6 months ago) and they even laughed at the unusual choice of music.

Anyway they got into the lift and as the doors were closing, the music gradually faded away… when they reached our floor, no music this time… so they thought that the music is only played on certain floors (duh??!). Mom’s curiosity then got the better of her and she made dad accompany her to the basement again to see if there was music… well, there wasn’t any music this time. At that moment, dad looked mom in the eye and asked ‘you heard it too right?’. **insert goosebumps*
  • Was it Lucas trying to make his presence felt?

  • It was a full moon on that night, so could it be ‘something’/ ‘someone’ else?

They are still scratching their (respective) heads over the encounter… So what do you guys think??

Oh and last but definitely not least, since Valentine's Day is just 2 days away, I have something for my Baby...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fenway the handsome Border Collie gave us the Honest Weblog award. It is such an honour to receive this award from Fenway. Here are the rules:

"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog”. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

  • I prefer the company of humans over dogs

  • Once when mom’s sister was playing with me on the bed, I got a tad carried away and accidentally bit her on the lip. The result? She had trout-pout for a week… (Angelina Jolie will be so jealous if she saw it)

  • I have very crooked teefies

  • My best friend is Elmo. It is a small stuff toy (Elmo of course) that had been given to me when I was a 3 month old pup. Unlike all my other toys, Elmo is still intact and I lovingly take him for a walk-about in the house once in a while

  • I give out silent, but deadly farts when you least expect it

  • I am very fussy about my food - I only eat one particular brand of dog food (Heaven forbid if that company closes down) and I have even turned my nose up at home cooked food made by my mom)

  • I am also very fussy about toys - I only play with small squeaky toys that I can carry around in my mouth. I am not interested in Hershey’s toys ‘cos they are too big for me.

  • I am terrified of thunder and other loud noises

  • I love car rides and always behave really well during the journey

  • My nicknames are: KeeKee Boy, Zizou, Fee-ly, ‘Your son’ (I don’t know about this one… mom uses it when she is speaking to dad and I only seem to hear it when I am in trouble)


  • I get to ‘inherit’ all the toys that had been rejected by Huskee

  • I am the complete opposite of Huskee… I love to play with other dogs!!

  • I have a pooping problem… I either have diarrhea for 3 days OR I have constipation for 3 days (it is driving mom nuts)

  • I am in the midst of my first ‘heat’… **blush blush** (Huskee: Oooh, the baby is now a lady!!)

  • I will go for my 'snip snip' operation once my heat is over (can anyone tell me if it is painful?? I am terrified at the thought of it..)

  • I will eat anything and everything (plastic squeaky balls included)

  • I am always pacing along the back seat during car rides

  • I have dew claws on my back paws. I heard that while it is not unusal in certain breeds, it is relatively rare. (If I lived on a farm and were a working dog, I will need to go for an operation to have them removed since they may catch and tear while I am 'working'.)

  • Huskee does not like to play with me 'cos he thinks I am too boistorous and plays too rough

  • My nicknames are: Princess, Shey-Shey Girl, Hersh Hersh…

We'd like to pass this award (and tag) on to:

Kaos, Ludo, DoDo & MoMo, Angel, JB & Bear (and Dumplin'), Chow Chow and Marvin!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want to share with you some pretty funny pictures taken by mom of dad's first attempt to teach Hershey how to jump over the hurdles.

Hershey is facing the WRONG direction and dad's trying to get her attention..

Running around the obstacle is not right either!!

She jumped over it FINALLY but her hind leg caught the pole!!

Hershey decided to give herself a rest while poor dad is still not giving up...

Finally, ONE successful attempt!!

At the end of it all, the one in blue was more tired than the black & white one... Hiak hiak...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks for your patience... Ok here's the scoop.

Saga One

Mom was preparing to give Hershey her dinner on Saturday evening when she suddenly started retching... After a few anxious moments, out come a completely disintegrated rubber ball. Hershey had somehow chewed MY squeaky rubber ball into pieces and swollowed all the pieces (just in case anyone is wondering, I did not give the ball to her, she took it on her own accord so I had nothing to do with it... **crosses paws**). I must tell you that it is pretty amazing that the silly girl found the old rubber ball tasty enough to eat it. I mean she ate the whole entire ball!!

Mom did not even realise the ball is missing since there were no remnants around the house to raise any suspicion, moreover, Hershey seemed to be like her normal self (other than not pooping for 3 whole days... where does she store all of the ummm... poop??). In hindsight, we should have taken some photos of the remains of my sqeuaky ball (may it rest in peace), but mom was too worried and grossed out.

It was a weekend and it's too late to bring her to the vet, so they opted to just monitor her for a while. Moreover, looking at the remains of what she threw up, mom estimated that it seems to be all there is to the ill-fated ball.

Below is a pic of my handsome self with a ball that resembles the one that Hershey ate (that one was a different color).

Saga Two

This is actually a continuation from Saga One. As I have mentioned above, they were monitoring Hershey on Sat night and on Sun, she seemed to be perfectly normal i.e. eating, drinking and being a nuisance. Then dad noticed that on Sunday night, she seemed a little lethargic and listless, so to be on the safe side, he decided that they should take her to the vet on Monday. Moreover, it's Day 4 and still no poop.

So off she went to the vet on Monday together with dad and while they were waiting for their turn, dad tied her loosely on one of the leg of the chair that he was sitting on. After a long wait, dad went over to the counter to find out how long more he had to wait and at that instant, Hershey decided to do The Great Escape. She tugged on her leash (which was still being tied to the chair) and with all her tugging, the chair toppled. It freaked her out totally and she bolted - right into a busy road in front of the clinic!! Dad was alerted by the panic cries of the people who saw it happen (he had his back to her then) and dashed after the runaway pup screaming her name at the same time. That road is a 3-lane road that is usually quite busy with vehicles travelling fairly fast. Dad said that at that moment, the only thing on his mind was 'Sh*t, she's going to be run over and I gotto call my wife and let her know Hershey is dead'.

Probably Hershey's guardian angels were looking out for her because traffic was surprising light right at that moment (dad only had to stop one oncoming vehicle). He yelled at her again and even more surprisingly his recall worked (one of the few rare occasions). She sheepishly trotted from the middle of that road back to the side where dad was. Dad grabbed her and reprimanded her B.I.G time. All the people in the clinic who saw the entire incident commented to dad on how lucky Hershey was.

Eventually dad did not wait for the vet as he was shaking with shock/ anger/ relief and just wanted to leave the place. I think Hershey must have been traumatised by the incident... so much so that she pooped once she reached home!

Mom almost had a heart attack when dad recounted the story to her back home. It reminded her of the time where an unnamed pup **clears throat nervously** did the exact same thing to her around 9 years ago. She had to stop traffic in the middle of a T-junction in order save the pup. She wondered if the unnamed pup had anything to do with Hershey's Great Escape.

Here's the lucky girl... still happily oblivious to how close she was to being a run over by a car.

** Disclaimer **

I, Huskee Boy, solemly swear that I:

1) did not give the rubber ball to Hershey

2) did not teach or in any way encouraged her to eat the rubber ball

3) did not have anything to do with The Great Escape

Monday, February 2, 2009

I have got news about Hershey to update everyone... there were two H.U.G.E sagas created by my little sister that almost made mom faint and dad have a heart attack. Mom is very busy at work today (after the Chinese New Year holidays) so I will try and share the details with you tomorrow.