Thursday, July 27, 2006

Huskee Girl??!

With The Maid's suggestion in mind, I started looking through the internet for doggy dresses before the votes for the tuxedos came in.. here are my favourites:

I think I will look good in the one with the bow..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wedding Preparations

I overheard my family talking about papa and mama's wedding on 29Sep.. It's almost 2 more months to go from this date and everyone is so excited preparing for it.. i.e. shopping for clothes. Grandmama came home with not one but TWO new dresses. The Maid did even better, she's got THREE new dresses for the occasion.
But wait.. here's the important bit. They plan to send me to a pet hotel on that day because they have to go to someplace called Malaysia for the dinner banquet, and I think that place does not welcome me and my furry brothers (and sisters). Sigh... *sob*.. But well, they will be throwing another dinner banquet in Singapore on 01Oct which mama said I could attend as they picked a hotel that allow pets. Ok, I am going to start looking for my tuxedo soon.. *ahem*.. I found these on ebay.. the red bow tie or the black one??
** Voting starts now.. each sms is 15cents and those below 18 will need to seek parental approval..

Monday, July 17, 2006

From Son to Father...

Dearest Papa,

Mama and I love you oh-so-much... Sending you lots of licks, hugs and kisses.

Your loving (and lovely) son,

Huskee Zizou Boy

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My New Name...

Helpppppppp... my Mama wants to rename me 'Zizou', the nickname of her shamed hero, Zinadine Zidane. (Mama insisted that he headbutted Materazzi only because that guy said some nasty things abt his mum and sis..). Me, I would bite off any guy's 'jewels' if he ever dared to speak ill of my mama!! Anyway, mama's been besotted with Zidane for many years now.. she even thinks that he is ultra-sexy and appealing with his baldness.

Well, back to the subject on hand.. mama has been calling me Zizou.. she thinks it's a really neat name and sounds a little like half of what I am, i.e Shih Tzu. In addition, she also told me I am coloured like a football.. black-and-white... this further convinced her that my name should be changed.. So what.. now my name is Huskee Keebo Zizou Chan Heng Heng or Zizou Huskee Chan Heng Heng or Zizou Keebo.....(??!) Anyway, someone help me... Get her to stop it... someone, anyone... EVERYONE!!

Friday, July 7, 2006

Where did my New Friends go??

Grand-mama brought home some new friends for me the other day... not the furry, 4-legged kind though. Naturally I wanted to go up to them and introduce myself, but everyone shouted at me to stay away in case I get bitten... why did they bring me friends who'll bite??! That night, Grand-mama was cooking in the kichen and I smelt something nice.. Whatever that was, it tasted nice too!!

When I went to say 'good-night' to my new friends that night, I couldn't find them anymore.. funny thing huh! Fortunately Mama managed to get a picture of them before they vanished.

Oh, and Mama replenished my supply of meat patties last night.. she made LOTS because she said she wanted to make some for my BLB Scuba, Uncle Derick's 3 doggies, Max, Duchess and Spanky as well as Bingo. Hope that they enjoy it... *burp*..

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Lost: Missing Mum of Female Schnauzer
Reward: 2 Beef & Tuna Patties
Yes, yes... My friend Bobby and I are looking for the missing mother of our new-found friend. Since we do not know what our new friend's mum calls her, we have decided to call her 'Melody' (after The Maid's fav. Sanrio character, 'My Melody').
Here's the story.. my friend Bobby (a Maltese) and his mum came knocking on our door last night.. and in his mum's arms was a confused looking Melody. Bobby's mum explained that Melody was seen wondering downstairs for quite a while and she thought it could be the that dog belongs to the semi-hysterical lady who knocked on her door earlier asking if she'd seen her missing dog.
Now, the best part of it is... Bobby's mum does not know which floor the lady is in.. so she has done the next smart thing by looking for the other doggy owners staying in our block, hoping that they would know. Eventually, The Maid wrote a notice and pasted it at the ground floor lift landing. Hopefully Melody and her mum will be re-united soon.
Throughout this whole saga, Bobby's mum refused to let Melody down on the ground because Bobby had ONE thing in his mind... he wanted to copulate with Melody (actually the word to use should be 'rape' instead of 'copulate' but my mama say 'rape' does not sound stylo).
Anyway, if anyone has seen a woman (who should by now be fully hysterical), please let me know. I will offer 2 of my precious beef and tuna patties as reward.. With a bit of luck, I hope that Melody will be impressed and choose me over that silly Bobby!!

Monday, July 3, 2006

Back Home...

I am finally home after spending a week staying with Papa and Mama. It was good that I got to spend some time with them but I was becoming bored as they had been pretty busy with work last week and often came home late. Although Mama had packed some toys for me to bring over, I cannot believe that she forgot to pack my best friend Elmo!! (Notice from the picture that Elmo's not there??!) Well, since Elmo wasn't with me, I had to amuse myself to pass time right?? Hence, I kept myself busy by barking at the neighbours' kids whenever I hear them playing outside.. they are such a noisy lot..!! Kids... I don't like them very much...

Anyway, as I have expected, Grand-papa and Grand-mama missed me like crazy (*smirk*)... They showered me with lots of attention and of course I enjoyed it immensely.

More importantly, The Maid came back last night from her 'pilgrimage' to Korea and she's brought back lots of things (hmm.. I wonder if she bought me anything...??) Guess I will pretend to hang around when she is unpacking.. heehee.. (but I hope it's not kim-chi..)