Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hershey has this really sweet habit since the day she came into our family. Everytime dad goes into the bathroom without her, she will loiter outside and look forlonly at the closed door until dad emerges... she will stay there regardless how long dad takes inside, and the humans find it so sweet everytime they see her doing it.

Interestingly enough, she only behaves this way towards dad... she doesn't really bother if it was mom. This had made mom quite mad (jealous???).

We are quite curious if any of you do the same thing too?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

During the Lunar New Year, as a tradition most Chinese families will paste a sticker with the Chinese characters '常满' on the containers which they use to store their rice. '常满' means 'abundance' or the literal translation is 'always full'. Since rice is a staple part of the diet for Chinese, it is important that the rice container is never empty.

Borrowing this concept, I thought it is very important to ensure that the container used to store my kibbles is also kept filled to the brim, so I borrowed one of those stickers from mom and pasted it on my all-important food source. Hopefully my Year of Tiger is off to a roaring good start!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This photo of Hershey posing next to the pussy willows was taken during the Chinese New Year period last year. The oriental vase was a gift from dad's parents when we moved into our apartment in 2008, and both Hershey and I were warned not to break (referring to Hershey) or pee (ummm.. I think this one is referring to me) on it because it is 'expensive'.

This vase only 'sees the light of day' during Chinese New Year, and spends the rest of the time in the storeroom where mom uses it as an umbrella stand and to hold the vacuum cleaner noozle when it is not in use. LOL!! (Just wait till dad's parents find out!!)

Anyway, here we are, one year later with Chinese New Year just 3 days away. The vase had found its way back into the centerspot of the living room. Below are the photos taken this year... you can see that nothing much has changed (yes, my pesky black and white sister is still the same).

Monday, February 8, 2010

This is the sight that mom woke up to one morning... (sorry that it's blurry cos the room was dark and the only camera mom had was the one on her handphone). Mom was trying to decide between 'Awwwwwwww.. so sweet!!' or 'Ewwww.... so gross!!' while fumbling with the camera. When the photo was being taken, dad was still in slumberland while Hershey was trying to wake him by giving him a very thorough 'face massage'.

It took a while for dad to be roused from his sleep (you think he was dreaming of drowning in saliva??) but Hershey persisted. Her 'hardwork' paid off when dad woke up and took her out for a long walk!

(Shane: I have a strong inkling that this will soon be a 'regular sighting' on weekends... Poor hubby will have to forget about sleeping in on the weekends from now on!!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The reason why there hasn't been any photos of me lately is because I have those dreaded itchy-scratchies, and thus the dreaded e-collar is back!! We aren't too sure what the 'trigger' is, but it seems 'seasonal' and comes and goes by itself, so rather than taking me to the vet and feeding me with steriods, the humans decided to bathe me with medicated shampoo and adopt the 'wait and see' approach. They have also eliminated chicken from my diet.

I totally dislike the e-collar because it gets in the way and keeps knocking into things. It's hard for me to hide under any furniture now without a few knocks and bumps.

I am NOT a happy pup...