Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thank You, Snickers!!

I received a Valentine's Day card from Snickers!! I suspect it came late only because the postman was jealous of all the cards and gifts that I was getting, so he decided to sabotage!! Anyway, it was a customised card with my name and a picture of lovely Snickers... THANK YOU Snickers!! *Muahs*

Just felt like posing around a bit just to satisfy my mum's innate need to photograph me... (poor woman, she is so easily satisfied..) *yawn*

** Pssst... Chiyo, you have this toy too right??

Monday, February 26, 2007

I am Baaaccccckkkkk!!

Hello friends, I am back in action and I hope all my furry friends (and their families) who celebrate Chinese New Year had a fantastic time!! As always, mum insisted that I pose for some pictures with my Chinese New Year costume.. (this shirt only sees the light of day once a year.. heehehee..)!

The hoomans also gave me red packets (this has been an annual tradition) since they have always considered me as an integral part of the family... For those who do not know what a red packet is, well, it is simply a red envelope with money in it... It symbolizes luck and is usually given by adults and/ or married couples to children and/ or unmarried adults (I suppose this rule now applies to pets as well!).. I am going to save up the money to spend on toys (squeaky ones only of course) and treats for me and my friends!

Did you notice that the 'red packet' in the centre has a doggy on it??

Mum says it looks like me after my grooming sessions..

Mum also bought a take-away Yu Sheng so that I could try I also tried my paws at tossing the Yu Sheng (a raw fish salad) together with the whole family.. this is to bring good luck and prosperity for the new year.. There are many types of vegetables in there but urmm.. I can only pick out a few (who cares so long as they are yummy!!)

Oh and I missed all my friends so much.. mum was so busy eating, drinking, playing mahjong and visiting her friends that she had no time to turn on the laptop for me. I think I should try to convince them to get me a laptop all to myself so that I won't be at her mercy..

Friday, February 16, 2007

***** Out of Action Message *****
Thank you for visitng my blog, please be advised that I will be denied access to my blog by my loving hooman from 17Feb to 20Feb due to the Chinese New Year holidays. I will be back in action (hopefully!!) on 21Feb. Till then, be good and I'll be missing all of you!
XOXO, Huskee Boy
Mum said everytime she is going on business trips or goes on vacation leave, she has to set up the 'out of office' message for her email so that anyone who emails her will get the notification, so I thought I'd do the same....

Well, with the Chines New Year just a day away, I will be very busy socialising, greeting all the guests and making sure that they feel at home (mum: and also begging for food, barking at anyone who dares to ring the doorbell or asking for a tummy rub from the poor unsuspecting visitors...), hence I might not get a chance to post until early next week.

So to all my furry friends and their hoomans who celebrate the Chines New Year, I leave you with this:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Since Chinese New Year is just a few days away, the hoomans got caught up in all the festivities and have started buying different types of ornaments to decorate the house. Some bright spark gave grandpapa a small statuette of the God of Fortune holding a gold ingot.. I was sniffing around him trying to be polite and say 'hello' and introduce myself properly when the hoomans grabbed me for (yet another) a photo-shot. (Honestly, ever since I started this blogging thing, they grab every opportunity to take pics of me.. especially in my less-than-glamourous moments..)

Here I am with Mr. God of Fortune..

Huskee: Hello there... nice to meet you!

God of Fortune: #$!*&%$#*

Huskee: Ok ok.. whatever you say...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I also got a present from my good friend Boo.. all the way from Malaysia!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day came early...!!

I received a Chinese New Year card from my dear friend Fu Fu and his mummy gave us some real yummy New Year cookies! Yummm.... (I tried real hard to convince my mum not to post any pics of me with my e-collar, but she said it'd be very rude of me if we were to post pics of the cards and gifts without me in them.. Don't know how you guys feel but personally I think it is a real L.A.M.E excuse.. she just wants to embarrass me..)

I got a V-Day card and New Year card from Fu Fu!!

Yummy cookies from Fu Fu's mummy!!

Then on Saturday I got a package in the mail.. It was a Valentine's Day present and card from my dearest Baby!! I couldn't wait to show off my new outfit to the hoomans (who have not received any Valentine's Day card/ present to date.. *grin*)

V-Day card and pressie from my darling Baby!!

Dear Baby, will you love me, with my hotspots, E-collar/ satellite dish and all?

(Trust me, I think they are clearing up soon..) *crosses paws*

And the really unbelievable thing is that Fu Fu even gave V-Day cards to my 2 hamster sisters.. (Smart move buddy, otherwise they'd start bickering over who will get to keep the card!!). Heehee.. first we had a Boo Casanova, now we have a Fu Fu Casanova!

Friday, February 9, 2007

A Walk in the Park...

The Maid took me for a walk in the park yesterday but we did not get to meet any other doggies possibly because it was in the afternoon of a workday and most of their parents are at work..

'Marking' my favourite lamp-post

Aww.. quit taking photos, will ya.. $^#$%

Urmm.. can you carry me up those stairs? I am tired..

I need to rest while... *pant*

Who's calling me? Is that you Baby??

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hot Spots (continued...)

Mum said to say THANK YOU to all my friends for sharing with us their remedy for hot spots.. If they don't clear up soon (or if I can't lick them away), she'll start trying out all of them one by one *faint*... Here's what we gathered:-

1) 24 hour air conditioning to keep me nice and cool - from Fu Fu

2) Eliminate all wheat products from my diet - from Sunshade

3) Diluted pure apple cider vinegar - from Scrappy

4) Lidocaine spray - from Butchy and Snickers

5) Twice a day, wipe with wet tissue (or preferred cleanser), pat dry, apply antibacterial cream, pat off excess, apply calamine lotion, let it dry/pat off excess (powder optional) - from Chiyo

I will keep everyone posted on my progress.. I hope the dang spots go away soon cos I am getting sick and tired of knocking into furniture with the e-collar..

Oh and today is a very important day.. it is the birthday of my very good HamsTerrier friend Fu Fu:

* Fu Fu, here's a personalised birthday greeting from one of

my besotted sisters who is so in love with you*

- Oh and she also said to add this: "Pick me, pick me" (the saga continues)

Monday, February 5, 2007

Somebody Puh-leeeese tell my Mum that I am NOT Amused?

Mum insisted on posting this real un-glam pic of me with the E-collar.. I don't understand why she wants to embarrass me like this.. (Huskee's mum: Hopefully this will make you stop licking at your hot spots so that they get a chance to heal?!!)

Well, in my own defense, I was only trying to be helpful here mum... Who knows one day I'll be able to lick those dreadful hotspots AWAY?? Sigh... according to the vet, dogs with long and thick coats who live in warm and himid places are more susceptible to hot spots (Bingo!! I have met all those criterias!!)

Here's the offending pic. (even the new toy couldn't take me out of my misery)..

Mum was out the other day and saw a card with my friend, Joe Stains! (Hey Joey, I didn't know you model too!! Can I have your paw-tograph?)