Friday, August 31, 2007

I was tagged by Asta (up over) and Tofu Burger to play a game called "Scattergories"... Here's the rules of the game:- Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things ... nothing made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. Famous Singer: Hilary Duff

2. Four letter word: Hope

3. Street: Hill Street (since it’s not specified which country the ‘street’ should be in, I decided to name a street in Singapore.)

4. Colour: Hot-pink

5. Gifts/Presents: Hyacinth

6. Vehicle: Honda

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: .. umm.. Handkerchiefs??

8. Boy Name: Homer

9. Girl Name: Heather

10. Movie Title: Home on the Range (2004), Happy Feet (2006)

11. Drink: Heineken

12. Occupation: Housekeeper

13. Celebrity: Hugh Grant

14. Magazine: Homespun Magazine

15. U.S. City: Houston (TX)

16. Pro Sport: Hockey

17. Fruit: Honeydew

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Headache

19. Something You Throw Away: Heartache??

20. Things You Shout: Hell nooooo… (??)

21. Cartoon Character: Huey (one of Donald's nephews)

Ok now I tag Girl Girl, Reina and Luckie to play the game!!

Have a nice weekend every pup and Girl Girl...

'See' you all next week... ** kisses**

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Maid and Girl Girl's Eil went to the Dog Show last Sunday... she didn't bring me because papa and mama were busy that day and there was no transport. It can be fairly difficult to hail a cab with me around because I am not exactly small/ compact enough to be 'hidden' in a bag and a lot of drivers do not want to ferry animals.

There were a few incidents in the past when the cabbies drove off after they saw me... I am not that scary looking, right?? Are they worried that I'd dirty their cabs?? Or are they worried that I'd suddenly go berserk mid-way and attack them??
This is something that I don't quite understand... Every pup and Girl Girl, just look at that face on the right... how can anyone resist?? Does he look like a fur-ocious at all??

Oops, I digressed... back to the Dog Show, since I didn't get to go, The Maid bought me a 'Muttloaf' (ermmm.. there is no picture because I finished it before they remembered to bring out the camera!!) . Aunty Eil also got me a toy!!! Isn't it cute (and it has a squeaker too!!)? I love the lil' paw prints... ** Big hugs to Aunty Eil and Girl Girl **

** Interruption from Moosie: Hello all pups and Girl Girl, You can now leave messages for me at

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tosca, the Perfect Collie, tagged me (or rather, I think she tagged ALL pups and Girl Girl) on how their breed will change a light bulb. I have put on my thinking cap and have thought about it all weekend. As you know, I am a Maltese X Shih Tzu, so after 2 days of intense debate, the "Maltese' part of me and the 'Shih Tzu' part of me still cannot come to any agreement on how they would change the light bulb... (geez.. this is one of the drawbacks of being a mixed breed. I think I am a bit of a 'schizo'??

Then I got tagged (again), this time by Boo Casanova, to continue the story about the 'Royal Tails'... The story stopped at how Prince Boo *ahem* dominated the Princesses, which led to commotion among the Princes.

After a lot of discussions between the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, it was decided that since it is crucial for the royal bloodlines of the Royal Tails to be continued, the Princesses will all be bestowed to Princes who still have their *ahem ahem* 'jewels'. Records seem to show that only Boo Boo and Huskee Boy still have their 'jewels' (* Note: As this is deemed as paw-nographic material, 'evidence' will be provided upon request only).

...... story to be continued by Boy....


More Barkday Pressies!!!

I got yet another present from Godma and my godbrother, Scuba!! Godma is so thoughtful to get me a food and water dish that comes with a stand so that I don't have to bend my neck so far down when I am having my meals... It's just amazing that my own mom didn't even think of it!! The piggy is from Scubs. cos godma said that Scubs. looked like a piggy (??!)

See any resemblance???

Then I got these from Toby, the lil' dude!!

Tobes sent me some treats and also gave me my first-ever set of pyjamas!!! Everyone was cooing about how cute it looked!! (Pardon my sleepy face in the photo.. I was woken up in the middle of my afternoon nap to model it). THANK YOU Tobes, I wuff it so much!!

And then just as I thought that things couldn't get any better, the biggest box arrived and it's from The Dogs of Jackman Avenue. Can you see all the treats and toys?? That black and white toy has a tag that says 'squeeze me'.. and it lets out the loudest squeak!

I really think I am the luckiest boy ever... I have never ever received so many pressies on all my other barkdays combined! THANK YOU dear friends for being my friend and for making me feel so loved...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All the cards that I received!!

Me posing with some of my pressies...

Today is my 8th Barkday and I couldn't wait to write this entry because I have received soooo many pressies from all my dearest friends from all around the world, and I want to tell the world about it! To be very honest, I am very surprised that so many of my friends actually made an effort to send me a pressie on my barkday. I am immensely touched and am very grateful that I now have all of you in my life! The only regret that I have is that I should have started blogging earlier if I had know I'd get to meet so many wonderful pups, hamsterriers and their hoomans in DWB, but well, I guess it's better late than never.

So to all my friends (and their hoomans), THANK YOU for your presents, cards, wishes and most importantly, the friendship that you have extended to me and my hoomans.

This is from my dear friend Scrappy and his lil' sister Pebbles...

From Sweet Snickers and Butchy Boy... They gave my my very first Kong Wubba!!

Look, my other lil' sister, Girl Girl gave me a TY Mousie!! (Hmmm.. guess what, my lil' sister Moosie said that since Girl Girl has Sunny so she hinted that she wanted to have her own too... since she is my lil' sister, I think I'll just have to let her have what she wants. And since I have been getting SO many pressies, I think I should share them with her too!)

All these pressies are from my friend Troy... I could not beliebe my eyes when I saw them cos it all came in a big bag that's almost as tall as I am. Troy does not have a blog yet so I hope his mommy will set one up for him!
Here's a pic of Troy.. Like me, he is also a Maltese X Shih Tzu and he has the most adorable lil' black nose!

This is from the one and only Miss Sunshade! A tag with my handsome mug shot (and this one actually has a clear shot of my crooked teethies...)

All these are from Luckie Girl... can you see all the yummy treats and bone-shaped cookie??

This totally cool Mickey Mouse hooded top is from dear Tofu Burger... Thoughtful Tofu also sent me some yummy treats, you can see me having a go at one of them.. yummmm... (*Tofu, the top is a pawfect fit!! I'll take a pic of me wearing it and will blog it later.)

This is from Maggie & Mitch - This is 'THE' carrot that Maggie's so crazy about and I am sure I'd love it to bits (literally!!) too...

Ume gave me a packet of sushi treats and this cool red Lobster so that I can have my very own Seafood and would no longer have to 'See-food'!!! *grin*

This water dispenser is from my Baby Munchkins and her brudder Boy. I can't wait to use it...!!! I am sure the water will taste so much sweeter cos it's a pressie from my girl...

Can you recognise that little green ball with red stars from one of my earlier posts? This two toys are from Boo Boo.

Present from my Godma and Godbrother Scuba... it's a furry, squeaky Squirrel!! I was laying a posessive paw over him...

This is from Snowball... She gave me a packet of treats and 2 bottles of oil that will help me with my 'separation anxiety' problem when I am left alone at home. Can't wait to try it out!

These are from Precious, the pretty girl that I met for the first time at the National Day Pawty.

This cute little furry Emu is from my friend Hammer... Can you see from the pics how excited I was to get the little fella out that I put my head into the envelope??

These 2 presents are from Jack and Joey.... A pink squeaky elephant and a green rabbit!! Couldn't decide whiich one I want to 'attack' first!!

This is from Chiyo... Guess what my 'creative' mom did with the wrapper... I think she thought that it was a scarf!! (gee.. thanks mom, this does wonders to my ego...)

T-man gave me this super duper cute Froggy and treats. That froggy has got the most lovable face and the material is sooooo soft...

A GIANT Thank You to everypup and Girl Girl... Thank you for the pressies, wishes, cards, etc and for making me feel like the most-loved barkday boy. *kisses to all of you.
I overheard that mom will be getting me a small piece of durian cake for me and I'll share the pics with everyone tomorrow!
With lots of love and gratitude,
Huskee Boy

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hello friends, I hope that everyone's had a good weekend!!

My hammie sister wants to 'borrow' my blog to say 'HELLO' to all my friends. I have been sharing to her all the wonderful things that happen on DWB and she wants to meet with everyone!! But as she is very new to all this, she is a little shy. (Oh, and she seems to think that she is a dog, so please don't tell her anything otherwise or else it'll break her tiny heart... Thanks!)

Hello everyone!!

Greetings to all pups and Girl Girl,

Nice to meet all of you... I am Huskee's lil' sister and I am an 8 week old puppy. My big brudder told me that I am a Syrian and I belong to a very special breed of dogs, so I won't grow to be anywhere near his size. I think you have noticed my now that my big brudder and I have the same color fur? I am really proud of this fact because this makes me extra special to him *beams*...

My big brudder told me that in one of his earlier entries, he asked for suggestions for my name and a lot of great ideas came back: Huskita, Mooskita, Princess Moosalina, Mooskee, Esmee, Oreo, Silver Lady, Lilo, Lucy and a lot of you thought that Moosie is a nice name. We have eventually decided to incorporate a few of those names together and we ended up with Mooskeeta, or simple Moosie in short. I like the 'kee' in my name 'cos it is also part of my big brudder's name.

During my spare time, I love to play on my pink wheelie... and my favourite food is sunflower seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables. My big brudder sometimes peeps into my cage and watch me when I am playing, and although I'd really like for him to come in and join me, but I think he is too big for the cage and the wheelie.

Big brudder also told me that he's got a lil' friend called Girl Girl and she is a HamsTerrier. He said that she belongs to another special breed of dogs which is even smaller than my breed. I'd love to meet with Girl Girl one day... Maybe we can play together and share some girlie secrets!
I need to rest my paws because all these typing can be pretty tedious. I am going to eat some sunflower seeds now... Byeee....
Happily eating... yummy...

Me posing next to my pink wheelie

See ya later!