Friday, November 3, 2006

Where's Everybody??

I am bored, bored, bored... I have been alone at home most of the week as the family's been busy taking care of Grandpapa in the hospital.. I am running out of ideas to keep myself occupied.

Look right...

Look left...

Look ahead.....

And there's nothing interesting..

(ok, except my friend - 'Mr Frogger'. We are playing a game called 'Please Don't Pounce on Me')

Grandmama said that Grandpapa might be able to come home today!! I can't wait... I need some life in the house.. and I am so looking forward to Grandpapa coming home!! Yayyy..... Yippeeee...
Everyone's been warning me that I must be on my very best behaviour and must not jump on grandpapa's injured leg.. (what are they talking about?!! I have always been a good boy..)


Fu Fu said...

Huskee, You should have come to my house. Then we can play "pounce on Witchy cat". I'm sure you'll be in your best behaviour.

Hope your Grandpapa recover soon and can play with you again. :)

~ fufu

Jay said...

Hi Huskee Boy, I believe you must have been a good boy all week, willing to stay at home alone while the humans are busy with your grandpapa.

I'm so happy that your grandpapa is coming home. Hope he recover real soon!


Anonymous said...

hey huskee, i'm glad your grand papa is coming home! since your ma and pa will be away during weekdays, you'll be having a grand o' day with grandpapa, isn't it? :-)

btw, after looking at the photos, i think you should ask your ma or pa not to cut the hair around your ears.

wet wet licks


Toby said...

Huskee...sorry that you are bored...too bad we live so far apart, or else you could have come over to my place to play!
Glad to hear your grandpa is coming home soon!~ And we all know you'll be on your best behaviour!~


Anonymous said...

Have you been practicing your grrreet grrrampa dance?

Bussie Kissies


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Fu Fu,
Oh yes.. ok I will get The Maid to bring me to your place and we can play pounce on Witchy Cat!!

Hey Jay,
Yup yup, I have been a real good boy..(Huskee's Mama: NOOooo...way!!)
Am glad that Grandpapa's home but he's got to be in a wheelchair for a while.. I sure hopeI won't get my tail caught in the big wheels.. *shudder*

Hi Boo,
When my ma takes me to the groomer, she always tell them 'cut it real short'.. I wish they won't trim so much off my ear area and tail.. You think you can get your mum to tell my ma??
It's great to have my grandpapa home.. *bliss*

Hello Toby,
Yes it'd be Grrreat if we lived nearby huh... My ma said she'd love to play with you!! (and of course I can borrow all your nice clothes!!)

Hey Buster,
I have been trying to show-off my dance moves but the humans are trying hard to keep me away from grandpa in case I jump on his injured leg.. Maybe I should now join Dancing with the Stars instead..

Big licks,
Huskee Boy

Anonymous said...

Huskee, I know what you can do to be entertained, you can get on a plane, and come over to Canada. Vancouver to be specific!! I'll keep you company, I"ll take you hunting, we will go scare those stupid farm animals (you take the two white scaaawie things tho). Sounds good??


Ps. remember to give your grandpa lots and lots of kisses before leaving ok?

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hey Sunshade,
Sounds like a fab plan!! I am sure you will be the best hostess ever.. Ok, I'll take revenge for you on that 2 scaawie white things. (Hmm.. are you sure your boyfriends #1 to #4 won't mind us hanging out together??) I'm off to pack my bags.. and I'll be sure to bring you some gifts!

Can't wait...!!

Huskee Boy

Anonymous said...

Where are you?? I've been waiting for you!!! Does it take THAT LONG to get here from Singapore??

We'll figure out a plan with the #1-#4 thingy once you get here ok??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

hey huskee,

after looking at your old photos, you do have a very thick fur! okay, i'm taking back my previous request. new request: short hair for huskee!

wet wet licks


Huskee and Hershey said...

Dear Sunshade,
I'll be there in a jiffy and you can take me to check out those scaawie creatures..(I wanted to bring ALL my toys over to play with you but ma said it'd exceed my baggage allowance,so I had a tough time deciding who to bring..)

Hope you've managed to come up with a plan for the #1-#4 thingy!!

I'm leaving on a jet plaaaaaaane...

Huskee Boy

sarah said...

hi huskee boy! i hate TOADS but that frogger sure looks like fun to pounce on! sorry you are should come and play with us!

shiro (and akira)

T-man Angel said...

Hi Huskee,
You look like a model posing to the right and left. It may be boring, but it's good practice!

sarah said...

hey huskee,
we added your link to our blog (which we also updated today!- maybe reading our new entry can keep you occupied for all of 10 seconds!). Also, we're going to try to make a slide show of all our favorite pup bloggers for our blog, can we include your pic?

akira and shiro

sarah said...

sure you can add our link! spread the love!

sarah said...

dear huskee boy,
look on our sidebar of our blog, when you mouse over your picture in one of the collages, it will get bigger and your name will appear!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Akira and Shiro,
WOW... you guys are so tech savvy.. Thanks for doing that!!

Big licks,
Huskee Boy