Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I want to go to Hong Kong too!!

Ma and Pa came back from Hong Kong late Sunday night after a short holiday and they brought back 2 extra big bags of shopping!! So between the 2 of them, they had 4 bags.. I guess Hong Kong's reputation as a 'Shopping Paradise' remains intact!! Ma was oohing-and-ahhing over the nice hotel room which had a clear view of the harbour (despite the smog)....

... view of the harbour on a clear day...

Now, things are getting more 'interesting' from here (at least to me!!)... the thing that interests me most was pics. of the food...

Pa's ultimate fav. - Roast Goose Drumstick

.. sauteed mushroom, abalone fried rice and carrot & dumpling soup...

... beef noodles.....

and last but not least, crab meat and mushroom soup....

I am glad they had a good time shopping, eating and sightseeing WITHOUT me... *pouts*.. I actually 'planned' to be upset with them both at least for a while, but once I saw them, I guess I lost all my 'dignity' and started kissing and slobbering all over them.. Guess I forgive them before I even finished wagging my tail... so much for being 'upset'!!

Ma also bought some toys and treats for me in Hong Kong but she will not give them to me until Christmas!! Hmmm.. it's a long wait....

Oh, and I have received loads of lovely cards from all my doggy pals.. I have been asking ma for the 'status' of mine and she kept saying 'almost done'.. Somehow I don't feel convinced by her reply... How??


Boo Casanova said...

ah huskee,

finally the hooman are back and spoil you more. did you get any presents? must show us!

have you received my card yet?

and also, keep a good look at your ma & pa to hurry them finish your card.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

that food does look yummy....did they bring you back a doggy bag

Anonymous said...

Looks like your two footer parents had a great time. I'm sure they would have enjoyed it more with you though.

Simba xx

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hello Boo,
Yes, they are FINALLY back.. Yup, I got some pressies *grin*..
I received your beautiful card already! Thanks.. (I am STARING at the hoomans.. hopefully they get the hint!)

Hi MJ,
Hee.. yes, I got a big bag of toys and treats!

Hi Simba,
Totally agree.. what's a holiday without me??!

Huskee Boy

Anonymous said...

OMG...Huskee those food look so yummy!! I think we should elope in your Audi and go to HK (fly the Audi over) for our honeymoon I mean vacation!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a clear day in Hong Kong?

My cards are all made, we are stuffing and sealing now. They will go out exactly when we planned, December 1st. Something about the postmark HAS TO BE DECEMBER.


Bussie Kissies

Toby said...

Oh Huskee...all that food made my mouth water!! I wonder what your Mommy bought you?? hehe...I bet you can't wait until Christmas~!


Anonymous said...

Those food pictures bring tears to my eyes and drool to my mouth. Mmmmm... and right after looking at Buster's desserts too. That looked like a fun trip for your humans. Now next time, they should bring you too!

Anonymous said...

Wow Huskee. My big brother was just in Hong Kong recently too! Big sister in law used to live there. I didn't wanna go though, 'cause I love my girl too much. I'm so glad you are reunited with your people!

Anonymous said...

oooh, look at all that good food! we want to go, too, Huskee!