Friday, December 8, 2006

Finally got to see some of the photos that ma and pa took when they were in Hong Kong last week.. I discovered evidence of them having an 'affair' behind my back with not one, but two dogs!! Their names are Goofy and Pluto and they look strangely familiar to me though I cannot remember where I have seen them before... Here's the evidence:

Ma even had the nerve to bring back a T-shirt which had Pluto on it!! What's the world coming to? I feel that my position within the household is being threatened...

I think I may need to start planning for my future soon... and I need to know more about this 'invader' in order to win back my ma and pa. The more I searched, the more worried I got.. apparently Pluto has got a lot of friends. However, it is a weird mixture with mice (Mickey and Minnie), ducks (Donald and Daisy), squirrels (Chip and Dale), a deer called Bambi and yes, and even an elephant called Dumbo (from the name, I don't think this one will be of any threat!!)

Fortunately I think I should be able to cope with the enemy since I also have loads of friends that I made on DWB and I am sure I can count on them!!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh those are BIG dogs! Whistle if you need me.

Bussie Kissies

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

I am behind you

Anonymous said...


do you need me to bring my broom, the sucker aka vacuum, the mop, my squeaky toy and more friends over to help you out? LOL

i read your comment, thank you in advance though i have no idea what it is! i'm getting a little excited by just hearing it... hehe

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

They wouldn't one of those big dogs. Just think what they'd do to your slippers.

Simba x

Anonymous said...

OMG... your parents cheated on you, I can't believe it!!! Come over Huskee!!

by the way, I had a sneak preview of your card on Fufu's blog and ...*drool*.. I can't wait for mine... Did you do special rolls on them to give extra sexy scent?? Oh I can't wait, I don't know what to do, I'm gonna go run around in circles!!


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Hello Huskee:

While my strange dogter is running around in circles right now, I just have to say that I hope you didn't put any special scent on your card to her. I do not want her to be running in circles for the rest of the month. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Sunshade's mum

Anonymous said...

Ohh, you are so much better than those strange dogs they cheated on you with. I think they just might be trying to make you jealous.

Murph the Dog

Anonymous said...

U need our help? But its true, they look suspiciously familiar... now where did we see them...

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...

You have nothing to worry about. You're way cuter and more charming than that Pluto character. He's just a Hollywood has-been, while you're an up-and-coming international heartthrob. You've already got Miss Sunshade running in circles over you!

Anonymous said...

And you're way better than Goofy too, but that goes without saying!

Herbie said...

Hukee, I got your card! Well, your mum was not that slow a worker, it got here before x'mas after all.... hiak hiak hiak

jaffeboy said...

Got your card in the mailbox. I must say it is a very good picture of you. MaMa couldn't control herself. She keeps saying "see, so cuuuuuutte". Hope you will get mine soon. I posted them only on Friday.

Anonymous said...

those are big dogs, huskee, but i think we can take them together!

Anonymous said...

those are big dogs, huskee, but i think we can take them together!

Fu Fu said...

Hello Huskee, no worried. Those 2 big dogs dont even look half as cute as you. If you need any insiders info on the mouse. Let me know ok. I get Bibi the mafia to check it out for you

~ fufu

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Buster/ Scuba/ Akiro & Shiro,
Thanks for your support guys..

Hi Boo,
Yes, you need to bring alomg all the weapons you can lay your paws on..

Hey Simba,
Great point.. Maybe I should highligh to my ma how much the 2 of them would eat judging from their enormous size!!

Hi Sunshade my dearest...
Of course I gave you extra doses of my scent!! (Just don't tell your mum!!)

Hi Murphey,
I sure hope so.. I am a jealous doggy you know.. *wink*

Hi T-Man,
Thanks for your vote of confidence! You aren't too bad yourself cos you have got yourself a supermodel girlfriend..!!

Hi Baby and Boy,
Let me know when you find out about their backgrond ok.. I am sure I have seen them somewhere.. hmmm.....

Hey Herbie,
Yah yah.. lucky thing my ma's pretty fast but she's got lots of help from other people too(don't tell her I leaked out this secret to you!!)

Hello Jaffe,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I can't wait to receive your card!! I will be going to the mailbox 5 times a day..

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Fu Fu
You mean you can check out on the 2 mice? Thanks buddy... I am sure Bibi will be a great 'mafia'.. Hiak hiak...