Monday, June 26, 2006

One Week Vacation

Today is already Monday and I am still staying with Papa and Mama.. isn't that awfully strange? Am I not just their 'Weekend Kid'? This morning before Mama went to work, she even told me to be a good boy... Finally I overheard a bit Papa and Mama's conversation... The Maid has gone to Korea for holiday and I will be staying with Papa and Mama this whole week. (Wow.. I bet Grand-papa and Grand-mama are gonna miss me like crazy...!!)

Mama came back from work and showed me a huge tray of treats.. she said that they are from my Little Big Brother's Mum, Auntie V.. (Unfortunately I did not get to go to the Birthday Paw-ty 'cos Papa and Mama had something on...I sulked and pouted the whole day but it was of no use..) Thankfully Aunty V did not forget about me!! (Thank you Aunty V...)

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Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear LSB

I was disappointed, Rafv was disappointed (for 2years - U stood us up). U know my mom, she will never forget you hence the goodies.

No maid - big problem but at least U got mama and papa