Wednesday, June 21, 2006


(Big sigh of relief).. Mama finally went to work today. She has not been going to work since last Fri after her trip to Japan, and I was begining to get worried (What if she is sacked?? What will I eat? Will I still get my yummy patties? No more new toys for me??! Where will I get money to buy a birthday present for my Big Little Brother (BLB) Scuba??)

Just as I was starting to contemplate my bleak future and thinking whether I should start busking along Orchard Road or MRT stations to earn my own keeps, she finally went to work today!! Oh boy... that sure was stressful.

Back to my BLB's birthday.. Now I am really begining to feel old.. he is only THREE and I will be SEVEN in August. Sigh... If anyone of you see me along the streets, please do not ask for my age okie?? Very sensitive topic... I am a S.N.A.P, i.e. Sensitive New Age Pooch...


The Maid said...

you are an OLD dog now.. senior citizen already heehee... by the way, you thought of earning your keep by busking? u sure? u cannot even bark in tune and u want to sing??? please spare us... but then again, it may not be a bad idea after all. Orchard Road is so packed now, maybe your howls will keep the crowds away and your mummy and I can shop to our hearts' content... hmmm... IDEA...

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

From the BLB to the LBB

Talking about patties. Wow they were truly yummy. I shared it with Herbie (oh by the way, his mama has not been around for 6 night times).

My mom said I cannot accept birthday presents from aunties, uncles and friends unless they come to my pawty.

You busking along Orchard Road and earn money. Hmmm, not a bad idea but you must remember 1 thing - never bring me with you or I will frighten the humans away.

Please don't snap.

Huskee Boy said...

To 'The Maid' - Hey I can perform some 'stunts' ok.. like 'Crossing the Road', 'Hide and Seek' etc..

To Scubs - You better accept the present 'cos my Mama already deducted it from my allowance..!! Glad that you liked the patties.. =)

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

How BLB????

I want to accept but 1) my mom will punish me and 2)I am sure she will not accept the present from your mom.

I don't want to be punish - oh no I can't stand the thought of no food for a day

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

hehehe, Huskee boy. rafv here. Using Scuba mama's PC.. Well, Being old is not a bad thing, you know? ex; you can see the movie damn cheap, you can get seat in the train easily etc.(Oops, maybe not for the doggie old folks? hahaha)

Anyway, I am 4yrs already, starting to feel sensitive about "age topic", indeed..

Rafv with Love,