Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Turban Turtle et al...

Ok, other than Elmo, here are some of my other friends.

1) Turban Turtle
He came into my life 'turban-less' but after spending a few days with me, the top of his head urmmm... started to fray. So Grand-mama stitched it close for him with a small piece of fabric so that he is 'complete' again. However, it made him look like he was wearing a green truban, hence his name, Turban Turtle. I am proud to declare that he did not suffer any more 'injuries' after that.

2) La-la the Koala
Yes this is La-la the Koala... (and I can almost hear my mama saying this for the 100th time - 'Huskee, a Koala is not a bear like what most people think. A Koala is a Marsupial, whereby the female typically has a pouch in which it rears its young through early infancy'.) Mama gets into this crazed frenzy when she hear people saying 'Koala bear'.. (??!)
Anyway, he was given to me as a tribute to my heritage of being an Aussie dog, but look what happened to him after some attention from me?!! If you look close enough, La-la's right ear is soon going to suffer the same fate as his right leg.

3) The Charmed Ones
For those who watch 'Charmed', obviously the names of these 3 are Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Each in varying degree of disintegration.. as you can tell from the pic., Piper is is 'good condition' with all her limbs still intact, Phoebe lost her 2 front legs.. and poor poor Paige, no eyes, no limbs... but her big smile is still intact!!


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

So many toys. Will you share them with me. I will give your treats in exchange

Huskee Boy said...

Heehee.. this is like only 2% of my toys.. Of course I will share them with you, but Mama told me you only like to chase after plastic bags??!
Are you counting down to your birthday?? Gosh.. so exciting.. I love birthdays..

The Maid said...

Yes, Scuba.. HUskee has alot of toys but he doesn't treasure them at all. either he ignores them and not touch them at all (a few lucky ones) or he lurves them to death, literally. all his toys are more or less in the same condition as elmo, tortise, koala and the charmed ones. actually we've bought ard 5 green frogs for him already but he wears them out so fast. thus the fantastic five has dwindled to the charmed ones. at least u r easier to entertain.. heard that u can amuse yourself with just a yellow plastic bag. (must it only be yellow?)