Sunday, June 11, 2006

Where are my Parents?? No one loves Huskee Boy... *whine*

I have been counting my paws all week and come Fri, no signs of Mama and Papa to bring me back to their place for the weekend... (for those who are not aware, I live with my grand-parents 'cos mama and papa do not want to leave me alone at home when they go to work. Hence, I spend my weekdays at my grand-parents' place and the weekends I spend with my mama and papa.)

Saturday came and went.. No signs of them.... I was one miserable doggie... Then finally on Sun morning, 'The Maid' (which is actually mama's younger sis, but so called because she looks after and takes good care of me.. hehehee...) took pity on me and brought me out for a walk in the park together with Auntie E. Oh boy, was that a long walk or what.. but I enjoyed myself thoroughly chasing after ants and other insects. Well, the walk made me forget abt my misery for a short while.. I also made a new friend called Max. He is a GR and only a puppy.. but ummm.. he is twice my size already.

By Sun evening and still no signs of my parents.. I have decided I am going to get mad at them for not taking me home this weekend... and when they finally come, I will not do any of the following:
1) Not show any signs of happiness (run to the door to greet them, bring them any of my toys, etc)
2) Not wag my tail when I see them
3) Not go to them when they call my name

That will teach them a lesson.. hiak hiak...


The Maid said...

You are an extremely spiteful dog.. wonder why i spend so much time looking after you. even though ur mama doesn't see you everyday, she bakes nice meat patties to fill your bottomless pit. and to make up for not going to your mama's place, i was nice enough to bring you for a walk and what did i get? embarassment because Max wanted to play with you but what did you do? who ran away and hid behind grandma's legs? *many fingers pointing at YOU.. Yes, YOU* and you'd have chewed the little frog if i wasn't sharp enough. haven't you heard from Scuba that chewing frogs are BAD behaviour? i need your parents to bring you away this weekend.. i need a break.. preferably a L-O-N-G one.. away from YOU.. yes, YOU!

Huskee Boy said...

Say all you want.. I know at the end of the day I have got you wrapped around my little paw.. *smirk*
And I remember mama said before that frog legs are a I just wanted to try..

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hello LBB

We are both mummy-less at the moment.

Heard your mom is in Japan. Mine is in the UK and then Canada.

Well at least we both have the maid to look after us.