Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Land of the Rising Sun

Yes, that's where my mama is currently... I finally found out last night when she called home last night to talk to Tha Maid... No wonder she's been 'missing' for the past couple of days. (I hope she is not shopping herself to death in Japan, or else Papa is gonna nag at her.. hiak..)
Anyway, I have been counting my paws and it tells me that today is Wed. I overheard Mama saying that she will bring me home with her this weekend!! Yipee!!... only 2 more days to go... Maybe they will bring me out for a walk if the weather is good.


The Maid said...

Yes, for once u r right.. everyone is counting the days till your mama gets home so she can bring you to stay with her, which means we can get rid of you for a few days!! *good riddance* we are planning our weekend without, yes, WITHOUT you!! your maid is going out with your grandparents. by the way Huskee, you can't count, remember? you can only count till 3...

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Headlines read: Missing mom found

Lucky lucky you.

Can you teach me how to count. I can only count the nights (I figure when it gets dark, that is another night and another and another).

From my counting, I think my mom is coming back (after 3nights) from tonight.

The Maid said...

Hi Scubs, when Huskee wants to go to the park, we taught him how to countdown to Sunday. we told him that when he sleeps and wakes up, sleep and wake up.. sleep and wake up... then it'll be Sunday and he can go to the park already.. but being the "smart" boy that he is, he tried to take many naps during ONE day, which makes him think it's Sunday already. When we ask him to give us lucky numbers to buy 4D (we don't call him Hengheng for nothing) he only gives us 3 numbers.. which are 1, 2 and 3... (he knows he has to come to us at the count of 3 when we call him) so he doesn't really know how to count very well yet.

Herbie said...

everyone's going to the land of the rising sun, that's where my M and MM are going too tonight.

I thought the sun rises here as well?

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie..
Haa.. my Mama came back last night and your M/MM left last night... seems like my Mama and your M/MM are on an 'exchange program' to the place where the sun rises... (hmmm... your comment abt the sun rising here raises a good and valid point. Now that you mention.. maybe you can ask Rafv since Auntie R is Japanese??)