Thursday, June 1, 2006

Sigh... I still cannot get any of my cute pictures on the blog. My own Papa has no time to help me, his precious son, with it.. .(he'd rather spend his time playing some stupid thing called X-Box.. do you think there's a Y-Box?? or Z-Box?!! God forbid...!!)

And Mama knows nuts about all the 'techy' stuff, so I better not harbour any high hopes either(although credit must be given to her for setting up this blog for me). In case anyone wants to know, Mama set up this blog so that she can be updated on my latest mischiefs and wrongdoings.. . I am 'separated' from my Papa and Mama and am staying with Grandpa, Grandma and 'The Maid' (she is actually Mama's younger sis but she takes care of me, hence, the nickname). Reason I stay with Grandpa/ Grandma/ The Maid is because when Papa and Mama go to work, there is no one at home to keep me company (and I luuuurrrve company). I only get to stay with my parents on weekends... *sob*.

*Special note to my Papa.. Please help me set up my blog so that it'll look nice, just like Scuba's ( and his friends'. Pretty, pretty please...

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Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Dear Huskee

I have link your blog to mine.

Your mama is better than my mom. At least your mama set up the blog for you. As for me, Auntie Sharon and Auntie Geraldine helped set it up (my mom was then in posted to HK) - so that mom is aware of my movements daily.

If you need to look pathetic (in front of your papa), try contacting Herbie. I am sure he has loads of tips for you. Mention my name and he won't charge you (haha probably more bones for him from my mom)