Monday, July 3, 2006

Back Home...

I am finally home after spending a week staying with Papa and Mama. It was good that I got to spend some time with them but I was becoming bored as they had been pretty busy with work last week and often came home late. Although Mama had packed some toys for me to bring over, I cannot believe that she forgot to pack my best friend Elmo!! (Notice from the picture that Elmo's not there??!) Well, since Elmo wasn't with me, I had to amuse myself to pass time right?? Hence, I kept myself busy by barking at the neighbours' kids whenever I hear them playing outside.. they are such a noisy lot..!! Kids... I don't like them very much...

Anyway, as I have expected, Grand-papa and Grand-mama missed me like crazy (*smirk*)... They showered me with lots of attention and of course I enjoyed it immensely.

More importantly, The Maid came back last night from her 'pilgrimage' to Korea and she's brought back lots of things (hmm.. I wonder if she bought me anything...??) Guess I will pretend to hang around when she is unpacking.. heehee.. (but I hope it's not kim-chi..)


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...


Not a good thing barking at your neighbours ( I know I know kids are extremely noisy )

Glad your grandparents miss you. I miss you too.

I am sure yor maid bought loads of goodies for you (can you ask if she got anything for me too!!!.....but please don't ever tell my mom I asked you or she will spank me)

Huskee Boy said...

I discovered that The Maid bought A LOT of something the humans call 'facial mask'.. Want some? What do you think it is for? Do you reckon it'd taste yummy?