Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wedding Preparations

I overheard my family talking about papa and mama's wedding on 29Sep.. It's almost 2 more months to go from this date and everyone is so excited preparing for it.. i.e. shopping for clothes. Grandmama came home with not one but TWO new dresses. The Maid did even better, she's got THREE new dresses for the occasion.
But wait.. here's the important bit. They plan to send me to a pet hotel on that day because they have to go to someplace called Malaysia for the dinner banquet, and I think that place does not welcome me and my furry brothers (and sisters). Sigh... *sob*.. But well, they will be throwing another dinner banquet in Singapore on 01Oct which mama said I could attend as they picked a hotel that allow pets. Ok, I am going to start looking for my tuxedo soon.. *ahem*.. I found these on ebay.. the red bow tie or the black one??
** Voting starts now.. each sms is 15cents and those below 18 will need to seek parental approval..


The Maid said...

personally i would think u look nice in a flower girl's dress... with a little tutu skirt.. but we have to consider your little doggie dignity so my vote goes to the red bow tie. i mean, u r already black n white.. have some colour to your life..

Jay said...

Huskee, pick the red tie one... better since you are black and white.

Brandy has got the black tie one, but he's grey in colour.

By the way, which hotel welcome us?

The Maid said...

Hi Jay, glad to know that we have the same tastes. red would be an auspicious colour for a wedding, don't u think? anyway, Four Seasons Hotel welcomes four legged guests. if only more establishments are pet friendly... Huskee would insist on having his birthday parties in hotels instead of at home!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Red is definitely a good colour. I heard (half asleep) this morning over a radio station that in football red is the preferred colour.

Pet hotel - no way.

My mom (no no, not her..... hmmm as she will be attending the wedding), Moi and Auntie S will look after you. I will tell mom and will will definitely agree you are not going to a pet hotel. Heheheh over my doggy bank body.

Huskee Boy said...

I was actually seaching the net for tutus & ball gowns, but since all of you chose red, I will stick to it..

Hi Jay,
Actually both Four Seasons and The Regent welcomes us.. My 7th birthday is round the corner.. you reckon my mama will throw a party for me and my friends there? *hint* If I am successful, I'll invite you ok..

Hey Scubs,
Yes, I'd rather stay with you and Auntie S than go to some pet hotel.. At least you have 'the' carpet there which I luuuuurve..(and the doggy bank).. Hiak Hiak..

Jay said...

Wow!! Huskee... you are so lucky!!

I haven't been to a hotel before.. take more photos, okay?

Tell your mama, papa, maid that 7 yrs old is a time for celebration!!! tell them, tell them.. then we can have fun at the hotel!!! hmmm.. wonder if they have room service, or spa services for us???

Oh... don't go to pet hotel.... not fun.. come to my house.. I share my bed with you!

Herbie said...

oh oh... I know which hotel you're going... they have a nice fluffy king sized bed! I hope I get to go back again. It's not often I get to go ona bed, let alone a king sized one!

The Maid said...

Hi Jay, i think Huskee's parents will be too broke after their wedding to host Huskee's 7th birthday party at any hotel. haha!

Hi Scubs, yup i think it's confirmed that huskee will be staying with you while his parents get married. pls bear with him ok? he's a grouchy old man. i will tell him to leave ur carpet and coin bank alone.

Hi Herbie, Huskee gets to choose where he wants to sleep every night. either on the queen sized bed with his grandparents or 2 super single beds with his maid (the 2 beds are put next to each other for easy 'rolling' ard the beds and more space for huskee to run ard or sleep without falling off the bed) u are welcome to share the bed with us (me and huskee) or i can banish huskee to sleep with his grandparents and u can have a bed all to yourself... haha.. sounds good?

Jay said...

Hmmm.. in that case.. let me hint to J.

Maybe I can celebrate my birthday in the hotel??

Huskee Boy, then I invite you ok?