Monday, July 17, 2006

From Son to Father...

Dearest Papa,

Mama and I love you oh-so-much... Sending you lots of licks, hugs and kisses.

Your loving (and lovely) son,

Huskee Zizou Boy


Huskee's Papa said...

Hi Zizou,

Daddy wants you to know that he loves you and mummy very much too.

Thanks for the wishes.

The Maid said...

so what did u get for ur daddy as his bday present? u better save up cos next week is ur grandpa's birthday.. then ur mummy's then ur maid's then ur grandmama's and finally it'll be ur bday. ur mummy and i would like diamonds and ur grandmama would love jade. thanks in advance.

Jay said...

Dear Huskee's Papa, Happy Birthday!!!

Huskee Boy... you got so many pressies to get. How?? Got anything to barter trade or sell?

The Maid said...

Hi Jay, Huskee is officially broke. He only gets a $10 ang bao every Chinese New Year from his grandmama and he spends it all the next day on treats and toys. He has decided to 'sell' himself to his grandmama to raise funds.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Jay,
The Maid is right.. I AM BROKE. I will have to live on love and fresh air for the next 30ays..
Diamonds and jade? What's next? Ferraris and Lamborghinis?! With the exception of papa who is Cancerian, EVERYONE in the family is a Leo, including myself..
Great idea.. will start to sell off my food and toys. You interested? Maybe I can also put my toys on ebay..

The Maid said...

who would want a one eyed frog with 2 legs missing? who would want cows without ears? who would want a turtle with turban? i seriouly doubt anyone would want to buy your toys... time to think of other ways to raise money... hey maybe u can rent out ur maid (ME) for a fee... we split 1-99.. deal?

Jay said...

Huskee Boy... I am also in trouble. I just remembered that J is a Leo too!

I have yet to get a pressie, and I got no savings left!!!

Unlike you, I got no toys to sell some more... Hmmmmm, do you think anyone will be interested in doggie beds??

Or we team up to perform a dance for all of them? Or I can give her my supplements? Or or or.... OH NO!!!!

Huskee Boy said...

Wow, J is a Leo too? Haa.. we are in the same boat then.. (but I think ur situation is better, you only have 1 present to get, I have 5..)
I think urs is easy though.. the best birthday gift you can get for J is to be heathly and live a long life!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Your daddy is a crab (and so was my daddy) and you had crabs for 2 weekend straight.

Oh no - be careful there huskee's papa.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

and I forgot to add. I am a cancerian too. Please don't eat me