Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Lost: Missing Mum of Female Schnauzer
Reward: 2 Beef & Tuna Patties
Yes, yes... My friend Bobby and I are looking for the missing mother of our new-found friend. Since we do not know what our new friend's mum calls her, we have decided to call her 'Melody' (after The Maid's fav. Sanrio character, 'My Melody').
Here's the story.. my friend Bobby (a Maltese) and his mum came knocking on our door last night.. and in his mum's arms was a confused looking Melody. Bobby's mum explained that Melody was seen wondering downstairs for quite a while and she thought it could be the that dog belongs to the semi-hysterical lady who knocked on her door earlier asking if she'd seen her missing dog.
Now, the best part of it is... Bobby's mum does not know which floor the lady is in.. so she has done the next smart thing by looking for the other doggy owners staying in our block, hoping that they would know. Eventually, The Maid wrote a notice and pasted it at the ground floor lift landing. Hopefully Melody and her mum will be re-united soon.
Throughout this whole saga, Bobby's mum refused to let Melody down on the ground because Bobby had ONE thing in his mind... he wanted to copulate with Melody (actually the word to use should be 'rape' instead of 'copulate' but my mama say 'rape' does not sound stylo).
Anyway, if anyone has seen a woman (who should by now be fully hysterical), please let me know. I will offer 2 of my precious beef and tuna patties as reward.. With a bit of luck, I hope that Melody will be impressed and choose me over that silly Bobby!!


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Poor Melody

I live too far away or else, I can help locate Melody's owner (actually the sound of the beef and tuna patties sounds great).

Come to think of it, I am sure your mommy will make extras and give me some.........yummy!!!!!

Huskee Boy said...

Ok.. Mama will be replenshing my meat patty stock pretty soon. Will get her to make more so that I can share them with you. I think she gave some to Spanky, Max and Duchess (Uncle Derick's kids) and he said that they loved it..!! What do you like? Beef and Tuna? Chicken and Liver? Pork and Mixed veg.??

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

All of the above

Jay said...

Poor Melody. I hope she gets reunited with her owner soon.

Huskee, you are such a kind soul to offer your food as reward. Too bad I'm an old man, eyesight no good, cannot help.

I got lost twice in my life before. Very scary!

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Jay,
Melody is reunited with her owner now..!! =)
Wow.. I simply cannot imagine being lost.. scary thought! It must've been a traumatic experience for u huh.. Be good next time, stick close to your M & D!!

Jay said...

Huskee, that was when I was young and very garang. Now old man, scared to get lost.

No one wants me anymore except my family.