Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Post B.B.Q

Mama received SOOOO many presents for her birthday... Many of them were from the nice aunties from her office and her friends. She received a watch from Bingo's mum; a beaded belt; a limited edition lipstick from M.A.C; a pot of lilies; a Dior handphone strap & countless ang baos (I LOVE ANG BAOS!!). The Maid bought her the dress that she'd been eyeing on for a while and her godson Scuba gave her a Coke mug with her name from a far-away place called Atlanta (plus several cans of coke and sprite..) --- I wonder if all those nice aunties will also remember my birthday in a couple of weeks. Oh, and papa got her the an organiser that I heard 'costs a bomb' (are bombs very expensive??!)..
Anyway, the B.B.Q on Sat was great.. perfect weather! Mama ordered a cake for herself and The Maid that had cute doggy ornaments. The 'official chef' for the day was papa.. he did a fine job cooking up 'flower crabs', prawns, chicken wings, pork seasoned with XO sauce, etc..
Well, my friend Joey had his birthday party at Sentosa on that day too and I read from his blog that they had a fantastic time. I am now looking forward to my own birthday on 23August where I will turn 7.. wonder if mama will buy me a cake like what the strawberry cake that Joey got.
**Aunty V, can I have one of those lovely doggy cakes too?? Pretty please??!


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Your mama surely is a lucky lady. Those cans of coke and sprite look are so tiny (maybe suitable for you).

Ok you want my mom's cake. I will surely make sure your wish be granted

Huskee Boy said...

Thanks Scubs.. You must be my fairy godmama...