Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me...

Here I am with my presents!! I received a sqeaky toy from Jack & Joey, treats and another squeaky toy from Aunty Cindy and Bingo, a squeaky stuffed dog and a squeaky stuffed bear from my godmama and Scuba, and my Mama and Papa gave me a new mat (the one that I am sitting on) as well as a blue, squeaky, stuffed cat.. (Somehow everyone seem to know how much I adore squeaky toys..!!) Godmama baked me a cake too.. it's personalised with my name on it! (Of course it tasted yummy too... I shared it with Bingo and Bobby and I think they agree with me!)
Oh and mama said that I must do something meaningful on my birthday... I must count my blessings that I have a loving family who adores me (ok, ok and spoils me rotten), and must reflect and think about all the other doggies out there who are not so lucky like me and all my friends. Mama was reading the accounts of some poor doggies on the ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs) website and the stories brought her to tears. Hence, we have decided to make a donation in my name... It felt good being able to do something nice for a change..
*** My special thanks to Aunty Cindy and Bingo, Jack and Joey, Godmama and Scubs. for the presents!! THANK YOU ***


Boo Boo said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy birthday to HUSKEE BOY !!

Huskee, may all the good things come your way all year round :)

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday!

Mine is in February and I get spoiled rotten every time. Well I have only ever had two birthdays so far but, they were both great! Lots of fun and lots of presents.

Bum sniffs and hugs,

Fu Fu said...

Wow, you got lots of squeaky toys. hee..
Hope all your wishes come true.

~ fufu

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Happy birthday LBB.

I helped with your birthday cake - tasting it

I am not into toys so if you wish to bring them over when you stay over in September, you are most welcome.

My mom is working on the maltese - she hasn't forgotten

Jay said...

Happy Birthday, Huskee Boy!

May you get the gal of your dreams soon.... :)

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy Barkday Huskee Boy :-) Looks like you got quite a haul of presents there ! I am jealous :-)
Lots of happiness for the year to come and always !


Huskee Boy said...

Dear Friends near and far,
Thank you for all your wishes.. Stay happy & healthy!

Licks and kisses,
Huskee Boy