Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Blues...

Like Garfield, I don't like Mondays... actually I don't like Tues., Wed., Thur. and Fri too.. cos papa and mama will be busy at a place called 'work'. Meanwhile.. I am bored.. counting my little paws... well at least weekends are good.. Here's what I did..

1) Went to the playground

2) Went to the pool (Nope, didn't swim cos Mama said I am not allowed to..)

I also saw a St. Bernard.. wow.. he is only a puppy but he is H.U.G.E.. even bigger than my friend Rafv (and I have always thought that Rafv is a giant - ok, I am short, so what..!!) And his mouth.. I don't even know where to start! I think my little bro' Scuba would have a good time playing 'dentist' to this dog..


Rafv said...

Huskee, I ate your mum's patties at Scuba's yesterday. THAT was delicious!! (ate pork and chiken one!)hehe. My mum so surprised that there are some veggies and pasta inside, right? then I still eat untill licking the plate...

Super cook, your mum!!


Herbie said...

Huskee, thank you and your mum for the NICEEEE patties! yummy!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi guys,
Glad that you enjoyed mum's patties!! Yah, there's always lots of veg. in it cos mum says it's healthy. Mum said she'll make more for you guys the next round..!!
* Rafv, my mum spoke with your mum and she was really surprised that you, being so fussy with food, ate the patties!

Huskee Boy

Jay said...

Huskeeeeeee... I WANNNNTTTTTT!!!

*pitiful look

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

You should join us at Bishan Dog Run sometimes.

(I am not sure if Auntie G reads your blog - ouch she will say you look fat esp the pic with the pool background. Well I guess you can blame it on your hair).

I have never seen a St Bernard so can't imagine any dogs to be bigger than our celebrity, Rafv. If he is bigger than Rafv, then he must have a big mouth. Can you introduce me, I need a face massage soon.

The patties were the main attraction yesterday for the doggies. The main attraction for the human were doughnuts, compliments from Auntie G who bought it from Dunkin donuts Thailand.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Jay,
Don't worry, mum says she'll make you something really special for your birthday! She's already planning the ingredients.

Hey Scubs.,
Aiyaaahhh, I sure know someone will say I look fat in that picture.. IT'S MY FUR ok!! (pls tell Auntie G can?). my mum wants to send me off to the groomer again.. ahhhhhh....

Fu Fu said...

Huskee, you looked like you had fun. So what you do at the pool? since your mama dont let you swim? Looking at babes?

~ fufu

Joey said...

Huskee... indeed you look a bit 'fu-qi' in the pic. In fact, you look like an old english sheepdog with shaved head.