Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bobby's Adventure

My friend Bobby ran away from home on Sun! He sneaked out of the apartment when his family opened the gate when they went outside to pray for the 7th month... (tsk tsk.. that naughty boy). His poor family went out to search for him but did not find him. In the evening, they started putting up posters.. Fortunately, someone found him wandering and sent him to a nearby police post (obviously this person did not see the poster that was put up). Bobby then got transferred to the Clementi Police Station that evening and the police there sent him to a pound in Ubi!
Luckily the person who sent Bobby to the police post finally saw the poster and contacted Bobby's family. Bobby's already 11 and my mama says that if no one claims him from the pound soon, he'd be 'put to sleep'.. .Hmmm... how do you put someone to sleep? Isn't it nice to fall asleep? ZZzzzz....
Oops sorry, dozed off for a minute there.. anyway, Bobby is back safely in the arms of his family now. Heard that he was so traumatised by his adventure that he did not eat and sleep well the first night he went home. Hiak hiak... so much for his macho image. I will definitely tease him when I see him downstairs next time..


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yikes ! Thank DOG that Bobby made it home safely ! You need to make sure he doesn't escape again - naughty boy !


Huskee Boy said...

Yes, he was a silly boy for running away from a loving family.. I am glad they found him or else I'd be one friend less..
(Btw, hope that you and Charlie enjoyed your cookies!!)

Herbie said...

oh dear, is Bobby microchipped? If he is and he's registered in the database, they won't put him to sleep.

btw, you're tagged, read my blog.