Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Overheard the family talking about a BBQ on Sat to celebrate Mama and The Maid's birthday since their birthdays are only 4 days apart. Mama said that they'd bring me along too.. Yippee... I am so looking forward to it.. (think of all the little people, aka kids, that I can bark at!! And hopefully the 'illegal' food that I'd be fed..).

Oh.. and durians would be a GREAT idea too.. They had durians last Sunday and of course I got my share of it. It was %$@#&* fantastic.. I have never seen this fruit when I was in Aust., so when I first saw this fruit in Singapore, I was amazed.. how can such a yummy fruit be so prickly?? Anyway, a little thorn is not gonna deter me from eating the oh-so-tasty fruit inside!

Anyway, I still have no idea what I should get for Mama.. my piggy bank's almost empty... *whine*
Counting down my paws to Sat..


Joey said...

Happy birthday to Huskee's Mama and The Maid.
Also thanks to Huskee for getting me a present. I have not seen it yet though cos it is still with Auntie V.
Poor Huskee has even less money in the piggy bank now.
Maybe you can give kisses to your Mama and Maid instead?

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Joey,
Hope you don't mind the small present. I promise I will save more for your birthday next year ok! Aunty V also told me about your birthday party at Sentosa. Unfortunately we'll be celebrating Mama and The Maid's birthday on that day too, so I cannot come *sigh.. I am sure you will have lots of fun and yummy food!! (save some for me if you can ok..)
** Mama says 'Thank You' for your wishes..

The Maid said...

Hi Joey, Huskee's maid thanks you for your wishes too. Huskee is now very busy thinking how to get more money quickly. He may decide to 'sell' himself to his grandmama (which may not work as i overheard grandmama saying that she won't want Huskee even if you PAID her) hyiak hyiak... would love to see you again.. be nice to your grouchy old brother...